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JANUARY 7-11, 2008

Brad confessed his love to Sharon. Ben and Jack celebrated Victor's misfortune. Daniel got Heather to have a date with him. J.T. casually asked Nikki questions about David as she caught on that Victor put him up to it and she confronted Victor and accidentally confessed her doubts about his innocence. Gloria confessed to Michael and Lauren that Jeffrey is blackmailing her. Jack confronted Brad to stay away from Sharon. Cane admitted to Lily that he still wants her. Neil asked a stage frightened Karen to perform at Indigo after a singer cancelled. Lily wasn’t happy after walking in on Neil and Karen embracing. Nikki invited Phyllis back to N.V.P. Cane received a promotion offer from Katherine and Jill. Gloria and Kevin hatched a plan to get back at Jeffrey only to have the tables turned on them after Gloria woke up in Jeff's bed. April arrived back in Genoa City to check on Heather.


JANUARY 14-18, 2008

As Nikki agreed to marry David, pressure was turned up on him as his dealings with an unknown man became more urgent. Adrian wasn’t happy when Heather asked Colleen to help Jana. J.T. rushed to the hospital upon learning baby Reed’s condition changed only to learn that Reed is strong enough to breathe on his own and can be taken off the ventilator. April tried to talk Heather into leaving Genoa City. Victor had Nikki’s assets frozen and fired Nick. Brad followed Sharon to Chicago in hopes of rekindling their love affair, but Sharon told him that they couldn’t be friends or nothing more. Lily told Neil she’s moving out. Jana got out of jail. Jack told Sharon that he would give Gloria half of John’s estate. Neil was surprised after finding out Lily entered the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest. David persuaded Nikki to sell NVP. Heather received a warning from Victor.


JANUARY 21-25, 2008

Nikki and Victor's divorce was finalized with Nikki getting a settlement and Victor getting NVP. David and Nikki continued to plan their wedding with David having a sinister agenda he was hiding from Nikki. Katherine and Jill walked in on Lily and Cane and Jill worried they may be moving too fast into their relationship. Jack and Gloria squared off over the Abbott mansion. J.T. brought baby Reed home from the hospital. Neil gave Karen a key to his apartment. Jana moved back in with Kevin. Gloria told Michael and Lauren that she and Jeffrey are married. Later, Kevin and Gloria schemed to frame Jeffery for murder. An eyewitness told Heather and Michael of Victor’s whereabouts the night Ji Min was killed. Brad asked Neil to promote him to CEO. Lauren and Kevin tried to investigate Jeffrey. Amber was exposed during The Fresh Face of Jabot contest. Katherine passed out while talking to Amber.



Victoria finally came out of her coma. Katherine regained consciousness, but after being examined it turned out she suffered a minor stroke. Michael found new evidence that cleared Victor and the D.A. dropped all charges. Neil told Victor the judge ruled in Nikki, Katherine, and Jack’s favor on the counter suit. Katherine put Jill in charge of Chancellor Industries and asked Nikki to take charge of Jabot. Amber told Katherine that she should write a book about herself. Neil confronted Cane about Lily after seeing him with Amber. Sharon was suspicious of Gloria and Jeff’s marriage after observing odd behavior between them. Nick, Jack, Phyllis and Sharon decided to go into business together. Nikki offered Brad to work with her at Jabot. J.T. accepted Victor’s job offer. Victoria asked Nikki if she could wear her wedding dress. Jeffrey confronted and blackmailed Kevin. Cane made Amber realize their relationship was over for good.


FEBRUARY 4-8, 2008

Gloria and Jeffrey moved in with Jack and Sharon. Gloria’s outrageous antics forced Jack and Sharon to leave the Abbott mansion. Victor told Heather’s boss that she should be fired. Nikki offered David a job at Jabot. Colleen became jealous after seeing how much Heather and Adrian have in common. Daniel and Amber threw a party for Heather and ended up surprisingly kissing. Heather and Paul bonded and worked together. Jack was served with a search warrant to search the mansion. Victor appointed Neil to Nick’s former position at Newman. The Newman family came together for J.T. and Victoria’s wedding. Victor suddenly left town after receiving a heart-breaking call from Hope.


FEBRUARY 11-15, 2008

Jack learned Nikki is Jabot’s new CEO. Victor visited Hope on her deathbed and promised to take care of Victor Jr. Amber and Daniel woke up together and wondered if their friendship would be affected by it. Gloria and Kevin put their plan against Jeffrey in motion. Jeffrey suspected Gloria was plotting and planted a hidden camera. J.T. worried when Victoria wanted to return to work. Jack and Sharon went to war with Gloria and Jeffrey over the Abbott mansion. Victoria became upset after learning the up’s and down’s with everyone during the decision making of her and the baby’s lives. Cane and Lily made love. Hope revealed to Victor Jr. that Victor is his father. Singer Pat Benatar visited Genoa City and helped Karen overcome her stage fright.


FEBRUARY 18-22, 2008

Hope made one final plea to Victor and Victor Jr. before she passed away. Later, Victor Jr. accepted Victor’s job offer at Newman Enterprises and asked him to call him Adam at work. Jeffrey saw Gloria and Kevin with the poison on the spy-cam. Sharon found the spy-cam Jeffrey planted. Heather’s career was put in jeopardy after there was another set back in Ji Min’s murder investigation. J.T. started at NE as head of security. Jana played matchmaker for Amber and Daniel. Amber turned to Katherine for advice on love. Victoria tried to email her friend Sabrina. Nick tried to make a deal with Newman Enterprises, but Victor kept Beauty of Nature from advertising in Nick's magazine. Gloria passed out. Gloria and Kevin learn the poison was switched with water. Michael investigated Jeffrey’s mysterious Korean paramour.


FEBRUARY 25-29, 2008

Victoria and Nick came face to face with Adam (Victor, Jr.) for the first time. Adam began working at Newman Enterprises. Jack and Sharon traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Eric Forrester. Victoria was overjoyed when her close friend from Europe, Sabrina arrived in Genoa City. Baby Reed became ill. Jeff pressured Gloria to consummate their marriage. Chloe was very harsh on Lily after a disappointing Jabot photo shoot. Victoria was surprised by J.T. as they moved into Nick and Sharon’s old house. Kevin found out that Jeffrey has a mistress and waited for her to arrive in Genoa City. Daniel decided to give up on Amber and later made up with her. David became upset after finding Nikki talking with Walter at the Athletic Club.


MARCH 3-7, 2008

Nikki had second thoughts about her relationship with David even though she gave him money to pay off his debt. Nick and Phyllis work toward launching their magazine. Daniel discovered where Amber hid the money and demanded the truth. Neil surprised Karen by proposing. Victoria clashed with Adam. Chloe was critical of Lily's weight. Sabrina decided to stick around. Victor decided to advertise with "Restless Style Magazine" to destroy them. Adam hid his attraction to Phyllis and opened up about the death of Hope. Victor held hope that Adam will one day take on the Newman surname. Jack learned Jeffrey and Gloria's marriage is not on the up-and-up. Later, Jack and Sharon set up a spy cam on Jeffrey and Gloria. Heather told Paul she’s thinking of leaving Genoa City. Kevin asked Paul to look into Jeffrey's past. Nick tried to come to terms with Adam's presence.


MARCH 10-14, 2008

The Newman’s had dinner with Adam to get know him better. Nikki dived into her new position at Jabot, but Jill wasn’t ready to give up control. Brad, hoping to exploit David’s weakness set up a meeting with Walter. Amber tried desperately to convince Daniel and Kevin to keep the stolen money. Later, Amber came up with a plan to get rid of the money. David noticed Adam's interest in Phyllis. Chloe asked Lily to make the final decision on the Fresh Face of Jabot. Gloria made Jeffrey think she wanted to fall in love with him. Jack and Sharon set their plan into motion and roped Jeffrey into going along with the plan. The pressure on Lily continued to build causing Neil to intervene. Daniel and Amber discussed starting their own line of clothing. Adam moved forward with the Beauty of Nature plan without Victoria. Nick warned Adam about getting too close to Victor. Phyllis called Danny to perform at the magazine pre-launch party.


MARCH 17-21, 2008

Danny returned surprising an angry and bitter Daniel. Michael and Lauren still suspicious of Jeffrey and Gloria’s behavior launched their own ruse to uncover the truth. Paul asked Nikki to hire Heather. Kevin warned Daniel and Amber about the money. Daniel and Amber burned the money. Gloria started believing John was haunting her. Jack and Sharon hired a man who looked like John. Katherine gave Amber money to start her clothing line. Preparations were underway for the Restless Style party.


MARCH 24-28, 2008

Ashley made an appearance at the Restless Style event and brought along Felicia Forrester. Danny performed a song he wrote for Daniel before leaving. Victoria and Adam continued to clash. Jill worried about damaging revelations in Katherine’s memoirs making Katherine fess up about her health problems. Victor and Sabrina grew closer. Nikki had growing doubts about David. Lily passed out. Later, Lily refused to listen to Neil and Devon to take it easy. Michael spotted Alistair while at the Abbott mansion. Victoria and J.T. found out Brad was responsible for the security breach at Newman. Lauren fainted and had a fall down the stairs after seeing Alistair, the man who looks like John. Brad invited David to a poker game.


MARCH 31-APRIL 4, 2008

Brad lured David back into his gambling addiction. Jack gave up and handed the mansion over to Gloria. Katherine and Jill realized Alistair could be the key to unlocking Gloria's secret. Jana asked Amber to her maid of honor. On what would have been Hope's birthday, Adam asked Nikki for information about Hope and later pressed Victor for answers. Victor took a trip to L.A. to meet with Sabrina. Gloria began to feel passionate feelings for Jeffrey. Michael and Kevin cut Gloria lose. Amber told Cane that Lily could be pregnant. Gloria and Kevin tried to find Alistair before Sharon and Jack did. Jack demanded that Alistair leave Genoa City. Alistair charmed Gloria. J.T. and Victoria decided to do a background check on Adam. Jeffrey's mistress Kyon arrived in town.


APRIL 7-11, 2008

Lily learned she’s pregnant. Nick became annoyed with Adam's actions toward Phyllis and warned him to stay away from Phyllis. Michael served Jack with a $2 million dollar lawsuit. Victor made love to Sabrina. Nikki continued to put David off, as she remained unsure about his gambling addiction. Felicia Forrester returned and flirted with Nick. Daniel and Amber fought about their relationship. Brad hired a bookie to tempt David to gamble. Jeffrey tried to convince Kyon they were finished. Later, Kyon locked Gloria in the wine cellar. Alistair found Gloria and ended up locked in with her and told her what he saw between Jeffrey and Kyon. Alistair then tempted Gloria to tell him everything about her and Jeffrey. Karen moved in with Neil. Michael gave Victor paperwork to start an art foundation as well as to work on something for Adam. Sabrina accepted Victor’s job offer. Jack bought a house before Sharon saw it.


APRIL 14-18, 2008

Sabrina revealed her affair with Victor to Victoria. Victoria later told Nikki. Sharon wasn’t happy about Jack buying a house so quickly. Gloria gave up ownership of the Abbott Mansion. Lily visited Dru’s former ballet teacher Madame Estelle Chauvin to make a decision about her pregnancy. Nick agreed to rent half of Restless Style’s space to Sabrina for her art collection. Lily’s pregnancy caused a rift in Neil and Karen’s relationship. Gloria kissed Alistair in front of Jeffrey. Adam told Sabrina he knows about her and Victor. Nikki's distrust of David grew as he sinked further into gambling while Brad continued tempting him. John ended his regularly visits to Jack. Chloe asked Lily if she’s bulimic. Jill learned Lily is pregnant. Cane told Lily he want her to have their baby and proposed. Victoria learned that Victor owns the mortgage to Nick's building. Jill attempted to manipulate Jeffrey.


APRIL 21-25, 2008

Michael dropped his lawsuit against Jack. Jeffrey was shocked when Gloria planned to adopt a child to improve her karma. Lily declined Cane’s marriage proposal and assured him she loves him. Phyllis and Sharon clashed over the creative direction for Restless Style. Victoria angrily cut Sabrina out of her life and rescinded her invitation for Sabrina to be Reed's godmother. Jill dug around to find out why Jeffrey married Gloria. Jeffrey asked Jack to let Gloria move back into the mansion. Karen moved out of Neil's apartment. Lily told Neil that she wants to name her baby after Dru. Adam and Felicia bonded over a common interest - Nick and Phyllis. Chloe told Lily she envies what Lily did with Cane. Amber and Daniel had an official first date. Jeffrey was determined to find out if Gloria and Alistair had sex and wound up making love to her. Nick warned Sabrina about Victor. Victoria asked Phyllis to be Reed’s godmother.


APRIL 28-MAY 2, 2008

Nick and Phyllis celebrated their wedding anniversary as Nick devised a treasure hunt for Phyllis that led to a performance by Trace Adkins. Lily suffered a miscarriage. Adam's ex-girlfriend Skye arrived in town with a scheme that impacted David and Brad. Nikki told David she couldn’t marry him. Victoria wasn’t happy to see Sabrina in attendance at Reed’s christening. Jeffrey planned a surprise for Gloria. Paul asked J.T. to investigate David. Nick told Phyllis he was beginning to regain his memory. Amber admitted to Daniel about her feelings for him. Jeffrey moved in with Jill despite spending a passionate night with Gloria. Phyllis and Sharon had another disagreement about Restless Style and Nick sided with Sharon. Gloria met with a lawyer to donate half of her money to charity. Sharon became upset about Nick and Phyllis’ anniversary and remembered their affair.


MAY 5-9, 2008

Colleen betrayed Adrian by giving Brad an advanced copy of Adrian’s book. Kevin worried the publication of Adrian’s book would ruin Jana. Brad hired Michael to stop the publication of Adrian's book. Jack hired consultant Jamie Whitfield to shake things up at Restless Style causing conflict with Nick, Phyllis and Sharon. Victoria abruptly quit her job at Newman and began working at Jabot. Victor tested J.T.’s loyalty. Skye won a big hand over David and left town. Adam accepted Victor’s invitation to move to the Newman Ranch. Jana accepted Sabrina’s job to be her art assistant. Jill and Jeffrey kissed. Jill told Gloria about Jeffrey talking to a divorce lawyer. Nikki called a truce with Victor. Colleen informed Adrian she’d be going to Japan for six weeks. Daniel moved in with Amber. Nikki and David set a wedding date. Victor proposed to Sabrina. Victor gave Adam Victoria’s office.


MAY 12-16, 2008

Victor and Sabrina announced their engagement to Victoria, Nick, and Adam. Nikki and David moved up their wedding date and went to Mexico to be married. Jamie Whitfield advised Jack to drop Lily and find a new cover model then Jack made an executive decision to stop the printing of the Restless Style cover after booking a celebrity angering Nick. Chloe made a move on Cane after getting drunk. Adrian learned his book deal is officially dead. After Gloria gave away half of her fortune, Jeffrey staked a claim to the other half and demanded $50 million from Gloria or he would send her to jail. David lost a big bet. Jill felt that Nikki was a liability to Jabot. Sharon got blamed when the webzine crashed. Karen accepted a job offer in New York after realizing Neil wasn’t over Dru. Colleen left for China. Nikki, David, and Sabrina got stuck in the Restless Style elevator. Katherine warned Jill to be careful around Jeffrey.


MAY 19-23, 2008

The Newman’s remembered the 3rd anniversary of Cassie’s death. Danny returned and made Daniel a life-altering offer. Paul investigated David’s past. Michael, Lauren, and Kevin found a regretful Gloria in bed with Alistair. Adam realized the mistake of recommending a new company that Newman Enterprises purchased as it was discovered the company had several lawsuits against it and lead to a potentially disastrous lawsuit against Newman. Adam saw Victor’s ruthless side. Victor congratulated Nick on his venture with Restless Style. Gloria made plans to reclaim her diamonds. Lily became suspicious of Cane and Chloe. David tried to get a loan in Nikki’s name and later tried to convince her to open a joint bank account. Nick had an accident. Sharon advised Sabrina about Victor and Nikki. Paul tracked down David’s ex-wife Elizabeth. Victoria offered Heather advice on Brad.


MAY 26-30, 2008

Katherine and Jill clashed over their history with Phillip, while Cane tried to learn the truth about his father. Nick’s accident brought his memory back. Daniel left town for Danny’s tour leaving Amber to worry about the future of their relationship. Adam and Heather had a passionate encounter. Jill fired Gloria from Jabot and Jeffrey refused to budge on his divorce demands. Gloria learned her diamonds were fake. Paul asked Elizabeth for proof of her claims that David is a killer. Adam called Victor "dad" for the first time. Jill told Nikki she has to let go of Victor. Victor vowed to fight the Jabot lawsuit. Michael agreed to let Gloria move back in. Chloe told Lily they are wanted by a modeling agency in New York. David received a cryptic phone call. Paul located David’s former stepdaughter Mina.


JUNE 2-6, 2008

Gloria's prank of poisoning Jeffrey accidentally put his life in danger. Chloe tried to manipulate some alone time with Cane by playing sick. Jack made a generous offer to Gloria by asking her to move in and the offer caused friction between him and Sharon. Victor asked Adam to be his best man. Nick and Victoria continued to disapprove of Victor's wedding to Sabrina. Adrian took Amber’s advice and began working at Restless Style. Jeffrey wrote Gloria a love letter. Cane asked Jill to renegotiate Lily's contract at Jabot. David told Nikki about Paul’s investigation. Lily decided to pursue her modeling from Genoa City. The Newman’s were sad to learn that Miguel wouldn’t be returning to the ranch to take care his sick aunt. Phyllis spotted Heather passing her hotel room key to Adam. Gloria told Michael she plans to confess to the police about her involvement with the Jabot cream.


JUNE 9-13, 2008

Jabot lost the case regarding the lawsuit. David confessed all to Nikki. Noah left for summer camp. Michael renewed his search into his father’s background. Nikki asked a refusing Paul to stop investigating David. Gloria took a job at Lauren’s boutique after a drunken stunt with Alistair, but a visit from Jill and Jeffrey lead to disaster. In an attempt to hide her feelings for Cane, Chloe made a pass at Devon. Jack and Sharon devised a plan to get Alistair out of town. Victor held out hope of Victoria attending his wedding to Sabrina. Victor gave Adam the go ahead to do a complete revamp of Beauty of Nature. Lily and Devon urged Neil to go after Karen. Sabrina told Victor she’s pregnant. Adrian asked Amber to dinner. Esther gave Katherine the love letter Jeffrey wrote to Gloria. David won in a big horse race.


JUNE 16-20, 2008

Sabrina’s scheming mother Zara arrived in town on the eve of her wedding to Victor. Neil proposed to Karen. Colleen returned and decided to end her relationship with Adrian. Lily kicked Chloe out of the campus house after learning about her feelings for Cane. Lauren fired Gloria after she caused a fire to erupt at Fenmore’s. Gloria later begged for her old job at Jabot. David surprised Nikki with an expensive horse as a gift and then later asked her for a divorce. Gloria discovered that Jeffrey stole her diamonds. Nick and Victoria decided to attend Victor’s wedding. Ashley arrived home and was stunned to find Gloria living at the Abbott Mansion. Brad continued encouraging David to gamble. Jill spotted Adam and Heather together.


JUNE 23-27, 2008

David and Nikki’s marriage fell apart due to David’s addiction. Chloe continued to try to undermine Cane and Lily’s relationship. Michael learned shocking news about his father’s past and decided to stop his search. Adam rehired Karen at Newman. Jeffrey made his choice between Jill and Gloria as he ended up proposing to Gloria. Neil and Karen made love. Devon’s aunt Tyra and her daughter Ana arrived in Genoa City on Lily’s 21st birthday. Everyone was surprised that Adam and Heather are dating. Jack felt a pull back to Jabot. Sharon, Jack, and Nick clashed with Phyllis over the future direction of Restless Style. Upset over David, Nikki nearly took a drink. Victoria pulled a ruse in keeping Zara from trying to sell photos of Victor and Sabrina’s wedding. Adam forced Zara to leave town.


JUNE 30-JULY 4, 2008

Victor exploded over Adam continuing his relationship with Heather. Karen urged Neil to have Tyra and Ana move in with him then Neil became suspicious of Tyra’s past. Phyllis schemed to break up Amber and Daniel. Jeffrey and Gloria eloped in Las Vegas with Little Richard officiating their wedding. Victoria and Sabrina had a stand off over the annual charity gala. Nikki confessed to Katherine about almost taking a drink. Cane and Chloe got stranded in the middle of nowhere. Amber and Adrian comforted each other. Victoria asked J.T. to continue investigating David. Gloria told Nikki she spotted David in Las Vegas. Devon learned that Tyra lied to him about her occupation status. Jack and Sharon asked Colleen to live with them. David agreed to help Walter pay off his debt. Ji Min’s killer was revealed.


JULY 7-11, 2008

Chloe learned she’s pregnant and schemed to trick Cane into thinking he is the father. Sabrina’s ex-fiancé Philippe arrived from Paris with an evil agenda. Victor was concerned for Nikki and decided to team up with Paul and J.T. in their investigation on David. Tyra accepted Neil’s job offer. Amber admitted to Daniel upon his return that she slept with Adrian. Gloria asked Nikki for her old job back. Cane fired Chloe. Skye returned to help Brad plot to set up David. Victoria agreed to be on the new cover of Restless Style magazine. Nick learned that Jack is trying to bring down Sabrina. Heather witnessed Adam and Skye sharing a kiss. Daniel confronted Phyllis. Ana sang beautifully at Indigo. Paul discovered that David’s stepdaughter Mina was found dead. Victor warned Nikki to leave David. Jeffrey and Gloria formulated a plan to take control of Jabot.


JULY 14-18, 2008

Jack published a damaging article about Sabrina’s past causing conflict with Nick and Phyllis, threatening to tear up their partnership. Jack and Amber convinced Adrian to go to Australia before the article came out. Victor warned Phyllis and Sharon that he will get revenge. Colleen and Amber fought over Adrian. Michael agreed to help Jeffrey and Gloria with their ruse in exchange for the contaminated face cream, but Jeff discovered the cream missing. Daniel informed Amber that he’s moving out. Jill and Brad formed an alliance. Sabrina offered Victoria a truce. Paul discovered that David is living under a false identity. Nikki told David she bought them a house. Victor cut Nick and Victoria out of his will. J.T. was impressed by Ana's singing talent. Chloe convinced Nick, Jack, Phyllis, and Sharon to hire her at Restless Style. Victor evicted Nick from the tack house.


JULY 21-25, 2008

The citizens of Genoa City gathered for the charity gala at the Colonnade Room. Paul and Victor learned shocking information about David’s ties to the mob. Cane asked Lily to move in with him. Amber and Daniel seeked help from Dr. Drew and Stryker of the Loveline radio talk show to try to sort out their relationship. To keep Cane from proposing to Lily, Chloe told Cane and Lily she’s carrying his baby. Sabrina was concerned as Victor continued to sever his ties to Nicholas and Victoria. Chloe tried to help Amber win Daniel back. Jeffrey hid the face cream from Gloria. Nikki ended her relationship with David. Heather found a photo of Ji Min and Walter. Devon and Ana performed a duet at the gala. David drugged Nikki. Victor learned that Jack altered the article on Sabrina. David’s gambling addiction hit the news. Walter put a hit out on David. Sabrina and David's limo went off the road.


JULY 28-AUGUST 1, 2008

The Newman’s were torn apart after David and Sabrina’s accident as David was killed and the doctor didn’t hold out much hope for Sabrina’s survival. Nikki was devastated after learning the truth about David’s murderous deeds. Jill launched a coup at Jabot by appointing herself interim CEO. Jack struggled with his conscience when he was offered photos that could cause further harm to Sabrina and bought exclusive rights to the crash photos. Paul and Heather revealed the truth about Ji Min’s murder. Daniel told Amber they should start over as friends. Adam learned that Skye is missing. Heather accepted her job back at the District Attorney’s office. Michael wondered if it was time to find his father. Nick decided to stay on the ranch. Nikki informed Katherine that she is resigning from Jabot. Daniel and Amber parted ways. Chloe altered her first sonogram. Adam decided to use his real name: Victor Adam Newman.


AUGUST 4-8, 2008

Nikki struggled to remain sober after Victor lashed out at her over Sabrina’s death. Paul discovered Skye Lockwood’s dead body. Victor had a private service for Sabrina and left town without informing anyone making everyone worry about his disappearance. Nick and Adam feuded. Neil and Tyra realized they had more in common than they thought. Chloe was forced to prove her baby is Cane’s. Karen worried that Neil and Tyra were becoming too close. Later, Neil tried to prevent Tyra from moving out. Cane accepted Jill’s offer to be Jabot’s CEO. Nick argued with Jack about the next feature for Restless Style. Nick and Victoria worried about Nikki’s emotional state. Michael faced a man who impersonated his father. Devon focused on singing. Adrian informed Amber he was leaving town for good. Lily accepted Cane’s proposal. Brad asked Jack and Sharon to print misleading gossip about Jill.


AUGUST 11-15, 2008

Cane, Lily, and Chloe received the paternity test results. Adam refused to back down from running Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence as Victoria and Nick struggled to protect it. Nikki was tempted to take a drink. Tyra revealed to Neil that Ana is actually Yolanda’s daughter. Amber and Daniel struggled to move on from one another. Jana and Kevin prepared to be married. Nikki and Adam had an emotional meeting. Lily told Cane he should marry Chloe and moved out. Phyllis and Sharon feuded over Restless Style. Traci made a visit to for the Jabot conference. Noah returned from summer camp. Brad set out to destroy Jill. Gloria was shocked to see Michael’s father Lowell. Cane struggled with his plans for the future and established rules for Chloe. Jeff and Gloria made Jack an offer. Neil, Nikki, and Nick voted Victoria in as CEO of Newman during Victor’s absence.


AUGUST 18-22, 2008

Michael's reunion with his father Lowell (River) left him angry, hurt and disappointed. Kevin and Jana finally tied the knot. Amber tried to make Daniel jealous after he slept with Colleen. Nikki and Paul risked their lives to find Victor after finding a lead on where he was. Devon learned that Ana is his sister. Ana was upset after accidentally learning that Tyra isn’t her mother. Nick and Phyllis turned the tables on Jack and Sharon. Nick caught Noah with alcohol. Katherine and Jill had words over Jabot. Gloria insulted Katherine. Victoria ordered Adam off the ranch. Heather collapsed. Gloria teamed up with Jack to get control over Jabot. Daniel convinced Phyllis to let Amber stay in her apartment. Victor took revenge on Walter. Nikki learned devastating news about Victor’s boat trip.


AUGUST 25-29, 2008

Adam seized the reins at Newman Enterprises by firing Neil, Karen, and Victoria and appointed Brad as CEO. Nick arrived in Mexico just as Nikki finally took a drink. Later, Nikki collapsed just as Victor found her. Cane and Chloe filed for a marriage license and eloped. Jack and Sharon were shocked by Nick and Phyllis' article. Devon convinced Ana to accept Katherine’s offer to attend school in New Hampshire and Tyra decided to accompany her. Neil tried to convince Tyra not to leave. Sharon’s true loyalty became apparent during Nick and Jack’s fight. Jill was furious about the article printed about her. Adam asked Heather to move to the ranch. Michael read Victor’s will with Adam inheriting Victor’s fortune. Esther identified Chloe as her daughter Kate.


SEPTEMBER 2-4, 2008

Victoria and Nick were stunned and emotional after reading Victor’s personal letters he left for them. Nikki and Victor had an emotional face-to-face reunion. Adam tried to follow through with his elaborate plans to revamp Newman Enterprises. Paul went to Mexico. Amber accused Daniel of sending mixed signals. Chloe confessed and later insulted Esther. Cane told Jill to stay away. Noah asked Nick and Sharon to let him attend public school. Victor returned home and confronted Adam before firing him.


SEPTEMBER 8-12, 2008

As Neil took control at Newman Enterprises, Brad was forced to resign his position. Victor lashed out at Victoria and Nick. Jill was investigated by the S.E.C (Securities Exchange Commission) and Cane made the shocking decision to oust Jill from Jabot. Jack and Nick tossed a coin to see who got control of Restless Style. Daniel made a confession to Colleen. Sharon pleaded with Victor. Adam asked Heather to move away with him. Chloe planned revenge against Cane. Victoria received an enticing proposition. Jack looked for allies in his quest to destroy Victor. Amber poured her heart out to Daniel. River arrived on Michael’s doorstep. Brad was arrested.


SEPTEMBER 15-19, 2008

Jack and Phyllis were devastated after they read a secret letter Sharon wrote to Nick. Jeff caught Gloria and River together. Amber confronted Daniel. Phyllis and Nick clashed over the direction of Restless Style then Phyllis came up with an enticing proposition of hiring Nikki at Restless Style as a result in saving the company. Jack confronted Victor about the money he gave Nick and threatened him with exposing the pictures of Sabrina's accident. River was apprehended. Neil asked Karen to move back in with him. Adam tried to get a job at Jabot. Daniel sketched a picture of Colleen. Amber’s new beau Liam turned up to be Billy Abbott. Adam was arrested for trespassing on the Newman property.


SEPTEMBER 22-26, 2008

Michael was shocked to meet his half sister, Eden, who changed his views of River. Billy had other intentions as Colleen hoped he’d help her get closer to Daniel. Chloe made a deal with her doctor to not reveal her conception date to Cane. Phyllis tried to convince Sharon that Jack hasn’t been honest with her and voiced her opinion about Jack and Sharon’s marriage. Nick and Victoria struggled to make a difficult decision about committing Victor into the psychiatric ward after he collapsed from dehydration. Jack and Adam continued investigating on what happened to Victor in Mexico. Jeffrey admitted he was the one who turned River in. Jill was cleared of the charges from the S.E.C. Heather had another health scare. Jack met up with Ashley in New York. Adam learned about Victor’s past. Katherine began having memory lapses. Victor pulled an escape stunt on his family.



Lily and Colleen’s friendship was strained after Lily resigned as Jabot’s Fresh Face and Colleen was hired as her replacement. Nikki was upset at Victor for causing Nick and Victoria emotional stress. Jack attempted to get Ashley and Traci to give him their proxies to regain control of Jabot. Michael took over River's case. Chloe and Esther had an emotional mother-daughter moment. Cane was ecstatic to finally meet Billy. Adam had second thoughts after he and Jack made headway in their quest to destroy Victor. Lauren was surprised that Eden was never formally schooled. Jeff and Gloria used Katherine’s memory lapses in their quest to gain control of Jabot. Phyllis tweaked a Restless Style editorial to suit her own agenda. Sharon and Nick came together in order of helping Noah with his problems. Karen opened up to Neil about her past. Chloe had an uncomfortable conversation with Billy.


OCTOBER 6-10, 2008

Billy discovered who Jack’s silent partner is. Nick and Phyllis argued over her resentful harsh article for Sharon in her editorial. Heather uncovered more details about Victor’s trip and stopped at nothing to find the truth. Victoria and Neil turned down an outraged Adam, who asked for his job back. Billy demanded Chloe to tell him the truth about the baby’s paternity. Later, Chloe cornered Billy by asking him what he would do if he thought he'd made someone pregnant. Devon learned that Ana and Tyra vanished. Billy caught Cane and Lily sharing an intimate moment in the Jabot elevator. Jack told Phyllis she's her own worst enemy. Much to Jeffrey’s dismay, Gloria helped Michael find a witness who might be able to free River. Adam rethought his options regarding the usefulness of a clever forgery. Nikki lashed out at Heather. Gloria harassed Katherine. Karen confided in Victoria. Nick made Sharon an offer.


OCTOBER 13-17, 2008

After Eden helped River escape, Michael was put at risk in an attempt to persuade River to come forward. Nikki, J.T. and Victoria devised a plan to protect Victor. Daniel interceded when Phyllis and Amber fought out their differences on the national radio show “Loveline”, forcing him to reveal his true feelings for Amber. Lily returned to Internet dating. Adam broke into the ranch to get Victor’s stationary for the forger. Tyra and Ana returned as Karen expressed her concerns to Neil about Tyra. Sharon accepted Nick’s offer to work at Newman again. Gloria tried to persuade Jeffrey not to leave her. Lily felt left out when Cane and Chloe interrupted her conversation with Billy. Paul was caught between helping Heather with her investigation and protecting Nikki. Esther confessed to Jill about Katherine’s memory lapses. Jack and Adam made a recording for the forger. Victor set the chateau in France on fire. Marge resurfaced.


OCTOBER 20-24, 2008

Victor called home to tell Nikki and Michael to stop trying to help him and demanded Heather to drop her investigation. Jack gave Gloria an ultimatum. Gloria continued manipulating Katherine into turning over her stock. Jack manipulated Adam. Kevin warned Cane not to trust Billy. Neil was surprised to find out that Olivia and Karen previously met one another. Nikki was more convinced that Victor murdered Walter. Phyllis caught Sharon red handed. Heather started rejecting Paul again after she learned about him helping Nikki. Michael demanded details from Gloria after learning about her part in the 1968 Detroit bank bombing. Billy cornered and insisted Chloe divulge everything about Cane and Lily's history. Karen made a shocking revelation to Neil. Cane offered Billy a position at Jabot. Amber moved in with Daniel. Heather and the authorities bugged the ranch.


OCTOBER 27-31, 2008

Katherine came face to face with Marge. Adam worried his “partnership” with Jack would hurt him more than Victor in the end. Jack erased the forger tape. Sharon questioned her marriage after learning about Jack’s lies. Katherine opened up to Gloria. Phyllis found Sharon in an incriminating situation with Brad just as Nick realized Phyllis’ jealousy of Sharon was at its peak. Karen confessed to Neil about her reasons of not having children. Jeffrey remained unusually jealous of Gloria's past with River. Jeffrey took a tipsy Marge for Katherine. Lily gave into wishful thinking, but her fantasy was crushed. Jack was indignant after finding out that Sharon was with Brad again. Eden kissed Noah. Jill tried to forbid Katherine from finishing her book. Marge asked Katherine for help. Jill and Esther found common ground in their concern for Katherine. Katherine’s decision to avoid medical care had consequences by Jill. Nikki called Ashley.


NOVEMBER 3-7, 2008

Nikki pleaded with Ashley to help her find Victor. Michael was furious to learn Gloria had more to do with River's abandonment and the reason he was on the run from the authorities all those years. Phyllis, Nick and Victoria discovered Adam was involved in creating Victor’s journal. Kevin found another large bag of cash and questioned his morals. Katherine chose to help Marge than to listen to Jill. Jeffrey was stunned that his suspicions of River and Gloria were right. Lily was drawn closer to "Sonny" as Billy continued using what he knew to his advantage. Adam moved to redirect Heather with a marriage proposal sure to get her attention. Jill felt forced to take drastic measures by ousting Katherine to protect Chancellor Industries. Gloria duplicated her efforts to achieve her goals. After a desperate search in France, Ashley finally located Victor. Katherine and Marge were in a car accident.


NOVEMBER 10-14, 2008

Passion flared between Ashley and Victor. Nikki and Jill were horrified to find “Katherine’s” body at the scene of the accident. Nikki blamed herself over Katherine’s death. Phyllis was heart-broken after seeing Nick and Sharon passionately kissing on the streets of Paris. Jack confronted Phyllis. Phyllis then coldly plotted her next move as she mislead Jack about Sharon and Nick. Neil proposed again to Karen. Noah and Eden connected emotionally, but were interrupted by some local thugs and Noah was arrested. Nick and Sharon were shocked to be summoned by the police and worried about Noah's misbehavior and bad attitude. Victor told Ashley he wasn’t returning home. Jill lashed out at Amber for moving ahead to finish Katherine’s book. Brock, Dina, Traci, Danny, Mitchell, and Nina returned for Katherine’s funeral. Victor arrived at the service with Ashley.

NOVEMBER 17-21, 2008

Marge’s friend, Murphy thought he rescued Marge as he rescued a deeply confused Katherine. Nikki had an emotional breakdown after Victor unexpectedly made a surprising appearance at Katherine's funeral who showed that he and Ashley are beginning a new life together. Repentant Victoria and combative Nick enjoyed being in Victor's good graces again. Brad's admission gave Phyllis an idea to put her plan in motion. Sharon grew further away from Jack after learning about more of his lies. Kevin decided to keep the money and Daniel felt similar. Heather worked with Brad to bring Victor to justice. After being arrested, Victor vowed to destroy Adam. Jill was slammed by the contents of Katherine’s will. John’s ghost spoke to all his children. Cane witnessed Lily and Billy embracing. Katherine struggled to come to terms with who she is. Ashley learned Gloria is Jack’s silent partner and later reluctantly gave Jack her proxy.


NOVEMBER 24-26, 2008

Paul and Nikki shared a night of intense passion after Nikki stood up to Victor. Sharon was furious after finding out Jack kept more secrets from her. Olivia told Neil he shouldn’t marry Karen and should get with Tyra. After learning about Jack’s timing in Mexico, Phyllis confronted Jack about his deeds and Sharon. Phyllis and Brad formed an alliance to destroy Sharon and Jack's marriage. Katherine’s increasing memory loss coincided with her first "hash slinging" shift at Joe’s diner. Jack and Ashley inched ever closer to the restoration of Jabot. Tyra, Devon, and Ana were petrified when social services showed up. Ashley announced she was moving back to Genoa City for good. Nick learned Jack was involved with the diary. Olivia voiced her opinion to Ashley about romancing Victor being a bad idea. Nick expressed his regret to Sharon for his affair. Victoria and Nick reached out to incarcerated Victor for Thanksgiving.


DECEMBER 1-5, 2008

Kevin was caught off guard when Jana found Katherine’s money. Billy introduced Lily to his attorney friend, Rafe Torres to help Tyra and Devon with Ana. Jeffrey made plans to betray Gloria with a power grab. Billy turned the tables on his family after Jack gave him an ultimatum. Amber and Daniel decided to quit their jobs after deciding to pursue their own dreams. Ashley made a surprise announcement after a shocking twist occurred at Jabot. Nikki suspected Jill held back the ring Katherine left her. Phyllis opened up to Michael about Nick and Sharon after reaching her breaking point. Frank, the forger made Victor a million dollar offer to set him free, but Victor backfired. Phyllis' schemes lead Sharon to her breaking point with Jack as she threw him out. Amber accused Kevin of conspiring with Gloria to scam Katherine. Nikki vented to Ashley. The authorities authenticated Victor’s diary.


DECEMBER 8-12, 2008

After Nick saw the Paris themed Restless Style cover, Phyllis admitted that she saw him and Sharon kissing in Paris. Victor made Nick his right hand man in bringing down Jack and Adam. Chloe landed in the emergency room after having a confrontation with Lily. Billy discovered the truth about Chloe's baby. Jack was embarrassed by Sharon’s guilt stricken overtures. Jeffrey created a diabolical scheme to bring Gloria down after she testified on River's behalf. Murphy and Katherine grew closer. Ashley confronted Jack for his diary stunt. Billy decided his path didn’t include fatherhood after speaking separately with Jack and Lily. Victor gave Adam one last chance to save himself by extending an offer to him with strings attached. Jana refused to compromise her principals for Kevin. Victor asked Paul for help. Ashley cut Jack loose from Jabot. Michael and Lauren learned disturbing news about River. Gloria was arrested.


DECEMBER 15-19, 2008

In a quest to become Ana's foster parent, Neil had to choose to either quickly marry Karen or force her to move out. Michael was torn apart after discovering River wasn’t who he thought he was. River tried to convince Michael to let him go free. Jack and Ashley vowed pay back on Gloria after Jeffrey revealed Gloria’s face cream scandal. Heather caught up with Adam at the airport to have him arrested. Katherine had a few memories. Nick told Sharon about Phyllis seeing them kiss. Jill tried to reach out to Billy with the promise of a job at Chancellor Industries. Michael asked Heather to get an arrest warrant out on River. Victor reached an agreement with Frank. Phyllis and Nick threw a party for Summer. Katherine pawned the ring she left Nikki. J.T. received word from Paul on discovering Jack and Adam’s conspiracy. Ashley and Victor made a toast to the future.


DECEMBER 22-26, 2008

Katherine's memories flooded back just as the Chancellor clan prepared to spend their first Christmas without her. Lily unraveled a secret to Billy that impacted her relationships with both Billy and Cane. Adam tried to reach out to Victor only to be firmly rebuffed by him. Victor then put Adam in his place. Victor was exonerated in time for the holidays. Nikki and Victor managed to put their enmity aside until Nikki made a careless remark that provoked an angry reaction. Amber had nightmares that prompted her to continue pursuing the truth about Katherine’s death. Victor recounted painful memories from his time in Mexico. Michael had an extraordinary experience that taught him about how important he is to the people he loves and how different their lives would be without him.


DECEMBER 29, 2008-JANUARY 2, 2009

Jill had Katherine arrested after she broke into the mansion, thinking she was an imposter. Jack gave Billy a warning. Nikki and Victor shared a moment at Christmas. Abby returned home for the holidays. Amber refused to back down on her conspiracy theory about Kevin. Tyra contemplated on telling Neil about her true feelings just before his wedding to Karen. Neil and Karen were married. Phyllis' scheme continued as Brad and Sharon shared an intimate moment on New Years Eve. Jack announced his return to Jabot. Victor made Jill a tempting offer to get Jack out of Jabot. Jana agreed to help Kevin get back the money from Eden and Noah. Neil and Karen became Ana’s foster parents with guidelines for Tyra. Sharon moved out of the Abbott mansion. After Katherine wound up in the same jail cell as Gloria, Gloria devised a plan to use Katherine's memory loss to her advantage. Victor returned to Newman Enterprises.