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JANUARY 3-7, 1994

Ashley realized Victor was preoccupied with Hope so she encouraged Jack to press for a more meaningful relationship with Nikki. Victoria and Cole decided to drive to “parts unknown” to start their honeymoon. Cole found his mother’s note still undecipherable. Victoria assured Cole that Victor will be very happy to learn they’re married. Victor was pleased that Hope would work with other visually impaired persons. Victor was unable to find Cole at the Tack House where he planned to reveal he’s his father and visited with Nikki and told her that although he cares for her, he doesn’t love her. As John held baby Billy, he wondered how long he might be around to raise his new son. Blade reassured Jill there was no cause for worry. Ashley encouraged Jill to spend as much time as possible with John so there’d be no regrets later. Dru and Olivia were disappointed that Lillie Belle refused to return home. Paul told Chris of his concern for April and Heather. Robert beat April and then treated her wounds while telling her that her lies forced him to do it. April fled to the Williams’ while Robert was out. The man with the scar accepted Nina’s invitation to visit her home.


JANUARY 10-14, 1994

Victoria and Cole returned to Genoa City. Jack gave Nikki a week to consider his bid for reconciliation. Nikki was irked when Victor refused to reveal why he was so upset about Cole and Victoria marrying. When Cole went to tell Victor of the marriage, Victor revealed he was his father. Cole was furious and ordered him to stay away from Victoria. Victoria asked Nikki for her blessings, explaining she didn’t know Nikki was in love with Cole. Victoria left in tears when Nikki accused her of being self-serving, insensitive, and unfeeling. Sheila admitted she had sent Scotty a birthday gift. Lauren ignored Sheila’s “reminder” that she had promised a dying Scott she would never tell Eric the truth and placed a call to him. Mary tried to persuade April to leave Robert for good. Paul tried to persuade her to have her injuries checked and to file a police report and tells her it could be used as evidence later. Paul was pleased to learn the school had April’s letter on file forbidding them to let anyone take Heather without April’s permission. Ryan and Christine were both concerned over Nina’s obsession that Jed Sanders (the man with the scar on his face) was her missing father. Nina planned to have Jed and Flo meet, hoping it would stir their memories.


JANUARY 17-21, 1994

Victor told Hope he was sure he was Cole’s father. Cole told Victoria that he is her half-brother and Victoria didn’t believe him then she went to Victor and accused him of going to any length to breakup her marriage and stay in control of her life. Ryan was unaware of the circumstances troubling Victoria when he encouraged her not to let anything stand in the way of her love for Cole. Cole assured Nikki he never attempted to hurt her by marrying Victoria and that his relationship with Victoria just happened. Victoria found Cole with his mother’s journal. He reads her a passage in which Eve stated her concern over Cole’s engagement to Victoria Newman. Victoria told Victor she now believed him and then he broke the news to Nikki. Robert made plans to find April. Paul reassured April he’ll stand by her. Flo told Nina Jed is not her father.


JANUARY 24-28, 1994

Victor asked Silva to encourage Cole to file to dissolve his marriage to Victoria as soon as possible. Since neither Victoria nor Cole were taking steps to dissolve their marriage, Victor started the process himself. Victor told Hope of Eve’s deathbed note. Hope asked him to give the couple a little time to mourn their loss. Kay was unaware of the facts when she admonished Nikki for her attitude toward the wedding, pointing out that one day Victoria will be the mother of Nikki’s grandchildren which alarmed Nikki that Victoria might be pregnant. Nikki called Victor and he told her that Cole confirmed the marriage had been consummated. Victoria reassured Nikki she had used birth control and did a home pregnancy test and cried at the results. Olivia begged Dru not to tell Nathan she’s ill since he might blame Lillie Belle for causing the exhaustion, which brought on the illness. Lauren reassured Brad that she didn’t tell Eric Forrester the truth about Sheila. Nina told Ryan she’s given up on her search for her father and would concentrate her energies on him and Phillip. Nina explained to Jed that she thought he was her father and Jed said he’d like to be a father figure to her if she wanted him to. Blade told Ashley his old friend, Jed Sanders, was the builder who drew up the plans for their dream house. Paul was upset that Heather was closer geographically to Robert than to April and him. Robert tracked April to Genoa City.



Christine was devastated by Danny’s message that he met someone else and was moving his life into another direction. Victoria told Nikki she still loved Cole. Cole saw the pregnancy test kit and was assured by Victoria that she wasn’t pregnant. Cole and Victoria’s marriage was dissolved and Victoria lashed out at Victor for destroying her happiness. She later told Nikki Cole was free now and Nikki could have him. Christine asked Silva to represent her in her divorce from Danny. Neil told Ryan he suspected he was still in love with Victoria. Paul insisted April not return home to Robert. Olivia asked Dru for help with Lily and Nate.


FEBRUARY 7-11, 1994

Christine told Silva she wanted Danny to file for the divorce. Paul told Christine he feels some responsibility for April. Mary admitted to April she would like to see her, Paul, and Heather a family again. Robert made plans to fly to Genoa City. Kay was stunned when Nikki told her Cole and Victoria’s marriage was annulled. Cole rejected Victoria’s suggestion they go away. Victoria asked Ryan to take her away and he said “no” as well, citing his commitment to Nina and his job. Marvin Oakley, who had been at Eve’s wake admitted to Victor he had been sexually involved with her. Victor’s doctor told him about blood tests for determining paternity then he got Douglas to help him deal with Oakley. Brad was upset when Traci refused to let him spend Colleen’s birthday alone with her. Lauren’s employee Michael asked her to dinner to discuss business. Ashley invited Jed to her wedding. Brad reminded Ashley of the love they once shared and asked to be invited. Blade took a call from a woman who said she read about the marriage and wanted to see him. He refused.


FEBRUARY 14-18, 1994

Douglas drugged Oakley’s drink; then took him to a hotel restroom where a medical technician drew blood for the paternity test. Victor schemed to get a sample of Cole’s blood by telling him that a new company insurance plan required medicals for all employees. Traci was stunned when Brad petitioned for a specific visitation schedule for him and Colleen. Blade could not identify the “Mari-Lyn” who sent him and Jill a painting as a wedding gift. Traci and Ashley reconciled their differences. Jack wondered aloud why no one from Blade’s family was at wedding. April told Mary Robert seemed so warm and loving on the phone and Mary told her this was typical of the abuser’s pattern. Robert arrived in Genoa City and rented a room near Paul’s office. Neither Cole nor Victoria would tell Ryan why their marriage was annulled. Steve suggested Cole start working on a new novel. Nikki told Kay she was reluctant to return to Jack and upset about Victor and Hope then Kay suggested she again reach out to Cole. Victoria gave Ryan one day to decide weather to go away with her or not. Chris told Silva that after divorcing Danny, she’ll resume using her maiden name.


FEBRUARY 21-25, 1994

Victor’s evening out with Hope was interrupted by a call from Dr. Cohen: the paternity tests done on Victor and Oakley were inconclusive. Cells from Eve’s body would be needed to get a definitive answer. Nikki asked Cole to go horseback riding with her. She told him about her fall from a horse, which led to her abuse of pain killers and alcohol and thanked him for helping her overcome her fear of riding. Victoria chided Nina for being unable to hold onto a man, but Nina reminded her she lost Ryan when she couldn’t satisfy him sexually. After the encounter Victoria went to talk to Cole then she told Ryan she wouldn’t go away with him after all. April was moved by Robert’s kind letter and agreed to meet with him at a local diner where he blamed business stress for his behavior and promised he’d never abuse her again if she came home. Traci learned Brad had a good chance to be granted his visitation schedule for Colleen. Brad worried that his bachelor status may count again him and proposed to Lauren.



Paul watched as Christine received her divorce papers from Danny and optimistically commented that it felt good to be Christine Blair again. April phoned Robert to say she wasn’t coming home. April prepared a home-cooked meal for Paul and he told her that he cared for her, but expected nothing more in return. April later arrived at the women’s shelter. Robert called Heather and got her to agree to sneak off campus to see him when he visits. Cole found his mother’s grave had been opened. Ryan was unable to persuade Victoria from planning to leave town, saying he preferred Cole should leave instead. Victoria overheard Nikki tell Katherine she hoped to revive her relationship with Cole. Cole learned Eve’s body had been exhurned at Victor’s request. Blade told Marilyn not to call him again. Marilyn bumped into Jack at Gina’s.

Olivia collapsed when she tried to get Nate away from Nathan.


MARCH 7-11, 1994

Synopses not available


MARCH 14-18, 1994

Synopses not available


MARCH 21-25, 1994

Christine and Paul brought Heather to see April. April embraced her daughter when she explained she was afraid of what Robert might do to both of them and Heather accused her of lying. Christine and Paul agreed Heather should stay with Mary, Mary promised not to reveal that she’s Heather’s grandmother.

The prosecuting attorney Gloria Capshaw learned of Heather’s visit to April and told the judge of a possible obstruction of justice. Esther asked Rex and Katherine to play her servants so that her new friend, Norman would believe she was the lady of the house. Lauren accompanied Brad on his trip to New York to visit Colleen. Blade and Ashley wondered why Jack was socializing with Hope. Victor and Cole learned Victoria withdrew money from the bank and left town. Victor then asked Nikki if she could help in locating their daughter and Nikki told him that Victoria deceived her and wanted Victor out of her life. Victoria’s purse was stolen and then she decided to take a waitress job at a near by diner. Jack told Mitchell to go ahead with the divorce from Nikki.  


MARCH 28-APRIL 1, 1994

Cole tried to clear up any misunderstandings with Nikki and she reacted angrily accusing him and Victoria of using and deceiving her. Victoria saw on her break a skywriting message asking her to call Cole. Victoria called home and when she heard Victor’s voice, she assumed he was trying to find her and hung up. Victor however had the call traced. Cole caught up with Victoria at the bus station and broke the news that Victor was not his father. Marilyn told Jack her name was Mari Jo Mason. Ashley credited Jack’s new upbeat manner to the mystery woman he was seeing she then suggested that they, Blade, and Jack’s lady have dinner one night. Mari Jo called Blade and he warned her not to call again. Nikki reacted to being served the divorce papers. Gloria and Lt. Pete Connell found no complaints filed against Robert for spousal abuse leaving them puzzled on why April might have stabbed him. Katherine agreed to post April’s bail. Nathan and Dru realized the only solution for them was to find Lillie Belle another place to live.


APRIL 4-8, 1994

Blade was in for a surprise.


APRIL 11-15, 1994

Olivia was overjoyed when Nathan told her he would try to live with Lillie Belle again. Blade was stunned to see Mari Jo was actually Marilyn. Esther asked Rex and Katherine to act as her servants again when Norman stopped by to see her. Heather told Gloria she had no idea that Robert abused April until April told her. Suzanne told Christine April never intended to harm Robert and had refused to take the gun Suzanne offered for her protection that night. Gloria wondered if Paul was the reason April returned to town and if she killed Robert because she had an affair with Paul. Paul worried that April might think he was leading her on and worried about her fragile state. Mary warned Paul April might not be able to accept the rejection. Nikki told Katherine how Jed spent the night “babysitting” with her and she resented his intrusion in her life. Katherine suspected that Nikki was tempted to take a drink but Nikki denied it. Katherine then solicited Victor’s help with Nikki. Hope wondered aloud how long Nikki would play the victim and why everyone assumed Victor would be there to rescue her, to her surprise Victor said he agreed with her. Jed learned from Jill that final papers were filed for Jack and Nikki’s divorce. Nikki was bitter to Victoria after she called to say she and Cole were back from their honeymoon.


APRIL 18-22, 1994

Blade becomes concerned with Mari Jo’s growing presence in his and Ashley’s life.


APRIL 25-29, 1994

Synopses not available


MAY 2-6, 1994

Synopses not available


MAY 9-13, 1994

Jack brought Hope a bottle of the new “Hope” fragrance. Hope assured Jack that she is grateful for the life she has with Victor and he mentioned that Victor hadn’t yet proposed marriage and he also assumed Victor hadn’t told her he loved her. An ophthalmologist named Dr. Charles Elliott told Victor surgery or a transplant might help Hope but he would have to examine her first. Malcolm was mugged. Silva scored points when he noted that April had not come to Robert’s room prepared for a confrontation but picked up the letter opener on impulse. Gloria said April’s call to Robert from Mary’s house was to “lure” him to Genoa City. Paul denied he urged April to leave New York for personal, romantic reasons. When the court cleared, Chris revealed Heather is Paul and April’s child and that she (Chris) was involved with Paul now, not April. As Heather was called to testify, April tried unsuccessfully to plead guilty to keep her daughter off the stand. Brad was upset to hear Colleen address him as Mr. Carlton as she called Steve “Daddy”. 


MAY 16-20, 1994

April may have made a potentially irreversible mistake.


MAY 23-27, 1994

Victoria toasted Ryan and Nina at their reception she later confided to Ryan that she doubted the marriage would last. A man at the bar watched Victoria mingling with the wedding party. Paul testified and April seemed unaware of the seriousness of her actions the night Robert was killed. Jill told Jed that she and John were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Mamie overheard Jed ask Jill if John knew of their tryst. Brad fell unconscious after making love to Lauren. The doctor told Lauren Brad might have had a coronary episode. Neil told Victor he didn’t have the experience to fill in for Brad so he called Jack. Jack was reluctant to step in only to be let out after Brad recovers. Victor wanted to prove how much he loves Hope despite her disability and cancelled her appointment and surprised her when he proposed to her.


MAY 30-JUNE 3, 1994

Olivia and Dru were surprised when Lillie Belle suddenly became lucid and insisted on returning home to Walter in New York. Nikki rebuffed Victoria’s attempts to reconcile. Blade reacted sympathetically to Ashley’s distress over Brad’s condition realizing that their relationship had been in the past. Jack finally took Ashley and Hope’s advice and filled in for Brad despite Victor’s reluctance to give him a commitment for job security. Jack later told Mari Jo about his new position at Newman Enterprises and confided his secrets including his experience in Vietnam and more. Brad remained unconscious. Traci arrived and Lauren ordered her out of Brad’s room and they argued as Brad awoke and reacted happily to the news that Colleen was also in town. April admitted on the stand that Robert didn’t always abuse her. She recalled passing out on a street after one of his attacks, but didn’t remember the doctor who treated her. Hope chose the wedding dress she would have married Cliff in because it reminded her of when she first knew she loved Victor. Jed broke away when Jill said she needed him again.


JUNE 6-10, 1994

Lillie Belle credited Olivia with saving her life and said goodbye to everyone and left for New York. Victoria accepted Hope’s bid to be her matron of honor at the wedding. Jed and Nikki were interrupted by Victoria’s arrival with the news of Victor’s wedding. Victoria chided Nikki about seeing Jed. Nikki later charged Hope with taking Victor and Victoria from her. Mari Jo told Ashley how Jack opened up to her about his Vietnam experiences and the loss of his son. Blade threatened Mari Jo to Jack about her and she reminded him about his brother’s death. Lauren told Steve that Traci had a hidden agenda regarding Brad and they would need each other’s help. John and Jill argued over his impotence. Paul told Chris if April were convicted, he’d tell Heather he’s her real father. April’s verdict came in.


JUNE 13-17, 1994

Mary pleaded with April to remain in Genoa City, but April decided to make a fresh start in New York with Heather. The mother of the child who received Jack and Nikki’s baby heart expressed gratitude to Jack. Luan told Christine that her son Keemo hated her for abandoning him. Jack noticed Christine talking to Luan and realized something about Luan, she seemed to register with him. Jack asked Christine about Luan and she suggested Jack have lunch with her one day and she’ll introduce him to Luan. Nikki felt certain Jed had not been involved with Jill. Hope called Cliff to tell him about marrying Victor. Katherine was not happy when Norman said he’d like to live at the estate after marrying Esther. Nikki learned from Victoria about Victor and Hope’s wedding day and she showed up at the reception lamenting to Victor that their live was to have lasted a lifetime. John recovered from his impotency and to Jill’s delight, spent the night with her.


JUNE 20-24, 1994

While on their honeymoon, Victor introduced Hope to paradise. Cole urged Victoria to reach out to Nikki. Nikki accused Victoria of trying to twist the knife but then she let Victoria comfort her while she sobbed that Victor was the only man for her. Mamie overheard Jill tell Jed their personal relationship has no bearing on his contracting work at the Abbott home. Jill then got John to okay a raise for Mamie, insisting to Mamie that it wasn’t a bribe. Dru felt Neil might be close to accepting that his brother Malcolm had changed. Olivia felt modeling was not an appropriate sideline for a doctor but Blade and Dru persuaded her to try it again anyway. Traci decided to postpone her return to New York after learning Brad may need open-heart surgery, prompting Jack to accuse her of still harboring feelings for Brad. Jack doodled the name Mai Yun on a notepad and a jealous Mari Jo asked about him about his visit with Christine. Paul saw Christine toss a photo of Danny in the trash. A burglar shot Luan and as she was taken to surgery, she begged Christine to find her son in Vietnam. Mai gave Christine and Paul a photo of her brother.


JUNE 27-JULY 1, 1994

Paul and Christine arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and immediately put an ad in a paper asking for information on Keemo. Lea, Keemo’s girlfriend helped Christine find him in the rain forest where she finally came face-to-face with him. Hope learned of Nicholas’ return and selflessly suggested to Victor that they cut they honeymoon short so he could return home to see his son. Victoria refused to find a “hot summer romance” for Nick and he then met a former school pal, Amy at The Coffee House along with her friend Sharon and her boyfriend, Matt. Nikki apologized to Victor for causing a scene at his reception, but then blew up at him for trying to take Nick from her. Ashley asked Traci of she would be willing to tell Steve she wants to remarry Brad. Brad told Jack he wouldn’t rule out the possibly of reconciling since Colleen is very important to him. Brad later reminded Traci how important Steve is to her. Traci denied about having any romantic interest in Brad to Steve and returned to New York with him. Malcolm overheard Blade mutter that he doesn’t believe Mari Jo’s assertion that he left his brother to die.


JULY 4-8, 1994

During the fourth of July party, Cole and Victoria worried about Nicholas and his intentions for Sharon and Amy. Victoria felt jealous when she saw Olivia praise Cole on his first novel. Nina announced she and Ryan were expecting. Rex and Katherine invited Jill, John, Mamie, Jed, and Nikki to the party and persuaded Esther to help out. Jill was uncomfortable seeing Jed and Nikki obvious chemistry, while Mamie remarked to John about Jill avoiding Jed. Norman remarked on the cleverness of rich people and Esther confirmed it by showing him the hidden wall safe containing Katherine jewelry and some cash. Nikki visited Hope and talked her out of wanting to have children with Victor. Rex later warned Nikki she’ll lose Victor for good if she continued to interfere in his marriage. Victoria chided Nikki on not being able to let go her romantic fantasy, and Nikki blurted out that she and Cole had been lovers. Keemo returned to Genoa City with Christine and Paul after realizing his mother may be dying and was finally reunited with Luan in her hospital room.


JULY 11-15, 1994

Mai begged Keemo to go to Luan’s bedside. When he entered the room, he stared at her and finally uttered the word “Mama” before Luan slipped back into unconsciousness. Nina came to Ryan’s office to show him an ultrasound photo of their baby. Jed found Nikki in a sour mood and assumed she was still pinning for Victor but she explained she’d also been hurt by another man with whom she hoped to find happiness with. Victoria visited with Nikki who said her feelings for Cole were not a romantic fantasy; that they had been lovers. Cole later admitted it was true, insisting it happened before he became involved with Victoria. Cole berated Nikki for the revelation and returned to the tack room to find Victoria had taken her things and left. Sharon rejected Nicholas’ attempts to get romantic in the parking lot. Victoria did some test photos in a bathing suit for Glen Franklin; Glen offered her a centerfold. Nina dissolved in tears when she overheard Victoria giving Ryan the address of her hotel saying she needed him. Victor and Hope agreed to start trying for a baby immediately. Dru was devastated to learn Malcolm had been arrested for robbery but he was later released when the real culprit was found.


JULY 18-22, 1994

Luan awoke for a moment to say she could now die in peace and Keemo urged her to live and not abandon him again. Cole admitted to Victoria he and Nikki once made love but it was before he became involved with her. Victoria, feeling betrayed, walked out on him. Nina witnessed Ryan and Victoria embracing after Victoria gave him the address and phone number of her hotel. Ryan then rushed to assure Nina he was acting as a friend and that his heart belonged to only her and the baby. Later, Cole pounded on Ryan and Nina’s door demanding to know where Victoria was. Glen told Victoria he needed her answer now on the centerfold. She wasn’t too enthused, but agreed to go. Mamie could see how happy John was with Jill, but wondered if it would hurt him more to know the truth about his wife and Jed. Just as Hope and Victor agreed to start a family, she learned from Dr. Elliott her cataracts were operable but there was still a question about her optic nerves.


JULY 25-29, 1994

Nicholas told Ryan of Victoria’s man problems. Alec, the publisher of the centerfold, assured Victoria that Victor Newman’s name would not be used in the article. Cole persuaded Ryan to give him Victoria’s address. When he arrived, he learned that she left with a “good looking” man. Dru and Neil were both delighted when Malcolm was released from custody after the real thief was apprehended. Victor told Nicholas he would report to Neil at Jabot. Matt implied to Nick that he and Sharon had a sexual relationship. Nick later tried to put the moves on Sharon and she pushed him away calling him a creep. Hope told Victor the doctor found she had virtually no retinal function and even if the cataracts were removed, she might still be blind. Kay agreed to let Esther and Norman live in the estate after marriage, although she had her doubts about him. Kay later arranged for an actor to play the minister for the wedding. Jack ran into both Mai and Keemo when stopped at the hospital for his annual physical.


AUGUST 1-5, 1994

Synopses not available


AUGUST 8-12, 1994

Synopses not available


AUGUST 15-19, 1994

Dru told Neil how the flu medication led to her hallucinating about making love to him and then Neil turned the “fantasy” into reality. Neil later told Malcolm that Dru wanted to wait awhile before having a child. Rex wondered if Esther told Norman about the wall safe behind the painting that took Norman’s interest. Kay’s actor “minister” arrived to officiate at Esther and Norman’s wedding. Jack was prodded by Lauren’s comment that Traci was pursuing Brad and got his sister to admit marrying Steve may have been a mistake. Jill was upset to learn that Mamie had decided not to leave the Abbott household. Christine suggested Luan tell Keemo the truth about how his father left without knowing she was pregnant. Christine told Paul she rarely thinks about Danny. Danny returned to Genoa City and asked Gina as well as Rex & Kay not to tell Christine he was back. Blade told Mari Jo to leave town within four weeks or he’d tell the Abbott’s everything about her. Mari Jo surprised Jack by proposing to him. Dr. Campbell told a concerned Ashley about Blade’s elevated blood pressure. Victor called the convent in Kansas where Hope was left as a child to learn if blindness ran in Hope’s family. Sharon rebuffed Nick’s attempts to make up with her. Cole and Victoria agreed they’ll try to get past their recent problems. Nikki learned of the mystery man for whom Victoria “worked for” in New York.


AUGUST 22-26, 1994

Jed cautioned Jill not to give Mamie more proof of Jill’s infidelity and they made love. John flared when Jill rebuffed his amorous overtures. Victor submitted a tissue sample for DNA testing. Douglas promised to keep Hope’s pregnancy secret. Brad told Lauren it wasn’t the right time to marry. Victor decided to keep both Jack and Brad on the job so long as they cooperated with each other. Neil was happy to have Dru agree to have a child within the next year. Dru told Olivia she has been feeling tired lately. Blade reminded Mari Jo he was close to falling in love with her. Danny spotted Paul and Christine kissing. Keemo was discouraged after he went to Christine’s apartment and heard Paul’s voice. Keemo told Christine he was returning to Vietnam and Christine encouraged him to stay in Genoa City. Nikki was unable to get Cole to tell her about the Victoria’s New York job. Jed was delighted when Nikki agreed to go on a date with him. Amy rejected Sharon’s warnings about Nick so Sharon instructed her on safe sex and sent her to get birth control. Nick backed off from getting intimate with Amy and the following day, Amy let Sharon think she and Nick made love.



Synopses not available


SEPTEMBER 5-9, 1994

Lynne told Mary she was sure Paul would propose to Christine. Christine reminded Keemo of the success Luan made of her life in the US. Just as Christine was thanking Paul for helping her forget Danny, Danny arrived at her apartment. Danny told Christine he’d been involved with a woman who bore him a son. Mari Jo wondered why Jill wasn’t happy about her engagement to Jack. Dru wondered how she could be pregnant since she and Neil used birth control and Olivia recalled Dru’s “sexual dream” after she’d sent Malcolm to check on Dru. Victor and Cole flew to New York after learning of Victoria’s nude centerfold where Glen cockily showed off Miss September. Cole decked him while Victor, who bought the magazine, fired Glen and Alec. Nicholas chided Nikki for not telling him about Sharon’s phone call. Jed decided not to show Nikki Victoria’s nude photo after she told him of Jack’s engagement and her tiff with Nick.


SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1994

Jack compared the news photo of Luan to a photo of a 17-year-old Vietnamese woman he kept in his back safety deposit box. Ashley noticed Mari Jo’s driver’s license identified her as Marilyn Mason. Malcolm told Olivia he didn’t know Dru overdosed on medication and assumed he was Neil when she invited him into her bed. Jill told Jed she’d get John to divorce her and feel guilty enough to keep her at Jabot. Nina found the magazine with Victoria’s nude centerfold in Ryan’s dresser drawer. Hope told Victor amniocentesis would reveal if the baby had the gene for retinitis pigmentosa. Nikki told Amy she didn’t trust Sharon.


SEPTEMBER 19-23, 1994

Paul proposed, then told a stunned Christine he would always love her weather she marry him or not. Christine was alarmed when Nina began having sharp cramping pains. Cole’s anger at Victoria flared anew and he rejected her attempts at reconciliation. Sharon encouraged Nick not to return to Europe. Dru decided to tell Neil she’s pregnant. Jill’s car was stolen as she updated Jed on her meeting with Silva about divorcing John. Paul agreed with Ashley that the “Marilyn” on the mystery wedding gift painting was similar to Mari Jo’s signature. Keemo was startled to learn Luan still had a photo of her G.I. lover.


SEPTEMBER 26-30, 1994

Mamie was upset about John’s surprise party for Jill and told him she suspected Jill and Jed were having an affair. John later confronted Jill with what Mamie had said. Blade and Mari Jo admitted they were once lovers while Ashley felt they were still keeping something back. Nina lost her baby. Olivia told Dru to believe Neil, not Malcolm, fathered her child. Nick and Sharon agreed his friendship with Amy would keep Nikki from learning they’re dating. Hope decided to have her baby regardless of the amniocentesis results.


OCTOBER 3-7, 1994

Nina didn’t have the heart to tell Ryan she had miscarried. Jill and John were advised to share custody of Billy until the court decides the issue. Christine told a stunned Jack that Luan’s original name was Mai Yun and the long-parted lovers came face to face. Nick told Sharon to invite only him to his birthday party, while Nikki told Amy to throw a surprise party for Nick without inviting Sharon. Nikki had Jed to visit and led him to her bedroom.


OCTOBER 10-14, 1994

Rex told Kay to stop interfering in John and Jill’s marital woes. Mitchell told John charging Jill with adultery could win him Billy’s custody. Ryan comforted Nina about the miscarriage. Nikki and Jed praised their mutual lovemaking skills. Sharon was unaware that Nick tried to call her about the surprise party and she was miffed, but later forgave him. Keemo tries to win Christine’s heart. Victoria and Cole started to reconcile. Brad warned Blade not to hurt Ashley. Jack told Luan he never wants to lose her again. Danny vowed to try to get back with Christine after he saw her and Paul together.


OCTOBER 17-21, 1994

Jill tried to enlist Ashley as her ally in the custody battle and Ashley blasted her for cheating on John and trying to take Billy away. Jill begged Jed not to cooperate after he was subpoenaed to give a deposition. Nikki got Nick to admit he’d made love to Amy. Sharon rejected Nick’s call saying it was over between them. The police rescued Hope from two purse stealing thugs and she nervously recognized her vulnerability and told Victor she will abort their baby. Keemo was hostile to Jack’s attentions to Luan. Christine rebuffed Danny’s pleas to reconcile and let him know that she was marrying Paul. Ryan reassured Nina he loved her.


OCTOBER 24-28, 1994

Victor and Hope faced another crisis.



Jill told John she’ll reveal that she turned to Jed when John wouldn’t get help for his impotency. Hope told Victor she would abort the baby. Nikki ordered Jed out of her life after Katherine told her of his affair with Jill. Mari Jo told a stunned Luan she’s engaged to Jack. Lauren told Christine that Danny loves her more than ever. After talking to Sharon, Victoria told Nick he had blown it with her and he should focus on Amy.

Jack asked Luan about the son Christine mentioned and was delighted to learn that he is Keemo’s father.


NOVEMBER 7-11, 1994

Christine asked Paul to investigate how Phyllis trapped Danny into marriage. When Victoria said Nina’s miscarriage left Ryan with no reason to stay married to her, Ryan reminded Victoria of her own marital problems with Cole. After acknowledging each other as father and son, Jack introduced Keemo to the other members of the family. Blade’s twin brother arrived at Gina’s, but was unseen by either Mari Jo or Blade. Dorothy was upset when Sharon spoke of the baby boy she gave up for adoption. Victoria and Nikki reconciled. Victor rushed to the hospital after learning Hope had been in a car accident.


NOVEMBER 14-18, 1994

Paul learned a troubling fact about Phyllis.


NOVEMBER 21-25, 1994

Rick, Blade’s twin brother told Mari Jo not to reveal that he’s still alive. Keemo told Christine he never wants to disappoint his newfound father Jack or her. Sharon decided to ask Victor for help after learning that Doris would need an expensive operation to arrest the worsening of her spinal condition. Christine told Paul she was upset to see Danny with Phyllis and the baby. Phyllis arrived at the Chancellor home to present Rex with his new grandson. Norman (who also had burglary on his mind) tried unsuccessfully to persuade Esther to let him “invest” her inheritance. John was skeptical about Jill’s story that she enrolled Billy in nursery school. Victor agreed to consider Victoria’s request that she start learning how to take over Newman Enterprises.



After Victor agreed to pay for the surgery for Doris, a grateful Sharon asked him not to tell Nick now that he’s dating Amy. Later Nick told Victor he’s still hung up on Sharon. Hope felt her baby move for the first time. Ashley saw Blade (who’s really Rick) lunching with Mari Jo. Later, when Blade insisted he’d been at photo shoot all-day and suggested Ashley might be “losing it,” she stormed out. Rick asked Mari Jo to fill him in on the entire Abbott family. Norman shot Rex when he caught him trying to crack the safe. With Kay, Danny, Gina, and Chris at his bedside, a dying Rex asked Chris to look after Danny. While discussing John’s bid for custody, Jill told John Silva John didn’t want Billy when she was pregnant.


DECEMBER 5-9, 1994

Matt told Amy Nick’s father paid for the surgery for Sharon’s mother and suggested she might lose Nick to Sharon unless she pressured him to marry her or better yet became pregnant. Nikki admitted to Victoria she still hoped she and Victor would reunite. Phyllis turned up at Rex’s funeral, later Chris stormed out when Paul said he’ll believe she’s no longer interested in Danny when she finally stops talking about him. Brad was stunned to learn Blade lied to Ashley about being out with Mari Jo. After learning about Blade’s lucrative photography career Rick checked out the equipment at a camera shop. Mai and Keemo wondered when Jack would propose to Luan. John Silva questioned John’s job offer for Jill in Beverly Hills.


DECEMBER 12-16, 1994

Cole was upset at having to work with Jeri on his revisions. Sharon denied Nikki’s charge that she used Nick to get Victor to pay for her mother’s operation. After rejecting Matt’s protestations of love, Sharon suddenly realized he was about to rape her. Ashley confided Blade’s strange behavior to Victor. With Nikki’s encouragement Kay resisted the urge to take a drink as she mourned Rex’s death. Mary continued to be negative about Chris and Paul’s planned marriage. Silva found John’s contract with Jill was “entrapment”.


DECEMBER 19-23, 1994

Keemo decided to act on his feelings.


DECEMBER 26-30, 1994

Blaming Chris for keeping Danny away from her, Phyllis rented a car under her maiden name, Summers, and struck both Chris and Paul. Matt refused Sharon’s plea that he take an HIV test and repeated his threat to break Nick’s skull if she told anyone about the rape. Brad tried to persuade Ashley to divorce Blade. Mari Jo told a heart-broken Luan Jack was committed to a future with her. Cliff told Hope he couldn’t marry Suzie because he realized Hope was the only woman for him. Victor and Nikki planned to spend New Year’s together.