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History Timeline of…





January 25, 1937 - September 18, 2009

Total amount of episodes: #15,762



THE 1930'S

The Guiding Light created by Irna Phillips premieres on radio, based in Chicago (Jan 25, 1937)


Ned Holden and Mary Ruthledge are engauged (1937)


Abe Kransky dies from influenza (1937)


Fredrika shoots and kills Paul Holden (1938)


Rose Kransky has child out of wedlock (1939)



THE 1940'S

Ned and Mary get married (June 1941)


Johnny Kransky dies in an automobile accident (1941)


Ellis Smith and Torchy Reynolds Holden marry (1942)


Norma Greenman dies of a heart attack (1943)


Dr. Richard Gaylord becomes minister in Five Points (1945)


Guiding Light moves production to Hollywood (1946)


Reverend Ruthledge (Arthur Peterson) dies (1946)


Tim Lawrence dies in a plane crash (July 1946)


Dr. Jonathan MacNeill marries Claire Lawrence (October 1946)


Theo Goetz originates role of Fredrick (Papa) Bauer (1947)


Ray and Charlotte marry (1947)


Dr. Charles Matthews opens the Church of the Good Samaritan in Selby Flats, Ca,the story's new location (1947)


Roger Collins marries Susan McClain (1948)


Meta Bauer (Jone Allison) poses as Jan Carter (July 1948)


Guiding Light production moves to New York from Hollywood,

GL story moves from Five Points, USA to Selby Flats, CA (1949)


Bert Miller (Ann Shepherd) and Bill Bauer (Lyle Sudrow) are married (December 9, 1949)


Mama Bauer dies (December 1949)



THE 1950'S

Charita Bauer takes over the role of Bert Bauer (February 1950)


Meta Bauer and Ted White Marry (February 6, 1950)


Chuckie dies (September 20, 1950)


Meta Shoots and kills Ted (September 22, 1950)


Meta is vindicated in the Ted White case (April 1951)


Meta marries Joe Roberts (September 7, 1951)


Trudy Bauer (Helen Wagner) marries Clyde Palmer (1951)


Bert give birth to Mike Bauer (March 1952)


Guiding Light begins airing on Television (June 30, 1952)


Kathy Roberts (Susan Douglas) marries Bob Lang (1952)


Bob Lang is killed in an automobile accident (1952)


Kathy marries Dick Grant (1952)


Ellen Demming takes over the role of Meta Bauer (Bill's Sister)

(January 1953)


Kathy gives birth to Robin (May 1953)


Joey Roberts marries Lois (1954)


Bert gives birth to William Edward Bauer (Ed) (December 31, 1954)


Joe Roberts dies of cancer (December 24, 1955)


Guiding Light has new theme sequence (1956)


Radio version of GL discontinued (August 1956)


Dr. Bruce Banning (Les Damon) introduced (1956)


Mike Bauer runs away from home (1956)


Dr. Jim Kelly and Lila Taylor are wed (1956)


Zena Bethune takes over the role of Robin Lang (1957?)


Lisa Howard takes over the role of Trudy Bauer (1957)


Kathy marries Mark Holden (Whitfield Connor) (February 1957)


Papa Bauer celebrates his 65th birthday (March 14, 1957)


Dick Grant and Marie Wallace are wed (May 31, 1957)


Kathy Roberts Holden dies in auto accident (March 1958)


Mark Holden marries Ruth Jannings (1958)


Ed Bryce takes over the role of Bill Bauer (1959)


Dr. Paul Fletcher and Anne Benedict are wed (1959)


Mark Holden marries Ruth Jannings (1959)


Pat Collins takes over the role of Ed Bauer (1959)



THE 1960'S

Meta Roberts and Dr. Bruce Banning are wed (February 1960)


Mike Bauer secretly marries Robin Lang Holden (marriage later annulled because they are underage)...Karl Jannings is killed in a struggle with Mike (July 1960)


Barnard Hughes takes over the role of Dr. Bruce Banning (1961)


Dick & Marie Grant adopt Phil Collins (June 1961)


Robin marries Alex Bowden (August 1961)


Bert has surgery for uterine cancer (January 1962)


Sheldon Golomb originates the role of Johnny Fletcher (1962)


Anne Fletcher killed in accidental shooting (October 1962)


Donald Melvin takes over the role of Johnny Fletcher (1963)


Mike marries Julie Conrad (Sandra Smith) in a shotgun wedding (May 1963)


Julie gives birth to Hope Bauer (Jennifer Kirschner) (September 1963)


Eugene Smith takes over the role of Bill Bauer (1964)


Robin secretly marries Paul Fletcher (April 1964)


Nurse Jane Fletcher (Chase Crosley) comes to Selby Flats (1964)


Ed Bryce resumes the role of Bill Bauer (1965)


Peggy Scott (Fran Myers) is introduced (1965)


Gillian Spencer takes over the role of Robin Fletcher (1965)


Daniel Fortas takes over the role of Johnny Fletcher (1965)


Mike graduates law school, Ed begins studying surgery (1965)


Bill Bauer & Maggie Scott have an affair (1965)


Jane Fletcher marries George Hayes (July 1965)


Don Scardino takes over the role of Johnny Fletcher (1965)


Guiding Light's location is moved from Selby Flats, CA to Springfield, USA "somewhere in the midwest" (1966)


Meta & Bruce Banning move to New York City (1966)


Julie Bauer dies in an insane asylum, Mike & Hope move to Bay City, MI & become charaters on Another World (February 1966)


Bill Bauer falls off the wagon, eventually joins AA (1966)


Ruby Dee oringinates the role of Martha Frazier, Billy Dee Williams originates the role of Dr. Jim Frazier (1966)


Robert Gentry takes over the role of Ed Bauer (1966)


Lynne Adams originates the role of Leslie Jackson (1966)


Jane Hayes gives birth to Amy (June 1966)


First color broadcast and new theme song and sequence (March 13, 1967)


Erik Howell takes over the role of Johnny Fletcher (1967)


Victoria Wyndham originates the role of Charlotte Waring (1967)


Johnny Fletcher marries Peggy Scott (April 1967)


Ben Scott dies of a heart attack (May 1967)


Ed Bauer marries Leslie Jackson (September 1967)


Robin Fletcher dies in a car accident (October 1967)


GL switches from live broadcasts to videotape (1968)


Maggie Scott dies after unsuccessful surgery (March 1968)


Mike Bauer and Hope Bauer (Paula Schwartz) return to Springfield & Mike falls in love with Leslie Bauer (April 1968)


Johnny Fletcher & Tracy Delmar (aka Charlotte Waring) get engaged

(May 1968)


GL expands from 15 to 30 minutes, Bill Bauer has a successful heart transplant, A new title sequence (September 9, 1968)


Peggy Scott marries Marty Dillman; Johnny Fletcher marries Tracy Delmar a.k.a. Charlotte Waring (October 1968)


Marty Dillman is mudered (December 1968)


Don Stewart takes over the role of Mike Bauer (December 1968)


Elissa Leeds takes over the role Hope Bauer (1968)


Mart Hulswit takes over the role of Ed Bauer (1969)


Peggy Dillman gives birth to William Bauer Dillman ("Billy") (March 1969)


Ed is arrested for drunken driving & is dismissed from hospital staff

(April 1969)


Johnny Fletcher marries Peggy Dillman; Sara McIntyre (Millette Alexander) & Lee Gantry marry (December 1969)



THE 1970'S

"La Lumiere" debuts as GL's theme song (January 5, 1970)


Sydney Walker takes over role of Dr. Bruce Banning (1970)


Melinda Fee takes over the role of Charlotte Waring (1970)


Ken Norris (Roger Newman) is introduced (1970)


Mike Bauer marries Charlotte Waring (April 1970)


Leslie Bauer gives birth to Fredrick (Freddy, Rick) Bauer (Albert Zungallo) (August 1970)


Lee Gantry falls through an attic window & dies (December 1970)


Sara McIntyre marries Joe Werner (December 31, 1970)


Holly Norris (Lynn Deerfield) and Stanley Norris (Michael Higgins) are introduced (1970)


Kathryn Hays takes over the role of Leslie Bauer (1971)


William Smithers takes over the role of Stanley Norris (1971)


Michael Zaslow debuts as Roger Thorpe (April 1, 1971)


Holly & Roger go on their first date....Leslie Bauer & Stanley Norris are involved (April 1971)


Ed & Leslie divorce (1971)


Leslie Bauer marries Stanley Norris (July 2, 1971)


Stanley Norris is murdered (September 1971)


Barbara Rodell takes over the role of Leslie Norris (1971)


Garry Hannoch takes over the role of Freddy Bauer (1972)


Janet Mason marries Ken Norris (Roger Newman) (March 1972)


Flip Malone kidnaps Charlotte (April 1972)


Johnny Fletcher has a nervous breakdown (August 1972)


Mike & Charlotte divorce (1973)


Papa Bauer dies in his sleep (February 1973)


Ed Bauer marries Holly Norris (May 1973)


Mike Bauer marries Leslie (June 1973)


Kit Vested murders Charlotte Bauer (August 1973)


Kit Vested is killed (1974)


William Roerick takes over the role of Dr. Bruce Banning, Meta & Bruce leave Springfield again (1974)


Lynne Adams resumes the role of Leslie Bauer (1974)


Tisch Raye takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1975)


Ken Norris shoots Ed Bauer in the hand (April 1975)


Holly gives birth to Christina (Chrissy, Blake) (July 1975)


GL changes it's opening logo and theme music, "THE" is dropped from the show's title as well, now known simply as

GUIDING LIGHT (November 5, 1975)


Maureen Garrett takes over the role of Holly (1976)


Robbie Berridge takes over the role of Freddy Bauer (1976)


Robin Mattson takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1976)


Justin (Tom O'Rourke) & Jackie Marler (Cindy Pickett) are introduced (1976)


Roger marries Peggy Fletcher (Fran Myers) (February 1976)


Leslie Bauer is hit by a car & dies (June 1976)


Ed & Holly divorce (July 1976)


Malcolm Granger dies under suspicious circumstances (October 1976)


Joe Werner dies (November 1976)


Kathrine Justice takes over the role of Hope Bauer (1977)


Rita Stapleton (Lenore Kasdorf) is acquitted in the Granger mudered trial (April 1977)


Roger & Peggy divorce (1977)


Hillary Bauer (Linda McGullough) arrives in Springfield (1977)


Bill Bauer (Ed Bryce) returns from the dead (September 1977)


Guiding Light expands to 1-hour format (November 7, 1977)


Alan (Chris Bernau), Elizabeth (Leslie Dalton) & Phillip Spaulding

(Jarrod Ross) move to Springfield (November 1977)


Diane Ballard (Safra Landon) is introduced (1977)


Alan & Elizabeth Spaulding divorce; Mike Bauer handles divorce for Elizabeth & begins dating her (1978)


Sara McIntyre marries Dean Blackford...Ben McFarren (Stephan Yates) marries Eve Stapleton (May 1978)


Amanda Wexler (Kathleen Cullen), Lucille Wexler (Rita Lloyd) and

Gordon Middleton (Marcus Smythe) are introduced (1978)


Amanda Wexler & Gordon Middleton marry (September 1978)


Roger Thorpe rapes Rita Stapleton (October 1978)


Ed Bauer marries Rita (November 1978)


Marsha Clark takes over the role of Hillary Bauer (December 1978)


Roger & Holly marry (January 1979)


Dean Blackford dies in an accident (January 1979)


Alan marries Jackie Marler (February 1979)


Roger rapes Holly (March 6, 1979)


Elvera Roussel takes over the role of Hope Bauer (March 19, 1979)


Ross Marler (Jerry Ver Dorn) arrives in Springfield (March 23, 1979)


Roger's trial ends...Holly shoots Roger (he is presummed dead) (June 1979)


Alan & Hope are stranded on an island (Summer 1979)


Brandon Spaulding [or so it would appear] (September 1979)


Justin Marler & Elizabeth Spaulding marry (October 1979)


Eve divorces Ben because of his affair with Diane Ballard (1979?)



THE 1980'S

Carrie Mowery takes over the role of Jackie Marler (1980)


Jennifer Richards (Geraldine Court) & Morgan Richards (Kristin Vigard) are introduced (January 1980)


Guiding Light expands to a full hour and settles in the 3pm-4pm eastern time slot. (February 4, 1980)


Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown) & Bea Reardon (Lee Lawson) are introduced, Roger hides out at boardinghouse (February 1980)


Kelly Nelson (John Wesley Shipp) is introduced (February 1980)


Roger kidnaps Chrissy & Holly in Dominican Republican (March 1980)


Kevin Bacon begins playing Tim (TJ) Werner (March 1980)


Roger falls off a cliff to his presumed death (April 4, 1980)


Ben McFarren & Amanda Wexler marry (April 1980)


Morgan is kidnapped (April 1980)


Alan Spaulding & Hope marry (May 1980)


Vannessa Chamberlain (Maeve Kinkead) and Henry Chamberlain

(William Roerick) are introduced (June 1980)


Morgan Richards realizes that Amanda Wexler is her daughter, Amanda miscarries & gets depressed (Summer 1980)


Lucille Wexler is killed in a struggled with Jennifer Richards (October 1980)


Justin Marler learns that Phillip Spaulding is his son; Jackie & Justin Marler remarry (1980)


Holly departs Springfield for Switzerland (1980)


Peter Simon takes over role of Ed Bauer (1981)


Amanda learns she is Alan's daughter by Jennifer Richards (January 1981)


Ed & Rita divorce because of Rita's affair w/Alan (1981)


Kevin Bacon leaves role of TJ Werner (February 1981)


Adam Thorpe & Sara McIntyre marry (March 1981)


Tony Reardon (Gregory Beecroft) is introduced (mid-1981)


Trish Lewis (Rebecca Hollen) arrives in Springfield (1981)


Kelly Nelson & Morgan Richards marry (August 1981)


Nola goes to work for Quinton McCord (Michael Tylo), Beulah Garrick plays Violet Renfield (1981)


Hope gives birth to Alan-Michael Spaulding (September 1981)


Jackie Marler gives birth to Samantha (September 1981)


Diane Ballard & Joe Bradley are murdered (October 1981)


Lesley Ann Monroe (Carolyn Ann Clark) is introduced (October 1981?)


Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) arrives in Springfield (October 1981)


Lesley Ann and Floyd Parker (Tom Nielson) begin dating (late 1981)


Maureen Reardon (Ellen Dolan) arrives (late 1981 or early 1982)


GL changes it's opening logo and theme music (January 4, 1982)


Nola Reardon gives birth to Kelly Louise later renamed Anatasia

(January 1982)


Ross Marler & Carrie Todd (Jane Elliot) get married (March 1982)


Jennifer Richards & Mark Evans elope (June 1982)


Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander) and Freddy Bauer (Phil McGregor) return from prep school (June 1982)


Jackie Marler presumed dead in plane crash (July 1982)


Ed Bauer marries Maureen Rearson (February 1983)


Michael O'Leary takes over the role of Freddy Bauer, now known as "Rick" (1983)


The Cradle Will Fall airs [TV movie featuring members of GL cast, including Ross, Ed, Bert, Hope, Lesley Ann] (May 1983)


Mindy Lewis (Krista Tesreau) comes to Springfield (May 1983)


Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Beth Raines (Judi Evans) are introduced

(May 1983)


Phillip meets Beth (June 1983)


Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke) comes to Springfield, meets Vanessa at Nola & Quint's (Michael Tylo) engagement party (June 1983)


Nola Rearson & Quinton-Chamberlain marry...Mrs. Renfield leaves town (June 1983)


Rick, Mindy, Phillip & Beth graduate high school (June 1983)


Eli Simms murders Bill Bauer (Ed Bryce) in Chicago; Alan & Hope separate; Ross proposes to Amanda (August 8, 1983)


Maureen announces that she's pregnant (August 9, 1983)


Amanda breaks engagement with Ross and takes half-brother Matthew out of town to live with Jennifer (August 12, 1983)


Trish Lewis accepts a job working on Ross Marler's campaign

(August 18, 1983)


"My Guiding Light" debuts as GL's theme song as the title sequence is the same; Henry has a heart attack (August 22, 1983)


HB Lewis (Larry Gates) is introduced (August 24, 1983)


Mindy's birthday party, Bradley Raines tells Phillip that he's really Jackie & Justin Marler's son (August 26, 1983)


Tony & Annabelle set a wedding date (August 30, 1983)


Phillip & Mindy make love in the stables (September 6, 1983)


Phillip admits to Rick that he loves Beth (September 8, 1983)


Phillip breaks up with Mindy, Phillip & Beth declare their love

(September 13, 1983)


Maureen miscarries (September 15, 1983)


Phillip moves to the stables (September 20, 1983)


Vannessa takes job as executive VP at Spaulding, Justin & Samantha move to Arizona for her health (September 23, 1983)


Nola discovers she's pregnant (September 30, 1983)


Lesley Ann moves out of Floyd's apartment (October 13, 1983)


Eli Simms kills Annabelle's therapist; Hope attends her first AA meeting (October 14, 1983)


Hillary moves in with Lesley Ann (October 18, 1983)


Ed has microsurgery on his hand (October 26, 1983)


Mindy is voted Homecoming Queen; Bradley rapes Beth (October 28, 1983)


Billy is presumed dead when his car blows up (October 31, 1983)


Billy turns up alive; Vanessa admit they love each other, Eli takes a shot at HB (November 2, 1983)


Annabelle remembers her mother drowning; Eli tries to kill Annabelle but Tony saves her, HB Lewis shoots & kills Eli (November 11, 1983)


Tom Reardon's gravesite is found, everyone learns that Eli killed Tom (November 14, 1983)


Hope serves Alan with divorce papers (November 16, 1983)


Warren Andrews dumps Lesley Ann (November 17, 1983)


Billy & Vannessa announce their engagement (November 18, 1983)


Lesley Ann attempts suicide; Floyd & Katie Parker (Denise Pence) find her (November 23, 1983)


Reva Shayne (Kim Zimmer) is introduced; Warren asks Lesley Ann to move in with him, Phillip gets in a fight the Galahads--introduction of Lujack (Vincent Irizarry) (November 28, 1983)


Floyd wins the lottery (December 1, 1983)


Hillary meets Dr. Jim Reardon, who is masquerading as Dr. Stevens to do secret research at Cedars (December 2, 1983)


Phillip & Mindy make love again as he tries to get over Beth

(December 5, 1983)


Beth moves to the boardinghouse (December 9, 1983)


Katie gets hired as Dr. Stevens' assistant (December 14, 1983)


Kelly Nelson & Dr. Claire Ramsey (Susan Pratt) make love & He Proposes (December 15, 1983)


Beth & Phillip run off to NYC; Warren proposes to Lesley Ann; Bert goes to visit her sister-in-law, Meta; Hope takes a job in NYC (December 18, 1983)


Mindy & Rick go to NYC (XMAS December 25, 1983)


Richard Van Vleet takes over the role of Ed Bauer (1984)


Vannessa Chamberlain & Billy Lewis marry...Alexandra Spaulding

(Beverlee McKinsey) is introduced (February 1984)


Bradley Raines goes to jail...Beth & Phillip get engaged (February 1984)


Mindy announces she is pregnant...Mindy & Phillip marry...Beth & Lujack get involved....Mindy miscarries (March 1984)


Lesley Ann Munroe & Warren Andrews marry (March 1984)


Mindy & Phillip divorce (May 1984)


Tony Reardon & Annabelle Simms marry; Nola gives birth to Anthony James Chamberlain [later known as AJ and then J] (May 1984)


Lesley Ann dies of the Dreaming Death (May 1984)


Reva & HB marry (May 1984)


Fletcher Reade (Charles Jay Hammer) is introduced (May 1984)


Evil real-estate agent Susan Piper (Carrie Nye) is introduced (June 25, 1984)


Reva christens herself "the Slut of Springfield" in the country club fountain (July 30, 1984)


India Von Halkein (Mary Kay Adams) is introduced (August 1984)


Fletcher gets involved with Claire Ramsey (Summer/Fall 1984)


Roxie Shayne (Kristi Ferrell) arrives in Springfield, soon gets involved with Rick Bauer (September 1984)


Richard Van Vleet takes over the role of Ed Bauer; Hillary Bauer dies in an explosion [part of Brandon Spaulding is alive with a mistress & daughter in Barbados plot] (September 24, 1984)


Beth is blinded in an explosion at Lujack's club (October 1984)


Mike Bauer leaves Springfield for Washington, DC (Ocotber 1984)


Annabelle, Tony, Jim, Fletcher and Claire find Brandon Spaulding with his wife Sharrina and his daughter Victoria on Barbados [end of the

Susan Piper story] (October 11, 1984)


Susan Piper (Carrie Nye) dies (November 1984)


Reva learns she is pregnant...HB Lewis has a heart attack (November 1984)


Rick & Mindy split up (November 1984)


Annabelle & Jim leave for Barbados (November 1984)


Vannessa gives birth to Harlan Billy Lewis III [Little Billy, Bill]

(November 1984) Note: The Schemering book is wrong when it says December 1985 for this birth. A January 1985 issue of Soap Opera Digest discusses the Lewises bringing their newborn son home on Christmas Day 1984.


India blackmails Phillip into marriage...Beth regains her sight

(December 1984)


Kyle Sampson (Larkin Malloy) is introduced (December 1984)


Bert/Charita Bauer loses a leg to cancer (1984)


John Bolger takes over the role of Phillip Spaulding (1985)


Jim Rearson joins a think tank in Aspen (1985)


Trish Lewis leaves Springfield to work in Europe (1985)


Reva loses HB's baby (February 1985)


Beth Raines & Lujack get engaged; Floyd Parker shoots & kills Andy Ferris (February 14, 1985)


Charita Bauer dies (February 28, 1985)


Ed Bauer & Claire Ramsey make love, mistakenly believing Maureen & Fletcher have been killed in Beirut. They conceive Michelle (February 1985)


Roxie goes to Alaska (Early 1985)


Kurt Corday (Mark Lewis) & Roxie Shanyne get married (April 1985)


Claire Ramsey gives birth to Michelle Bauer (October 1985)


Mindy marries Kurt Corday (November 1985)


Jesse Matthews (Rebecca Stabb) and Calia Matthews (Lisby Larson) arrive in Springfield (November 4, 1985)


Lujack dies in an explosion, Reva goes to RIo to divorce HB so she can marry Kyle Sampson (December 1985)


Maeve Stoddard (Leslie Denniston) marries Kyle Sampson; Reva attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge (December 1985)


Peter Simon returns to role of Ed Bauer (1986)


Johnny Bauer (James Goodwin) is introduced (1986)


Phillip & India divorce (February 1986)


Bert Bauer dies (March 1986)


Ellen Parker takes over the role of Maureen Bauer (March 1986)


Kyle Sampson shoots & kills Cain Harris (May 1986)


Maeve Stoddard Sampson gives birth to Ben (later adopted by

Fletcher Reade) (May 1986)


Maeve tells Kyle that their baby was stillborn & asks for a divorce; India is arrested for embezzlement (June 3, 1986)


Claire briefly awakins from her coma (June 5, 1986)


Kurt & Mindy host a house-raising (June 6, 1986)


India is sentenced to 30 days community service at Stony Lake

(June 10, 1986)


Beth & Phillip make love (June 11, 1986)


Ross gets involved with Calla Matthews (Lillian's sister) (1986)


Fletcher gets involved with Maeve Stoddard (Spring/Summer 1986)


Dinah Marler (Jennifer Gatti) is introduced (June 16, 1986)


India befriends Dorie (Kimi Parks) (June 18, 1986)


Jesse Matthews gets involved with Simon Luvonaczek (Shawn Thompson) (June 1986)


Claire awakins from her coma (June 27, 1986)


Ross proposes to Calla (July 11, 1986)


Phillip proposes to Beth (July 22, 1986)


Beth Raines disappears, presumed dead after Alan produces a body

(July 1986)


Bea Reardon comes back to Springfield (Autumn 1986)


Reva leaves Kyle Sampson at the altar...Josh (Robert Newman) comes back to Springfield (October 1986)


GL changes it's opening logo (October 1986)


Kurt goes to Venezuela & is killed there (Late 1986)


Dinah learns she is Vannessa's & Ross's daughter

(XMAS December 25, 1986)


India von Halkein adopts Dorrie (Winter 1986)


Claire Ramsey has a brain operation and leaves Springfield with the doctor (December 1986)


Chelsea Reardon (Kassie Wesley) comes to Springfield (December 1986)


Christine Valere comes to Springfield (December 1986)


Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Hawk Shayne (Gil Rogers) get engaged

(Late 1986/early 1987)


Rusty Shayne (Terrell Anthony) comes to Springfield (Late 1986/early 1987)


Alaln's art forgery scam (winter 1986/1987)


Billy leaves Springfield to work in Venezuela (January 1987)


Calla Matthews leaves Springfield (January 1987)


Jessie Matthews and Simon leave Springfield (January 1987)


Rick leaves Springfield to work in Chicago (January 1987)


Sarah Shayne (Audrey Peters) comes to Springfield (January 1987)


Grant Aleksander returns as Phillip Spaulding (1987)


Phillip gets involved with Chelsea (January 1987)


Vannessa and Billy get divorced (January 1987)


Henry Chamberlain has a heart attack, Vannessa takes his place at Spaulding Enterprises (February 1987)


Roxie Shayne and Johnny Bauer get involved (Spring 1987)


Paul Valere is murdered (Spring 1987)


HB gets involved with Alexandra Spaulding (Spring 1987)


Mindy Lewis and Rusty Shayne get involved (Spring 1987)


India Von Halkein leaves Springfield with Dorrie to live with the Baron in Europe (Spring 1987)


Ross & Vannessa get involved (Spring 1987)


Will Jefferies (Joseph Breen) comes to Springfield (Spring 1987)


Reva gives birth to Marah (June 1987)


Alan Spaulding is arrested dor the muder of Paul Valere (June 1987)


Rusty Shayne is shot by Paul Valere's partner and almost dies (June 1987)


Chelsea and Jackson Freemont find out that Warren Andrews mudered Paul Valere (June 1987)


Chrsitine Valere leaves Springfield (June 1987)


Paige Turco takes over the role of Dinah Marler (July 1987)


Alan-Michael Spaulding (Carl Tye Evans) returns to Springfield

(July 4, 1987)


Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) returns to Springfield (July 1987)


Meredith Reade (Nicole Goulet) is introduced (July 1987)


Reva & Josh get test results showing that Kyle Sampson is Marah's father (Summer 1987)


Phillip moves into the lighthouse (Summer 1987)


Reva learns about Josh's marriage to Sonni (Summer 1987)


Alan-Michael, Dinah Marler and Cameron Stewart (Ian Ziering) start college (September 1987)


Alan Spaulding falls in love with Reva (September 1987)


Vannessa & Ross split up (September 1987)


Johnny Bauer & Roxie Shayne get engaged, Johnny is diagnosed with cancer (September 1987)


Dinah falls in love with Alan-Michael (Autumn 1987)


Sonni/Solita (Michelle Forbes) returns from the dead...Josh & Reva separate (October 1987)


Chelsea moves into the lighthouse with Phillip (October 1987)


Alan finds out that Josh is really Marah's father (only he and

Alexandra know) (October 1987)


Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) & Pops Cooper are introduced (October 1987)


Phillip and Reva start working for Spaulding (October 1987)


Alan and Vannessa get engaged (October 1987)


Sonni and Josh (re) marry....Alexandra prevents Miss Sally from telling HB that Josh is Marah's father...Miss Sally dies of a heart attack (October 1987)


Meredith Reade falls in love with Rick Bauer (October 1987)


Harley Davidson Cooper (Beth Ehlers) is introduced, gives birth to Daisy (October 31, 1987)


Alexandra and HB get engaged (Late 1987)


Rose, a drug addict; is introduced, Rusty and Mindy help her (Late 1987)


Maeve and Fletcher separate (December 1987)


Vannessa breaks her engagement with Alan; flies to Venezuela to be with Billy Lewis, who has fallen off the wagon (December 31, 1987)


Reva is involved with Alan Spaulding (Late 1987/Early 1988)


Reva tries to save Josh when he falls through the ice; hypothermia leaves her comatose. Alan marries Reva while she is comatose [the marriage was annulled when Reva awoke] (February 1988)


Johnny's cancer miraculously cured (March 1988)


Marah's paternity is in question (March 1988)


Dinah is kissed/assaulted by Cameron's drunken father, George

(March 1988)


Alan-Michael & Dinah are involved, Harley interferes (April 1988)


Rusty falls in love with Rose (April 1988)


Rusty & Rose make love (May 1988)


Sonni has a miscarriage (May 1988)


Phillip wrests Spaulding from Alan...Blake Lindsey

(nee Chrsitina Blake Thorpe, played by Elizabeth Dennehy) is introduced (May 1988)


Rusty breaks up with Mindy (June 1988)


Planned Lewis/Spaulding merger falls through...HB breaks off engagement to Alex (June 1988)


Phillip & Chelsea break up (June 1988)


Maeve & Fletcher get married...Maeve dies in helicopter crash...Phillip & Meredith sleep together, conceive a baby (July 4, 1988)


Roxie has a nervous breakdown & is committed to a sanitarium in Switzerland (July 1988)


Johnny & Chelsea get involved (Summer or Fall 1988)


Harley & Alan-Michael get involved (July/August 1988)


Rusty shoots & kills Nicky (August 1988)


Hawk & Lillian break off engagement (August 1988)


Mindy & Frank get involved (August 1988)


Reva finds Alan (Daniel Pilon) in Mexico & they make love (August 1988)


Cameron & Dinah Marler make love (August 1988)


Rick Bauer proposes to Meredith Reade (September 1988)


Phillip tries to buy Harley off to keep her away from Alan-Michael (September 1988)


Will turns up alive...Sonni confesses to Alex about their affair

(September 1988)


Phillip & Blake get involved (September 1988)


Josh & Reva make love (Autumn 1988)


Rick & Meredith get married (November 1988)


Phillip & Blake make love (November 1988)


Johnny & Chelsea get involved (November 1988)


Mindy marries Will Jefferies...Kristina Tesreau leaves role of Mindy (December 12, 1988)


Fletcher & Alex crash on a deserted island (January 1989)


Roger returns, disguised as Adam Malek (January 1989)


Reva helps Sonni remember Solita's death in a struggle on a bridge in Vanezuela (February 1989)


Samantha Marler (Suzy Cote) returns as a teen-ager (Early February 1989)


Harley & Alan-Michael get married...Nadine Cooper (Jean Carol) is introduced (February 14, 1989)


Holly returns from Switzerland (March 1989)


Ed & Maureen separate; Ed gets involved with Holly (March 1989)


Sonni goes to sanitarium to resolve her multiple-personality disorder

(April 1989)


Reva learns Josh really is Marah's father; Meredith Reade Bauer loses Phillip Spaulding's baby (April 1989)


Rusty & Rose get married (April 1989)


Hawk & Sarah Shayne remarry (April 1989)


Holly starts running WSPR (April 1989)


Sonni is cured of multiple personality disorder...Sonni & Josh get divorced (Late April 1989)


Will Jeffries kidnaps Marah Shayne (April 25, 1989)


Gilly Grant (Amelia Marshall) is introduced (May 1989)


Johnny & Chelsea get their own TV show (May 1989)


Alan calls off engagement to Nadine (May 1989)


Will kills Rose Shayne (May 1989)


Roger/Adam is unmasked when Blake & Phillip first attempt marriage

(May 1989)


Dylan (Morgan Englund) is released from jail & comes to Springfield

(May 1989)


Alan goes to prison (June 1989)


Mindy (Kimberly Simms) returns to Springfield (July 1989)


Reva & Josh get married..Hampton Speakes (Vince Williams) is introduced..Vannessa returns to Springfield (July 14, 1989)


Sherry Stringfield takes over the role of Blake...Phillip & Blake get married (July 1989)


Nadine & Ross break up (August 1989)


Dana Jones (Katell Plevin) masquerades as Beth (September 1989)


Dylan befriends his daughter, Daisy Lemay (September 1989)


Mindy pretends to reconcile with Will, then gaslights him (September 1989)


Reva learns she is pregnant (September 1989)


Alan-Michael & Harley move into garage apartment (September 1989)


Sonni & Roger sleep together (September 1989)


Johnny & Chelsea get engaged (September 1989)


Gilly Grant & Hampton Speakes start dating (September 1989)


Gary Swanson arrives (September 1989)


Neil Everest (Patrick O'Connell) & Beth (Beth Chamberlain) come to Springfield (September 1989)


Harley moves out on Alan-Michael (October 1989)


Ed fires Sonni, she moves out on Roger (October 1989)


Dylan & Harley sleep together, Sam catches them in bed (October 1989)


Alan-Michael kidnaps Daisy (October 1989)


Will Jeffries falls to his death from a balcony at the Cliff Hotel

(November 1989)


Dylan learns he is Reva & Billy's son (November 1989)


Blake commits Phillip to a mental institution (November 1989)


Maureen & Ed renew their vows (Thanksgiving 1989)


Phillip sees Beth (December 4, 1989)


Sonni leaves town for San Francisco (December 1989)


Rae Rooney arrives in Springfield (December 1989)



THE 1990'S

Roger & Alex make love (January 1990)


Roger fleeces Henry at poker, winning Henry's Spaulding stock

(January 1990)


Looney Rae Rooney stalks Chelsea (Winter-Spring 1990)


Frank & Dana get engaged (February 1990)


Phillip proposes to Beth (Febraury 14, 1990)


Reva gives birth to Shayne Lewis (Febraury 1990)


Dana breaks her engagement with Frank (Late February 1990)


Fifth Street fire...Pops Cooper dies...Blake & Alan-Michael sleep together (February 1990)


Alexandra & Roger marry (March 12, 1990)


Beth tells Phillip she's pregnant by Neil (March 19, 1990)


Rae kills Dana (March 1990)


Blake takes a pregnancy test...Harley gets it on video (Late April 1990)


Beth learns her baby is Phillip's (April 23, 1990)


Reva runs off to India...Harley becomes Lewis nanny (Early May 1990)


Justin Marler (Christopher Pennock) returns to Springfield with

Daniel St. John (David Bishins)...Johnny Bauer leaves Springfield and Chelsea Reardon to be with Roxie Shayne (May 14, 1990)


Roger loses Towers to Billy...Mindy & Roger get involved...Towers explosion...Neil killed; Phillip suspect...Billy asks Vannessa to run the Towers (June 1990)


Blake & Phillip divorce; Harley & Alan-Michael divorce (June 1990)


Blake & Alan-Michael marry (June 1990)


Blake & Alan-Michael honeymoon..Alan-Michael kidnapped by Gary..Holly & Roger help Blake..Roger saves Alan-Michael (now played by Rick Hearst) (June 1990)


Ross & Holly get engaged (Before July 4, 1990)


Reva drives her car off a bridge in the Florida keys (her body is never found)...Samantha paralyzed (July 23, 1990)


Billy hits the bottle, leaves Vannessa at the altar..Phillip fakes his death..Blake "miscarries" (Late August 1990)


A.C. Mallet (Mark Derwin) comes to Springfield to investigate Phillip's "death", involved w/Asst. DA Lisa Dravecky (August 1990)


Phillip hides on a Mediterranean island & runs into India (August 27, 1990)


Mindy moves into Roger's apartment (1990)


Marah starts kindergarden (September 1990)


Rick & Beth get married to throw the cops off Phillip's scent...India comes to Springfield...Samantha's 18th birthday party @ diner; Josh attends w/Harley & has some fun (September 17, 1990)


Phillip returns from island (October 4, 1990)


Holly tries to seduce Roger in Mexico to break his pre-nup with Alex; they wind up discussing the rape...Ross & Holly break up (October 1990-November 1990)


Harley burns Reva's clothes...Harley & Josh get involved...Beth gives birth to Lizzie Spaulding (Thanksgiving 1990)


Blake accidentally shoots Alan-Michael...Gary kidnaps Blake

(November 26, 1990)


Mindy hires Harley to work in her design firm...Rick is barred from practicing medicine (Early December 1990)


Phillip exonerated...Gary reveals truth about Blake's faked pregnancy (December 10, 1990)


Harley goes to NY...Matt Weiss steals dress designs...Hamp proposes to Gilly (XMAS December 25, 1990)


Harley & Josh get engaged (New Years Eve 1990)


India leaves Springfield (January 1991)


GL changes opening sequence & theme music (January 2, 1991)


Blake & Alan-Michael divorce (late January 1991)


Billy spots Reva in travelogue...Josh goes to Italy...Vannessa named president of Lewis Oil...Rick leaves town...Chelsea leaves for England

(Late 1991)


Billy marries Nadine while drunk in Las Vegas (Late 1991)


Mindy & Roger go to Chicago...Harley & Lillian pitch in to finish Beth's wedding dress...Beth & Phillip marry, leave town Samantha has operation (February 14, 1991)


Holly moves into Revabend & Blake moves in with her (February 1991)


Suzanne Devereaux arrives in Springfield (March 5, 1991)


Kat Speakes (Nia Long) runs away to Springfield (March 11, 1991)


Francesca (Nadia Capone) is introduced (March 14, 1991)


Mindy learns she is pregnant (March 26, 1991)


Hart Jessup (Jeff Phillips) joins GL...Holly & David St. John become friendly (April 2, 1991)


Josh breaks off with Harley, sends for Marah & Shayne (April 1991)


Harley moves in with Mindy (April 1991)


Grandpa Jessup dies (April 16, 1991)


Stavros Kouperakis (Eugene Troobnik) & Eleni Andros

(Melina Kanakaredes) arrive in Springfield (April 1991)


Mindy miscarries....Roger learns Hart is his son...Fashion show @ Nadine's

Alex learns about Mindy & Roger's affair (May 7, 1991)


Mindy moves to the lighthouse...Harley moves to the boardinghouse (1991)


Samantha finds out about Jean Wetherill (May 1991)


Bridget Reardon (Mellissa Hayden) arrives in Springfield (May 21, 1991)


Francesca & Mallet have secret meetings at the Lighthouse (May 1991)


Eleni dates Dylan (May-July 1991)


Francesca's dad beats up Mallet (Early July 1991?)


Billy & Vannessa have a one-nighter @ Cross Creek...Nadine catches them in bed (Early July 1991)


Alex dumps Roger in front of crowd at country club...they quickly divorce (July 4, 1991)


Mindy & Mallet go to NYC to stop Francesca's wedding (July 15, 1991)


Alan-Michael and Vannessa vie for Spaulding presidency (July 1991)


Billy & Nadine renew their vows (Late July 1991)


Mindy meets Nick McHenry (Vincent Irizzary) in NYC...Julie Camaletti (Jocelyn Seagrave) comes to Springfield (Late 1991)


Julie & Hart start dating (Late July/Early August 1991)


Roger has an affair with Suzanne Devereaux & begins working with Holly at WSPR (August 1991)


Harley gets arrested for prostitution (August 1991)


Hamp and Gilly get engaged (August 1991)


Eleni Andros & Dylan Lewis break up (August 1991)


Ed helps Daniel help Holly buy Ross' half of WSPR (Ross gave it up because he was taking over as DA) (August 1991)


Nick & Mindy get involved (August 1991)


Harley joins the police academy...Mallet joins the police force

(September 1991)


Alan-Michael becomes smitten with Eleni (September 1991)


Bridget has the hots for Dylan, she helps Hart & Julie get together behind Mallet's back (September 1991)


Kat tries to break up Hamp & Gilly by telling about Gilly's arrest for prostitution (September 1991)


Vannessa wins Man of the Year Award (September 1991)


Roger brings Jean Wetherill to town to try to break up Holly and Daniel (September 1991)


Dylan is almost killed in an explosion caused by Elvis (October 1991)


Daniel named head of Neurology at Cedars (October 1991)


Frank secretly buys a house for Eleni (November 1991)


Maureen takes a job as Vannessa's assitant (November 1991)


Alex tells Billy about Roger's affair with Mindy. Billy beats up Roger & Holly takes pity on Roger (November 1991)


Daniel St. John kills Jean Wetherill (Late November 1991)


Lillian gets brest cancer (December 17, 1991)


Roger proposes to Holly & is rebuffed (December 1991)


Daniel St. John proposes to Holly (December 1991)


Frank goes to paris....Alex learns she had twins & Eric gave one away...Eleni goes to France w/Alan-Michael & finds Musette in Frank's bed

(December 1991)


Vannessa almost raped, saved by Fletcher (February 3, 1992)


Blake calls immigration on Eleni...Alan-Michael & Eleni marry in airport to avoid her deportation....Frank trashes his house (February 1992)


Holly & Daniel elope but it turns into a hostage situation. Daniel locks Harley in a root cellar; Mallet rescues her....Daniel killed (February 14, 1992)


Nick & Mindy get enaged (February 1992?)


Eve Guthrie comes to town as part of Roger & Alex's plot to break up Nick & Mindy (February 1992?)


Harley & Mallet get involved (Cross Creek)...Maureen finds out about Lillian's cancer (April 1992)


Samantha dissappears, but no one in Springfield notices (April 1992)


Springfield goes to "the capital": Ross looks into possible Senate bid...Harley & Mallet spot Jenna-the-jewel-theif Bradshaw

(Fiona Hutchison)...Nick recieves a posthumous journalism award for his dad (April 1992)


Harley secretly graduates from the police academy (April 15, 1992)


Harley & Mallet investigate Jenna (1992)


Gilly & Hamp get married...David Grant's (Monti Sharp) first appearance (April 30, 1992)


Julie turns 18....Hart & Bridget make Peter..Hart learns of Roger's treachery & leaves town (May 1992)


David gets a job at a diner, and steals Ed's credit card. (1992)


Vannessa & Fletch get involved. (1992)


Billy finds out that Nadine leaked Vannessa's name to a tabloid, he dumps Nadine & moves into the lighthouse w/Mindy. (1992)


Nick & Eve go to Cambrai to rescue Paul (June 1992)


Mindy leaves Nick @ the altar & disappears...Jenna steals Spaulding jewels, hides them in Michelle's (Rachel Miner) hair @ Mindy's Wedding...Ross & Blake get together...Blackout (June 26, 1992)


Roger & Jenna get involved. (1992)


Alex leaves Springfield...Vannessa is named president of Spaulding. (1992)


Dylan deflowers Julie. (1992)


Alan-Michael switches Eleni's pills (Summer 1992)


Eleni finds out about Musette & dumps Alan-Michael; and sleeps with Frank on the floor of his house. (1992)


Holly catches Blake in bed with Ross; Blake runs away for a few weeks

(July 1992)


Liz Keifer takes over the role of Blake (August 1992)


Alexandra leaves town & eventually disappears [Beverlee McKinsey quit] (August 1992)


Musette & Mallet blown up (Early September 1992)


Eleni goes to Greece because mom is sick; Alan-Michael follows her & she (maybe) sleeps with him under the influence of sleeping pills; she sleeps with Frank later on another Greek island. (1992)


Eleni gets pregnant (September 1992)


Bridget, Kat, & Julie start college (September 1992)


Mallet & Harley move into a firehouse...Julie moves to a boarding house & starts working @ Company (September? 1992)


Bridget learns she is pregnant, takes "job" at WSPR, and moves in with Nadine...Nadine fakes her pregnancy...Billy moves back in with Nadine, but in a separate bedroom. (September? 1992)


Vannessa leaves Fletch at the altar (September 21, 1992)


Lillian is all better...Ed sleeps with Lillian (Sept/Oct 1992)


Harley gets a dog for Mallet (at Eve's suggestion) (October 1992)


Eleni learns she is pregnant, and goes back to Alan-Michael (Oct/Nov 1992)


Mallet regains hearing (November 1992)


Ross's Election Dream episode (November 3, 1992)


Ross wins Senate seat, but gives it up for the love of Blake (November 1992)


Harley taken hostage by Pierce...Pierce killed, Alan-Michael takes a bullet for Harley...Nick agrees to keep quiet about Alan-Michael's involvement with Pierce (Between November & December 1992)


Bridget goes to "Appalachia" (aka Nadine's attic) to j\hide her pregnancy (December 1992)


Nick Spaulding & Eve Guthrie get involved (December 1992)


Holly accidentally OD's on pills & booze after telling Blake she doesn't love her. Roger revives Holly. (December 1992)


Jenna learns she's not a Chamberlain (XMAS 1992)


Mallet regains use of his legs (XMAS 1992)


Mallet proposes to Harley (January 4, 1993)


Maureen dies following car crash..Harley & Mallet go to washington & learn that Buzz Cooper is not listed on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial

(January 8, 1993)


Blake sleeps with Alan-Michael; discovered by Eleni (January 1993)


Harley starts looking for her dad (January 1993)


Dylan & Julie go to NYC...Mindy (Ann Hamilton) returns & gets a job as Towers hostess (January 1993)


Buzz Cooper (Justin Deas) is introduced (February 5, 1993)


Blake is flooded out of the garage apartment & moves in with Ross (February 1993)


Frank & Fletcher search for Alex in Malaysia...Eleni learns Frank is her baby's father, and goes to Malaysia...(February 8, 1993)


Buzz arrives in Springfield; and takes the alias Rex Mancini

(February 11, 1993)


Buzz learns Nadine is faking her pregnancy (February 15, 1993)


Alan-Michael loses his document for proving that Jenna has no claims on Spaulding (February 1993)


Kat & David move into the boardinghouse (1993)


Bridget gives birth to Peter w/David's help...Kat thinks David stood her up (February 15, 1993)


Kat & David have sex (February 22, 1993)


Roger & Jenna steal Spaulding (February 25, 1993)


Jenna moves into the Spaulding mansion...Alan-Michael & Nick take over the Springfield Journal...Vannessa returns to work for Lewis Oil

(March 1, 1993)


Nick & Eve go to New Orleans; Eve buys a "Mindy" wig (1993)


Nick breaks up with Eve (1993)


Buzz get the dirt on HB; Gilly exposes HB (1993)


Eve attacks Mindy, Eve is institutionalized (May 1993)


Hart (Leonard Stabb) returns (Spring 1993)


Mallet learns that Rex is Buzz Cooper (Spring 1993)


Alan-Michael & Eleni divorce (1993)


Frank & Eleni marry...Eleni gives birth...Vannessa makes Nadine tell Billy the truth about Peter...Harley learns that Rex is Buzz Cooper, her father

(May 12, 1993)


Buzz reveals his true identity to his son, Frank (1993)


Billy divorces Nadine (1993)


Bridget gives Peter to Billy & Vannessa (June 1993)


Billy & Vannessa remarry (June 1993)


Holly sells her WSPR shares to Jenna & buys into Springfield Journal

(June 1993)


Roger & Ed save Holly at the Cliff House; Holly & Roger make love; Roger proposes & Holly rejects him (July 4, 1993)


David Grant kills Vinny Morrison (Kevin McClatchy) & goes on the lam

(July 12, 1993)


Macauley West (Joe Lando) does a 6-week stint in Springfield; his boathouse survives as a new place for displaced Springfield residents to live (Summer 1993)


Eve is released from the phychiatric hospital (July 1993)


Roger & Jenna get married (August 10,? 1993)


Leonard Stabb (Hart) was injured in hang-gliding accident; and was replaced by  Sean McDermott (1993)


Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) returns...Hart sleeps w/Julie...Bridget breaks up Julie & Dylan's wedding...Dylan burns down the house (August 1993)


Dylan buys Hart's farm...Hart leaves town (September 1993)


Ed & Eve get involved (September 1993)


Harley & Mallet get married, and leave town...Lucy Cooper (Sonia Satra) arrives in Springfield...Julie moves in with Frank & Eleni

(Late September 1993)


Eleni meets Bess lowell at the Willows (October 8, 1993)


Buzz tells Nadine about lucy's mom; Buzz & Nadine sleep together

(October 1993)


Marina has surgery to restore her hearing (October 22, 1993)


Detective Patrick Cutter (Scott Hoxby) arrives in Springfield...Eleni is kidnapped by George (Sherilyn Fenn) (Early November 1993)


Tangie Hill (Marcy walker) arrives in Springfield (November 1993)


Bridget gives final custody of Peter to the Lewises (Thanksgiving 1993)


Nick & Mindy's engagement party...Roger is shot (December 1993)


Court order returns Spaulding Enterprises to Spaulding control

(December 1993)


Marah, Shayne & Sarah return to Springfield...Holly finds Roger alive in her basement (XMAS 1993)


Blake & Ross get engaged (post-XMAS 1993)


Billy hits the bottle again...Roger learns Peter is his grandson....Lighthouse fire

(New Year's Eve 1994)


Bridget moves to the boardinghouse & begins running it & Company, Nick & Mindy move to the Spaulding mansion (1/94)


Roger is apprehended by the police & names Billy as the shooter (1/26/94)


Billy confesses to shooting Roger (2/94)


Holly & Roger decide to give it another shot (2/94)


Bridget decides to pursue custody of Peter with Ed's support (3/94)


Mindy & Nick get married (4/94)


Eleni & Frank separate (5/94)


Pauly Hardman returns to jail; Buzz released into Nadine's custody (6/94)


Bridget & Vannessa agree to joint custody of Peter (6/6/94)


Blake & Ross marry (6/13/94)


Roger buys Hart's farm from Dylan (6/94)


Bridget & Dylan do it for the first time (7/1/94)


Kat goes to Europe (7/11/94)


This episode marks the first appearance of Matt Reardon (Kurt McKinney); and Ron Raines as Alan Spaulding; and Nadine & Buzz's first appearance on Soulmates (7/15/94)


Alan-Michael learns that Alan has been released from prison (7/19/94)


Bridget turns 20 & takes title to the boardinghouse (7/27-29/94)


Vannessa & Matt have an affair to remember; Alan-Michael gets blown up (8/5/94)


Frank & Eleni renew their vows; Dylan's truck is hijacked (8/12/94)


David receives letter from Kat stating she's staying in Europe; Gabrilla

(Veronica Cruz) makes her first appearance (8/19/94)


Eve moves in with Ed (late summer 1994)


Michelle & Bill share their first kiss (9/2/94)


Buzz & Nadine get remarried in Las Vegas (9/16/94)


Ed & Eve announce their engagement...Vannessa & Matt come face-to-face (9/23/94)


GL airs 12,000th TV episode (10/2/94)


Alan & Alan-Michael finally see each other, Tangie shoots Alan by accident (10/3/94)


Ed & Eve's engagement party, Ed takes his first drink in 13 years (10/22/94)


Dylan is blinded in a hit-&-run car accident, Ed worries that he did it in a drunken blackout (10/31/94)


"Howie" doubles for Ross in a scheme cooked up by Alan. (11/94)


Gabrilla's Uncle Carlos is arrested for blinding Dylan & numerous of other infractions. Motive never explained. (12/7/94)


Alex turns Alan's assets over to him...Josh meets Nurse Annie Dutton

(Cynthia Watros) (12/9/94)


Jenna leaves Springfield (12/12/94)


Mindy takes some time off from her marriage (12/14/94)


David marries Gabrilla Lopez to prevent her deportation (12/16/94)


Holly thinks Roger slept with Alex, Holly & Fletch share "5 extraordinary minutes" on her desk (12/19/94)


Jenna announces the birth of Henry Cooper Bradshaw (Xmas 1994)


Dylan goes to Duluth to attend a program for the blind [exit Morgan Englund]...Tangie & Alan-Michael almost do it, but Alan interferes (12/31/94)


Fifth Street Fire #2...Josh saves Lucy & Marina...Buzz saves the diner...Frank & Eleni lose their house...Mat & Vannessa go public (1/1/95)


Tangie accepts post as Asst. Managing Editor of the Journal...Sid is arrested for arson (1/13/95)


Gabrilla disappears (1/17/95)


Alan-Michael accepts presidency of Spaulding (1/19/95)


Holly & Roger reconcile (1/20/95)


Eleni goes to Crete to settle a dispute with Christos, her former betrothed (2/1/95)


Holly learns that Roger didn't sleep with Alex & lets him move back in, Roger suspects there is another man (2/95)


Mindy goes back to Nick in hopes of adopting a baby (2/10/95)


Dinah Marler (Wendy Moniz) returns to Springfield (2/20/95)


Mindy & Nick split up again (2/23/95)


Holly breaks up with Roger (3/1/95)


Jennifer Roszell takes over the role of Eleni Cooper (3/7/95)


Blake has a birthday, Ed & Eve abort their wedding, Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) returns to Springfield (3/31/95)


Brent Lawrence (Frank Beaty) rapes Lucy (4/7/95)


Fifth Street Ball...Fletch declairs his love for Holly...Dinah steals proceeds & sleeps with Roger...Matt & Vannessa get engaged (4/14-20/95)


Reva's "spirit" appears to Josh (4/25/95)


Roger stages a car accident and fakes amnesia, Holly allows him to recover at her house, Holly proposes to Fletcher (5/95)


Sean Reardon visits Springfield (5/19/95)


Eve Guthrie dies (5/25/95)


Viktor "kidnaps" Dinah (6/7/95)


Alan-Michael shoots Brent Lawrence (6/23/95)


Viktor releases Dinah (6/29/95)


Holly & Fletcher get married (7/10/95)


Dinah & Roger show up together at the Towers (7/27/95)


Reva regains consciousness in Goshen (7/??/95)


Buzz meets Reva/Rebecca (7/??/95)


Gilly breaks off her engagement with Sid (8/4/95)


Hawk Shayne (Gil Rogers) returns to Springfield...Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown) returns to Springfield (8/8/95)


Marcus Williams (Kevin Mambo) arrives in Springfield (8/11/95)


Alan gets run down by Reva/Rebecca in Goshen...Susan (HIV-positive) Bates

(Nancy Bell) gets a job at Spaulding....Brent returns from the dead as Marian Crane...Abigail Blume (Amy Cox Ecklund & Charlotte Blume (Tandy Cronyn) are introduced (8/14/95)


Reva is declared legally dead...Holly learns she is pregnant (8/18/95)


Tangie Hill leaves Springfield for a job in Washington, DC (8/21/95)


Roger & Dinah get engaged (8/30/95)


Josh learns about Annie's past with Rick, and dumps her (9/95)


Roger & Dinah get married (9/22/95)


Vannessa & Matt get married, Marian/Brent claims first victim at docks (10/4/95)


Amanda Spaulding (Toby Poser) returns to Springfield (10/9/95)


Brent/Marian kills Nadine (10/20/95)


Rick & Annie get divorced in Mexico, Josh & Annie get re-engaged (10/24/95)


Reva & Alan bring Abigail to Springfield for medical treatment (10/27/95)


Hart Jessup (Marshall Hilliard) returns to Springfield (11/4/95)


Brent/Marian kills Patrick Cutter, Marcus is prime suspect (11/13/95)


Griffin Williams comes to Springfield, Susan & Nick have safe sex (11/28/95)


William Roerick (actor who portrayed Henry Chamberlain) dies (11/30/95)


Michelle Bauer (Rebecca Budig) returns from Europe (11/30/95)


Hart learns that Peter is his son (12/1/95)


Holly & Fletcher learn that their baby will have Down Syndrome (12/6/95)


Brent/Marian attacks Susan, sending her into a coma, Josh & Annie get married at the carousel, reva is discovered to be alive (12/11/95)


Susan awakes from her coma (12/31/95)


Blake & Rick have a drunken boink after Blake sees Ross with Amanda (2/21/96)


Susan & Nick get married (2/26/96)


Marah runs away from home (2/28/96)


Henry Chamberlain's funeral (3/6/96)


Dahlia Creade (Sharon Leal) is introduced (3/12/96)


Buzz & Reva announce they are married (3/13/96)


Josh & Annie marry again in the Cedars chapel (3/29/96)


Dahlia is left in Frank & Eleni's care while her mother is in jail (4/3/96)


Blake learns that she is pregnant (4/4/96)


Holly Lindsey Reade gives birth to Meg (played by real-life Down Syndrome baby Jacqueline Falchier) (4/5/96)


Blake learns she is pregnant with twins (4/12/96)


Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding get married at Universal Studios, Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander) returns, Marcus tells Dahlia that her mother was a prostitute & is in jail for armed robbery (5/8/96)


Blake discovers that her twins have different fathers--one is Ross's & one is Rick's (5/15/96)


Frank Grillo replaces Marshall Hillard as Hart (5/96)


Lucy & Alan-Michael are rescued from a storm at sea by the mysterious Zachary (Brody Hutzler) (6/96)


Buzz & Reva consummate their marriage (6/96)


Hart & Dinah convince Roger that he shot & killed Hart (6/10/96)


Quinton Chamberlain (Michael Tylo) returns to Springfield to conduct an archeological dig (6/96)


Ed Bauer leaves Springfield to do research in Africa (6/21/96)


Amanda's past as the Malibu Madam, aka Mandy Harper, is revealed to the genral public by Alan-Michael...Michael Dietz takes over the role of Alan-Michael...

Ethan Erickson takes over the role of J. Chamberlain (7/3/96)


Vivian reveals to Griffin & Gilly that Griffin is Gilly's father (7/8/96)


Gilly leaves town to find herself (7/96)


Roger is committed to a psychiatric hospital (7/17/96)


Vannessa learns she has an incurable, degenerative disease, with only a few weeks of useful life left (8/4/96)


Rick & Abigail go on their first date (8/29/96)


Vannessa goes to Switzerland after faking her death in a car crash (9/4/96)


Guiding Light is the first Daytime Drama to be inducted into the Soap Opera Hall of Fame (9/30/96)


Annie withdraws from drugs & booze at the Bauer cabin with Phillip (late 10/96)


Blake gives birth to twins at the Bauer cabin, Roger saves Dinah from being buried alive in the Jessup grain silo (Halloween--11/5/96)


Meta Bauer (Mary Stuart) returns to Springfield (11/22/96)


Sarah Shayne, on her deathbed, confesses to Reva that she had another child she gave away. (11/26/96)


Phillip's daughter Lizzie comes for a visit. Actor Larry Gates (H.B. Lewis) dies (12/12/96)


Annie lies to Josh that she's pregnant (12/17/96)


Jenna Bradshaw (Fiona Hutchison) returns to Springfield with her son, Henry Cooper "Coop" Bradshaw (12/26/96)


Dylan Lewis visits Springfield (1/2/97)


Actor Vince Williams (Hampton Speakes) dies pancreatic cancer (1/6/97)


Jeffery Morgan (Ramy Zada) is introduced (1/15/97)


Guiding Light celebrates 60 years of broadcasting with an on-air anniversary ball...Zachary disappears (1/20-1/27/97)


Rick proposes to Abigail (1/28/97)


Annie's pregnancy test is positive (1/30/97)


Lucy & Alan-Michael say good-bye and leave Springfield (2/7/97)


Rick reveals to Ross that one of Blake's twins (Kevin) is his son (2/19/97)


Abigail breaks off her engagement to Rick (2/21/97)


Guiding Light's full theme is shorten to the lighthouse and the title (3/97)


HB is taken ill in France (3/17/97)


Amanda breaks off her engagement to Roger (3/28/97)


Michael Burke (Peter Hermann) joins the cast as Vannessa's physical therapist (4/14/97)


Annie flings herself down the Spaulding staircase in an attempt to blame Reva for her miscarrage...Ross appointed D.A. (5/2/97)


Harley returns to Springfield for Buzz's birthday (5/29/97)


Bridget & Peter move to Duluth to live with Dylan Lewis (6/18/97)


Annie confesses during trial, charges against reva dropped (6/20/97)


Bill, Michelle & Dahlia graduate high school, Michelle meets Jesse (Paul Benedetti) (6/27/97)


Amanda starts wearing Roger's engagement ring again, Amanda & Roger make love (7/16/97)


Harley & Phillip make love in NYC (7/25/97)


Alan & Annie find Cassie Layne (Laura Sisk Wright) stripping in Chicago (8/1/97)


Matt & Vannessa are reunited after he finishes building a house for her (8/4/97)


Alan & Annie consummate their relationship (8/8/97)


Dahlia gives her virginity to Marcus (8/11/97)


Abby is attacked & left for dead by Roy Meacham (8/25/97)


HB Lewis dies (9/5/97)


Memorial for HB Lewis with guest appearances by Mindy (Kimberly Simms), Rusty (Terrell Anthony), Trish (Rebecca Hollen), Dylan (Morgan Englund), Peter (Joseph Phillips), Hawk (Gil Rogers). (9/11/97)


Vannessa learns she is pregnant (9/12/97)


Ed Bauer (Robert Gentry) returns from Africa (9/26/97)


Buzz loses his memory in a fall down the stairs at the Bauer cabin (10/3/97)


Jenna learns that the baby she is carrying is Jeffery's, not Buzz's (10/13/97)


Ben Warren (Hunt Block) debuts as Roy's Attorney (11/5/97)


Abby tatally shoots Roy after he is released on a technicality (11/21/97)


Alan & Annie decide to get married (12/1/97)


Ross resigns as DA (12/4/97)


The house where Reva, Josh, Abby, & Cassie lives burns to a crisp. Michelle is blinded. (12/15-16/97)


Michelle loses her virginity to Jesse, then runs off to a school for the blind (1/5/98)


Annie's wedding to Alan is halted & she is arrested on bigamy & drug charges (1/26/98)


Vannessa gives birth to Maureen Bauer Reardon, several months premature (2/2/98)


Rick & Abby get married (2/20/98)


Annie leaves Reva to die in a pilotless airplane as she parachutes to freedom

(Cynthia Watros's departure) (2/24/98)


Michael Burke makes a clone using Reva's frozen eggs. (3/9/98)


Roger marries Amanda and they move to California, Fletcher leaves Springfield and Holly, taking Meg with Him (3/11/98)


Carl Stevens (Joseph Murphy) is shot in the back and killed by an unknown assailant (4/14/98)


Michelle regains her sight with experimental surgery (4/30/98)


Reva returns to Springfield from Florida (5/8/98)


Abby is released from prison, Beth and Ben sleep together (5/18/98)


Dinah learns she is pregnant by Rob Layne (5/28/98)


Sean McCullough (Bill Bumiller) arrives in Springfield (6/25/98)


Reva introduces her clone as "cousin Dolly" (7/10/98)


Phillip "officially" proposes to Harley (with ring) (7/21/98)


Michael Burke dies in explosion at Spaulding lab (7/29/98)


Danny Santos (Paul Anthony Stewart) is introduced (11-11-98)


Saundra Santiago joins GL as the cunning Carmen Santos. (January 8, 1999)


Josh & Reva re-marry (April 1999)


Josh & Reva go on their honeymoon in San Cristobel and everyone is staring at them and treating them very weird...Then they're kidnapped and lock in the castle

(April 1999)


Prince Edmund Winslow (David Andrew McDonald), Olivia Spencer

(Christal Chappell) has kidnapped Josh and Reva and locked them in separate rooms and told them why they were being treated weird (April 1999)


Bradley Cole makes his first appearance as (Richard Winslow)

(late April or early May 1999)


(David Andrew McDonald) Prince Edmund Winslow makes his first appearance. (June 1999)


Phillip & Beth gets into a plane crash and can not be found and they make love on the plane and Beth becomes pregnant

(late December 1999 or January 2000)



THE 2000'S

Tony Santos (Jordi Vilasuso) comes to Springfield (August 29, 2000)


Sam Spencer (Wesley A. Ramsey) is introduced (Sept 13, 2000)


Christmas Tree sets fire to Beth & Jim house (XMAS 2000)


Jim Lemay dies in fire (Dec 2000)


Ben Reade (Matthew Bomer) arrives in Springfield (October 23, 2001)


Sam Spencer leaves town (March 6, 2002)


GL celebrates 50 years on television (June 2002)


GL changes opening sequence & theme music (June 24, 2002)


Prince Richard dies after Reva pulled the plug (July 2002)


Sam returns briefly (August 13, 2002)


Joan Collins takes over the role of Alexandra Spaulding (Summer 2002)


Dr. Bauer helps Danny; Tony tells Michelle about Danny (11-25-02)


Danny pretends to be dead and Carmen flips out and Gus helps, Harley finds out Danny is alive (12-2-02)


Carmen and Michelle fight and fall off a cliff, Michelle is okay but Carmen is left hanging on a lim of a branch and wants to die but Michelle saves her (December 2002)


Carmen is finally arrested and put in jail after being tricked by Danny who is pretending to be a ghost. (December 11, 2002)


Danny and Michelle try to start over. (December 12, 2002)


Someone crank calls the Lewis's and Josh answers the first time and they hang up,

and when the call comes again Reva's answers and they threten her (12-19-02)


Alan plays the tape of Phillip and Olivia kissing at their wedding (12-19-02)


John Conboy becomes GL's Executive Producer (Late December 2002)


Joan Collins leaves the role of Alexandra Spaulding (December 23, 2002)


Marj Dusay returns to the role of Alexandra Spaulding (December 26, 2002)


Gus gives Harley a ring that belongs to his mother. (December 26, 2002)


Carmen has help to excape jail (December 27, 2002)


Carmen makes plans to kidnap Robbie (December 30, 2002)


Carmen arrives on Michelle's doorstep (12-31-02)


Carmen tells Michelle she wants Robbie and then pulls a gun out her and Bill comes in and knocks her out unconciously and Carmen is rushed to the hospital...Bill and Michelle kiss. (January 2, 2003)


Alan catches real heart-attack after arguing with Olivia and Alexandra, when he says he needs help Alex doesn't believe him. (January 6, 2003)


Alan is hospitalized...Olivia and Phillip figures out the problem (January 7, 2003)


Holly wants Reva to do a story on Alex and Reva confronts Edmund about the mystrious phone calls until the phone call comes while she is in front of Edmund (January 8, 2003)


Bill reveals his love for Michelle (1-16-03)


Frank and Marina get into an argument about her thinking about sleeping with Ben...Lizzie decides to leave Springfield...Michelle receives the official papers from Ross announcing that she and Danny are divorced.

(January 17, 2003)


Phillip gets a letter from Olivia but Alan makes the housekeeper give it to him and he reads it...Gus and Harley tries to investigate things concerning his life and family and they receive a fax from Chicage police and finds that it was sent by Gus father (1-23-03)


Billy Kay leaves role as Shayne Lewis (January 24, 2003)


Beth & Olivia have a civil conversation...Harley & Phillip's son Zach is hit by a car (January 31, 2003)


Zach is all better (2-4-03)


Cassie and Danny decides to go into business together...Tony assures Joshua that he will take care of Marah and Josh starts to like him..Reva still is being stalked (2-6-03)


Olivia learns she's pregnant (in real life Crysital Chappell was pregnant)...Reva is still be stalked and everyone suspects Holly stalking Reva. (February 11, 2003)


Marty West takes over the role of Shayne Lewis...Cassie and Danny catches Michelle and Bill kissing (February 14, 2003)


Bill and Michelle sleep together...Olivia drugs Alan and leaves him (2-20-03)


GL changes opening sequence & theme music (February 24, 2003)


Danny and Michelle officially ends their relationship...Marah and Tony tells Reva and Josh they're moving in together and they don't (2-24-03)


Crysital Hunt takes over the role of Lizzie Spaulding (2-25-03)


Reva and everyone gets ready to go on the air  for the stalker as Tony finds a bag that has a explosive in it and he throw it down a stair banister and it explodes (2-28-03)


The explosive wasn't a real bomb...The WSPR show goes on the air and the stalker calls and threatens on the phone; and Gus, Harley and the whole police squad traces the call and it turns out the call was made from the Spaulding mansion (03-03-03)


Olivia is turned out to be the stalker and arrested (March 2003)


Reva starts having ESP (March 7, 2003)


Gus thretens to push Roy off a balcony in Germany and confeses everything and tells Gus that Miquel Santos is his real father...Eden gives Ben a job. (3-10-03)


Ramona (Colleen Dion) visits Springfield (3-10-03)


Ben had an affair with Ramona...Reva and Holly makes up...Eden gives Michelle a job....Reva has more ESP. (3-11-03)


Gus tells Danny that they could possibly be brothers. (3-12-03)


Alan begins a prescription drug problem and passes out (3-13-03)


Gus accuses Alex of not telling him that she is his mother until his real mother tells that she is and not Alex (3-19-03)


Danny and Michelle make love and Michelle tells Danny that she loves him and ask him to marry her. (3-27-03)


Danny and Michelle tells everyone else they're engauged again...Phillip decides to move out of the Spaulding mansion and takes Olivia with him. (3-31-03)


Alan keep holosinanting about Beth...Gina and Eden talk and Gina tell Eden that Alan is Gus father...Harley is taken hostage by a man named Steve as she try to help the family in a apartment. (April 1, 2003)


Frank and the police swat team stake out in Marah's cotage house as Steve is still holding Harley and Maria hostage...Gus talks to Steve and try to make let Harley and Maria go free...Just as Steve start hurting Harley physically, Gus pops through the window and shoots. (4-2-03)


Steve is unconcious and Harley is shot and the paramatics arrive...Olivia is trying to do something romantic for Phillip...Ramona returns and Ben is trying to not to get horny for her...Harley is rushed to the hospital and she slips into a coma...Reva calls Marah from out of town and her ESP has gave her a feeling about Harley and Marah tells her what happened...Marina and Shayne get closer as he cheers her up....Ramona and Ben make love...Just as Marah tells Reva that Harley is going to be O.K., Reva predicts something about Harley and she stop breathing and Harley slips away and dream about her mother Nadine. (4-3-03)


In the dream, Harley talks to her mother Nadine in heaven...The doctors still can't get Harley stablized...Time runs out for Harley. (4/4/03)


The charges against Olivia are dropped, thanks to Alex...Alex pays a visit to Harley and Gus in the hospital...Bill and Eden start to kiss...Danny wonders about Michelle and Bill getting involved again...Frank brings Harley's little boy to the hospital. (4/10/03)


Bill and Eden make love...Marina mistakenly hits Frank with a pot thinking he's a ghost. (4/11/03)


Reva goes to see Harley in the hospital and tells her that she know when Harley was in the ER, she saw Harley and Nadine in her mind and Harley's stunned and they talk...Alan and Gus play some basketball and talk and Gus tells him if he remembers a woman named Regina and Alan still thinks Phillip is a child, but Gus straighten him out and Alexandra catches them.

(April 15, 2003)


Alan's Court trial takes place and he loses it when Phillip testify...Harley argues with Frank and gives him her badge...Gus loses his job...The judge drops the charges against Alan and thinks of sending him to an mental institution and most have a problem with that and others say he needs to be sent there and Alan walks out...Alan thinks about suicide as he gets ready to jump off the "terrist balcony thing" into the water. (4/16/03)


Cassie and Edmund become closer...Danny back to mobster buddys...Eden helps Harley to capture the guy that raped one of her friends...Gus trys to help Alan and talk to him and calms him down...Gus almost tell Alan that he is his son until Harley walks in...Cassie sleeps and wakes up and sees Richard. (4/18/03)


Cassie Layne Winslow (Laura Wright) cuts her hair. (6/10/03)


Shayne, Marina, Tammy & Lizzie get ready for their junior prom (6/30/03)


Ben kidnaps Marina (7/25/03)


Shayne locates Ben and Marina (7/28/03)


Shayne gets held hostage against Ben...Ben shoves an injection into him to die. (7/30/03)


Ben dies (7/31/03)


Lillian, Alexandra, Olivia decides that Lizzie needs to get professional help...Olivia tells Phillip what Lizzie caused and he doesn't believe her. (8/25/03)


Teresa Hill leaves role of Eden August (late September)


Deborah Zoe takes over the role of Eden August (9/30/03)


Jordi Vilasauso (Tony) leaves Guiding Light (mid to late October 03)


Sandy tells Marah that he's her brother Jonathan...Niko has been stabbed...Tony returns now played by Stephen Martines (10/31/03)


Thanksgiving...Harley sees her mother Nadine. (11/26/03)


Shayne has surgery because his parlysis and Marina leaves New Year's Eve party to be with him...Happy New Year (12/30/03).


Ellen Wheeler takes over as Executive Producer (03/16/04).


Lizzie kidnaps Olivia's Baby...Carrie is found alive (03/31/04)


Danny blows up the warehouse to try to kill Eden...Eden is presumed dead. (05/24/04)


Marah leaves Springfield (Summer 2004)


Dinah (Gina Togani) reappears (7/04)


Dinah returns to Springfield (Late-July 2004)


Frank learns the truth of the Spauldings ordeal...Harley & Gus prepares to get married (7/30/04)


Harley, Buzz, & Ross learns the truth about the Spauldings...Harley calls off the wedding (8/2/04)


Shane leaves Springfield (August 2004)


Buzz has a heartattack (Mid-August 2004)


Hawk Shayne returns to Springfield briefly (8/30/04)


Henry "Coop" Bradshaw Cooper returns to Springfield...Edmund knocks Jeffery over the head in the barn which begins a barn fire. (9/2/04)


Cassie & R.J. gets trapped in the barn fire...Dinah & Cassie comes face to face (9/3/04)


Dinah helps R.J. out of the fire as Edmund & Jeffery helps Cassie...Dinah is arrested...Sandy starts to get aggressively weird with Reva. (9/7/04)


The community helps save "Company" (9/13/04)


Harley goes undercover to outmanuerver Phillip (9/14/04)


Blake gets word and proof that her father Roger Thorpe is dead...JB test Reva's and gets terrible results. (9/28/04)


Sabastian arrives in Springfield and announces he will finish what Roger started...Springfield learns that Roger Thorpe is officially dead. (9/29/04)


Phillip kidnaps Zack and tears down Harley's house. (9/30/04)


Lizzie runs Sandy down after almost hitting Tammy (Early-Oct '04)


Sandy and Reva go into surgery...Sandy regains consciousness

Cassie & Edmund meets and dislike JB. (10/7/04)


JB starts strangling Reva...Sabastian drugs Holly, Michelle, & Tony... Cassie tells Tammy JB is Jonathan...Tammy vows never to date anyone again. (10/22/04)


Someone tries to run Ruth down and she is saved by Gus who learns she is Harley (11/1/04)


Phillip kidnaps Zach, Jude, Emma, & James (11/05/04)


Everyone realizes Phillip needs serious phyological help (11/08/04)


Rick tries inject Phillip who stops him and ejects Rick. (11/09/04)


Harley pulls a gun on Phillip (11/10/04)


Phillip makes phony promises to everyone...Phillip is shot



Grant Aleksander makes his final regularly appearance as Phillip dies...The stress takes a toll on Cassie and she faints in the Hotel lobby. (11/12/04)


Alan, Beth, Lizzie, Gus & Rick deals with the pain of loosing Phillip...Harley is tramatised...Edmund & Cassie learns that she was pregnant in the last 3 weeks and had a miscarriage...Zach, Jude, James, & Emma are returned to their parents. (11/15/04)


Phillip's memorial service takes place (11/18/04)


Gus & Harley get closer again. (12/24/04)


Cassie's plan to expose JB takes a wrong turn when he realizes it's a set up...JB set up Cassie by drugging her and then sleep with her (so he made it look like that). (01/05/05)


Edmund & Cassie get married...Josh confronts JB and when he see Tammy, he decide to make it look like Josh tried to kill him. (01/07/05)


Beth is haunted because she's possibly Phillip's killer (01/13/05)


Beth is suspected of killing Phillip (01/17/05)


Cassie & Dinah get into a fight in the barn (02/09/05)


Cassie, JB, and Reva work together to save Harley...Harley's trial begins. (02/14/05)


Harley thinks she remembers the night Phillip died (02/25/05)


Matt Reardon briefly returns to Springfield (03/01/05)


Frank learns new things which can possibly free Harley (03/04/05)


Michelle gets her memory back (04/01/05)


Danny & Michelle sleep together (04/04/05)


Harley is sentenced to 25 years in prison...Cassie serve Edmund with divorce papers...Cassie learns that Dinah is the surrogate mother Edmund got to give them a child (04/08/05).


Tony catches Danny and Michelle kissing (04/14/05)


Leena (Linda Dano) is introduced as Harley tries to get to know her...A.C. Mallet (Robert Bogue) returns...Dinah tells Blake & Ross that she is carring Cassie & Edmund's baby. (04/15/05)


Mallet & Gus comes face-to-face (04/20/05)


Gus learns who Warden Durrell (Mallet) is (04/21/05)


Vanessa Reardon returns to Springfield...Cassie serves Vanessa and Ross with a restraining order to stay from Dinah. (04/25/05)


Dinah sets up a news article in the newspaper...Ross and Vanessa sees the paper and confronts Edmund and Cassie with Dinah laughing it off...Tony gets desperate to keep Michelle in his life. (04/26/05)


Danny & Tony get into a fight and both fall off a cliff...Tony falls off the edge of the cliff into a river. (04/27/05)


Tony Santos dies (04/28/05)


2 cops beats Harley roughly in jail.  (Early May 2005)


Mallet reveals to Harley that he written her letters after she returned to Springfield, but she never received them because Frank kept them from her. (05/11/05)


Gus kidnaps Emma from Olivia...The police surround the prison to take Harley. (05/20/05)


Olivia pulls a gun on Gus...The police throw a stink bomb in the room with Harley and Mallet. (05/23/05)


Olivia threatens Gus...Bill is able to persuade Olivia to put the gun down...Mallet gets Harley out of the prison...Harley knocks Mallet out with a rock...The prison bus Harley & Leena are on falls over a cliff. (05/24/05)


Leena dies (05/25/05)


Phillip's murderer is revealed "IT'S (gasp!) ALAN" (05/27/05)


Nate reveals that he and Jonathan are father and son and in town to get revenge on Reva...The San Cristobel guards kidnaps Will in America and keeps Cassie, Edmund, & Dinah prisoners in San Cristobel  (05/31/05)


Cassie comes face-to-face with Alonzo...Edmund comforts Dinah in their jail cell...Cassie says goodbye to Will...Jonathan goes off on Tammy, Sandy & Reva because of Nate. (06/01/05)


Alexandra learns Alan is Phillip's killer (06/06/05)


Harley & Gus goes to NYC to try to find that guy who knows Alan... Alan is in NYC as well trying to cover his tracks (06/09/05)


Harley is captured by a guard "who happens to be a character for a soap called "Love of Light" (06/10/05).


Little Emma calls Bill "Daddy" (06/13/05)


Cassie calls Jefferey "Richard" (06/24/05)


Jonathan goes off on Reva and cuts his hair...Jefferey tells Reva that Alfred Randall is still alive...Jonathan learns that Dinah is not really pregnant and sleeps with her to get her pregnant...Alan follows and stalks Harley & Gus...Gus is shot and Mallet is seen with a gun afterwards. (06/27/05)


Mallet reveals that Gus wasn't shot at all and that he and Gus set it up. (06/28/05)


Jefferey tells Tammy to tell Jonathan that his mother Marrissa was found dead. (07/01/05)


Mr. Wallace's sister delivers the letter he wrote to Mallet & Harley revealing that Alan is Phillip's killer (07/04/05)


Alan prepares to make Phillip's death repeat itself. (07/08/05)


Harley & Gus confronts Alan about Phillip's death...Dinah prepares to suduce Edmund as he learns that she is not really pregnant when he pulls her maternity pad off...Alan holds Harley & Gus hostage...A shot goes off. (07/11/05)


Mallet is the one who pulled the trigger...Lizzie, Beth, Rick, & Olivia learns that Alan shot Phillip by over hearing him from the kitchen in "Company"...Frank arrests Alan as Sabastian pretends to be a cop and gets Alan off scott-free. (07/12/05)


Reva & Olivia begins setting up Nate/Alfred. (07/13/05)


Olivia punches Reva in the nose (as part of the set up)...Sabastian kidnaps Lizzie. (07/14/05).


Jonathan jumps on Reva...Nate/Alfred is killed by boat motor fan



Gus and Harley weds...Rick lies to everyone Phillip wasn't found in his colfen and talks to him on the phone. (08/19/05)


Jerry VerDorn leaves the role of Ross Marler. (October 11, 2005)


Nicole Forrester takes over the role of Cassie Layne Winslow (11/05)


GL music composer Rick Rhodes passes away (11/08/05)


GL changes opening sequence and theme music (11/14/05)


"GL go inside the light" with Harley (01/04/06)


"GL go inside the light"...Reva and Josh make videos for Marah and Shayne...Reva learns Billy is drinking again (01/11/06)


Marcy Rylan takes over the role of Lizzie Spaulding (02/06)


Gus begins a prescription drug problem (04/06)


Harley learns about Gus' pills (04/17/06)


"GL go inside the light" with Lizzie (04/19/06)


Reva returns to from Paris and collapses in the airport (05/01/06)


Reva is informed that she may need a mammogram (05/02/06)


"GL go inside the light" with Reva as she has an operation on her breast...Josh surprises Reva about Cross-Creek being their's again...Paul Fitzgerald makes his first appearance as Dr. Colin McGabe (05/03/06)


Lizzie learns that Jonathan is the father of her baby (05/04/06)


Springfield celebrates mother's day...Reva gets a visit from Sarah...Coop gets a visit from Jenna...Harley gets a visit from Nadine. (05/10/06)


Harley, Gus, and Beth learns that Phillip is still alive (05/15/06)


Harley, Gus, Beth, Dinah, Mallet, and Blake learns that Phillip is still alive and everyone including Alan learns that because of Phillip, Rick sabotaged Ross' plane...Coop tells Lizzie he doesn't love her...Lizzie lies to Tammy and says she and Coop will be getting married...Dr. McGabe tells Reva she will have to have keimo treatment.  (05/16/06)


Gus & Harley renew their vows (05/17/06)


Mel learns of Rick's involvement with Phillip's secret and Ross' plane crash...Beth loses the baby...Leah Bauer returns from school. (05/18/06)


Gus confronts Harley about her affair with Mallet (05/19/06)


Rick loses his job (05/23/06)


Gus kisses Dinah (05/26/06)


Reva begin losing her hair (05/30/06)


Alan-Michael had someone to loosen Dinah's brakes and she runs off the road. (06/01/06)


"Inside the Light" Reva. Reva goes to hospital (out of Springfield) with Billy and get situated...Reva takes off her wig...Reva makes a new friend who gets ill...Reva does a lot of things on life things she wants to do before she dies including driving a race car as her illness gets to her. (06/28/06)


Dinah causes the Beacon Hotel to burn one side of it only. (08/02/06)


Reva learns that Josh and Cassie are having an affair. (08/04/06)


Reva says goodbye to Hawk and Dylan as she still thinks that she's dying...Cassie and Josh's relationship heat up even more with both them still unaware that Reva knows about their affair...Alan & Beth finally pushed Lizzie over the edge. (08/14/06)


Hawk catches Josh & Cassie...Dinah "lets" the police take her to the station for questioning of the Beacon fire. (08/15/06)


Jonathan & Tammy get engaged...Alan-Michael gets Lizzie a gun. (08/17/06)


Jonathan comes with a solution to keep Lizzie from losing the baby to Alan. (09/05/06)


Lizzie and Jonathan get married (09/06/06)


GL airs it 15,000th episode (09/07/06)


Jonathan felt like Tammy never wanted to be with him again and in a rage, he reveals to Tammy, Lizzie, Alan, Beth, Rick, Mel, and Remy by showing a picture of the secret affair that Rick & Beth have been having (10/06/06)


Jonathan and Remy gets into a serious fight (10/09/06)


Coop and Marina finds Olivia's picture of Ava when she was a little girl and starts trying to put the facts together...Mel confronts Beth...Alan threatens Beth...Rick and Mel's daughter Leah has trouble accepting the fact that Rick and Beth have been having an affair. (10/10/06)


Kimberly J. Brown briefly reprises the role of Marah Lewis. (11/17/06)


Alan gets lonely and sad over the family not wanting to spend Thanksgiving with him...After seeing how lonely Alan is, Reva brings Jonathan and Lizzie over to the mansion for Thanksgiving...Lizzie goes into labor. (11/22/06)


Marah leaves town (12/01/06).


Jonathan and Lizzie's marriage is annulled (01/17/07).


Jonathan & Tammy get married (01/18/07).


Alan sets a plan in motion to have Jonathan killed, but Tammy gets strucked in the process (01/22/07)


Tammy Winslow dies (01/24/07)


GL celebrates 70 years with a very special episode showcasing how everything was during the making of the show from 1937-1956. (01/25/07)


Springfield comes together to mourn the loss of Tammy Winslow...

Jonathan goes on wild goose chase with baby Sarah in the car to run Alan's limo off the road and gets on a dust road that Jonathan wound up driving off a cliff and the car blew up.



GL aired a special episode that was a reality episode, which the cast went to the Gulf Coast to help to rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina hit. (02/14/07)


Alan and Doris get married...Alan gets shot in TOWERS elevator. (02/16/07)


Everyone celebrates Joshua's release from Prison...Daisy has to see the judge again as she's been messing up lately and he orders her to stay in Juvenile Detention for 6 months...Cassie has another vision of Tammy. (05/04/07)


Reva blurts out to Cassie that she and Josh slept together. (05/24/07)


Edmund returns (late October 2007)


Bill returns with a different edge (November 2007)


Bill sleeps with Lizzie for business reasons (November 14, 2007)


Bill interupts Jonathan and Lizzie's wedding (February 27, 2008)


Lizzie backs out of marrying Jonathan...Last day GL featured 71 year production setup...GL was preempted due to the presidential address. (February 28, 2008)


Starting with episode #15371, GL changes production setup by being reducing the familiar 3 television cameras to one single digital camera, all scenery filmed on location on a regular day basis, remaining studio sets were partially rebuilt to have 4 walls instead of 3, exterior shots, and a new opening. (February 29, 2008).


CBS announces cancellation of Guiding Light (April 1, 2009)


Frank and Natalia's wedding ended when she backed out after realizing her true feelings for Olivia (April 16, 2009)


Rafe left for prison...Natalia confessed her true feelings to Olivia...Marina resorts to blackmail in order to keep Henry...A nun in Bosnia reveals surprising news to Dinah about Mallet and Marina's baby was Shane and his late girlfriends baby. (April 23, 2009)


Dinah enlisted Remy's help in searching for the truth to see if baby Henry is Shane's son...Bill & Lizzie enjoyed themselves in Orlando, Florida. (04/27/09)


Danny, Michelle, and Mindy makes appearance at final Bauer barbecue (July 2, 2009)


Guiding Light taped it’s final episode (August 11, 2009)


With the 15,762 episode after 72 years on the air, the Guiding Light shines for the last time when it goes out as the show airs it's final episode (September 18, 2009)




NOTE: the Executive Producers are listed in bold black while the head writers and their run are written under them.






Miscellaneous facts


BROADCAST HISTORY All Times are Eastern

(subtract one hour for central time zone)

(June 30, 1952-December 26, 1952) 2:30pm - 2:45pm [15 minutes]

(December 29, 1952-September 6, 1968) 12:45pm - 1pm [15 minutes]

(September 9, 1968-September 1, 1972) 2:30pm - 3pm [30 minutes]

(September 4, 1972-November 28, 1975) 2pm-2:30pm [30 minutes]

(December 1, 1975-November 4, 1977) 2:30pm - 3pm [30 minutes]

(November 7, 1977-February 1, 1980) 2:30pm - 3:30pm [30 minutes]

(February 4, 1980-September 18, 2009) 3pm - 4pm [Full hour; 60 minutes]



        Clayton "Bud" Collyer (1940's-1950's)

        Hal Simms (1950's-1960's)

        Alan Berns (1969-1997)

        Martin Bookspan (1997-2003)

        Unknown (2003-2005)

        Guiding Light's cast (2003-2004) mid-bumpers

        Guiding Light's cast (2005)

        Mandy Bruno (2005-2006)

        Guiding Light's cast (2006-2009)


Seasonal Nielson Ratings

1952-1953: 11.3 No. 4

1953-1954: 14.4 No. 2

1954-1955: 14.6 No. 2

1955-1956: 13.0 No. 2

1956-1957: 11.4 No. 1

1957-1958: 10.1 No. 1

1958-1959: 9.7 No. 3

1959-1960: 9.6 No. 2

1960-1961: 9.4 No. 2 (TIED with “The Edge of Night” and “Search for Tomorrow”)

1961-1962: 10.1 No. 2

1962-1963: 11.7 No. 2

1963-1964: 14.2 No. 2

1964-1965: 12.2 No. 2

1965-1966: 11.2 No. 2

1966-1967: 10.8 No. 3

1967-1968: 10.0 No. 3

1968-1969: 8.9 No. 9

1969-1970: 9.9 No. 4

1970-1971: 9.7 No. 3

1971-1972: 8.6 No. 7 (TIED with “Search for Tomorrow”)

1972-1973: 8.2 No. 8 (TIED with “All my Children”)

1973-1974: 8.1 No. 7

1974-1975: 8.5 No. 7 (TIED with “General Hospital”)

1975-1976: 8.1 No. 6 (TIED with “All my Children”)

1976-1977: 8.9 No. 3

1977-1978: 8.0 No. 4

1978-1979: 8.1 No. 5

1979-1980: 8.3 No. 5

1980-1981: 8.2 No. 4

1981-1982: 8.0 No. 4

1982-1983: 7.4 No. 6

1983-1984: 8.1 No. 5

1984-1985: 7.5 No. 4

1985-1986: 6.8 No. 6

1986-1987: 6.3 No. 7

1987-1988: 6.2 No. 7

1988-1989: 6.2 No. 7

1989-1990: 5.4 No. 8

1990-1991: 5.2 No. 8

1991-1992: 5.6 No. 5

1992-1993: 5.4 No. 7

1993-1994: 5.4 No. 8

1994-1995: 4.4 No. 8

1995-1996: 4.0 No. 8

1996-1997: 4.0 No. 7 (TIED with “One Life to Live”)

1997-1998: 3.8 No. 8

1998-1999: 3.5 No. 8

1999-2000: 3.6 No. 8

2000-2001: 3.1 No. 8

2001-2002: 3.1 No. 8

2002-2003: 2.8 No. 8

2003-2004: 2.6 No. 8

2004-2005: 2.5 No. 8 (GL this season became the second to lowest rated soap)

2005-2006: 2.4 No. 8

2006-2007: 2.0 No. 8

2007-2008: 1.8 No. 8 (GL became the lowest rated soap with this season)

2008-2009: 1.5 No. 8 (The season isn’t completed until September)


 Executives in Charge of Procter & Gamble Productions:

        (19**-19**) BOB SCHWARTZ

        (19**-1982) ROBERT E. SHORT

        (1982-1995) EDWARD TRACH

        (1995-1997) KENNETH L. FITTS

        (1997-2005) MARY ALICE DWYER-DOBBIN


Supervising Producers for Procter and Gamble (This position was discontinued in mid-1995)

PAUL RAUCH: Circa 1960s?

FRED BARTHOLOMEW: Circa 1972 to 1973

GAIL KOBE: Circa 1970s?


STANLEY C. POTTER: Early 1980s

H. TED BUSCH: 1983 to 1984

JOHN VALENTE: Circa 1984 to 1986

KENNETH L. FITTS: 1986 to 1994

MEG BELLIVEAU: 1994 to mid-1995


Theme Songs Composers:

        ROSA RIO (1950's)

        BILL MEEDER (Late 1950's)

        BERT BAHRMAN (Fall 1960-Mar 1967)

        JOHN GART (Mar 1967-1969)

        CHARLES PAUL (1969-Nov 1975)

        CHARLES or DINA PAUL (Nov 1975-Dec 1981)

        JACK URBONT (Jan 1982-Aug 1983)

        ROB MOUNSEY (Aug 1983-Dec 1990)

        ROB MOUNSEY (Jan 1991-Jun 2002)

        BRIAN D. SIEWART (June 2002-Feb 2003)

        RICK RHODES & DANNY PELFREY (Feb 2003-Nov 2005)

        RON KOMIE (Nov 2005-Feb 2008)

        UNKNOWN (Feb 2008-Sept 2009)


Main Title Designers:

        Wayne Fitzgerald (1991-2002)

        Wayne Fitzgerald & Eric Fitzgerald (2002-2003)

        Thomas K. Bornkamp (2003-2005)

        Kathryn H. Peaslee (2005-2008)


Theme Song Titles:

NOTE: Titles with “quotations” mean the title of the song is unknown


1) Varations on "Romance" from Wieniaswski's Violin Concerto #2

        (June 2, 1947-March 10, 1967)


        (March 13, 1967-January 2, 1970)


        (January 5, 1970-November 21, 1975)


        (January 5, 1970-November 21, 1975) GL closing theme


        (November 24, 1975-December 30, 1981)


        (January 4, 1982-August 19, 1983)


        (August 22, 1983-December 31, 1990)


        (January 2, 1991-June 21, 2002)


        (June 24, 2002-February 21, 2003)


        (February 24, 2003-November 11, 2005)


        (November 14, 2005-February 28, 2008)


        (February 29, 2008-September 18, 2009)




Thanks for the memories.