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The Young and the Restless



(Special Episode) THE 35TH ANNIVERSARY (Friday, March 21-Friday, March 28, 2008)

Katherine Chancellor is honored with a very special award for 35 years of service for the community. The event takes place on a ship. Everyone gather and mingle and catch up with everyone and everything. Most of the characters will remember past moments (via; flashbacks). Jack will see John’s ghost.


The Guest List with the regular GC residents

MARLA ADAMS – Dina Mergeron

JAMIE LYN BAUER – Lorie Brooks

LAURALEE BELL – Christine Blair


MICHAEL DAMIAN – Danny Romalotti

JERRY DOUGLAS – John Abbott’s Ghost

BEAU KAYZER – Brock Reynolds

JOE LaDUE – Derek Thurston


BETH MAITLAND – Traci Abbott


VERONICA REDD – Mamie Johnson


GREG WRANGLER – Steve Connelley


Guest Mentions:

On the phone: Mackenzie Browning, Billy Abbott, Larry Warton, and Ashley Abbott.

Through Conversation: Greg Foster, Snapper  Foster, Joanna (Lauren’s mother), Doris Collins, Patty Williams, Peggy Brooks, Leslie Brooks, and Chris Brooks.


At the end of the episode between the last scene and the next episode previews, there would be a montage showcasing several clips of Y&R through the past 35 years featuring current and past cast members. The ending credits would feature the regular title sequence with special music playing over the credits.


One night, Noah is working on some project that has to do with electricity and Nick helps

Him, while doing certain things trying to figure out electricity works, Nick and Noah

Overloads some device and when they have everything together and plugs the device

In, the device knocks out the power to their house and eventually the whole city is without

Power for hours.

1)     Nick and Sharon are in an elevator at Newman

2)     (?) and (?) are making love in his office

And more. During the blackout everyone manage to find something to keep them calm

And happy until the electricity is restored.

Esther goes on a trip to find her daughter who has run away from boarding school. Kate turns up in Genoa City unknowingly to Esther and she tries to call someone and gets the number wrong as she accidentally called Devon Hamilton. Kate ask for someone and Devon says “you have the wrong number” and then she apologizes, but Devon likes the sound of her voice and she likes the sound of his voice and he asks her “who were trying to reach?” and she says “a friend” and when she gives a name he tells her that he doesn’t know who that is and then they begin talking and enjoying each other, but she doesn’t tell Devon her name. The place Kate is calling from is a radio station that has a teen line going, Kate wanted to talk to a friend of hers when she called Devon’s number. Kate calls Devon again and they talk and she gives him an aliases name and Kate tells him it’s a teen line. Devon wants to meet “aliases name”, but doesn’t know where to start looking. Meanwhile, Esther has no luck in finding Kate yet. Esther help from Paul who finds out that Kate is in Genoa City. When Devon goes to a party he meets Kate, but he doesn’t know that she’s the one he’s been talking to on the phone, but however he feels attracted to her. Devon leaves the party early to go assist Neil with something at work. Just as Devon leaves, Esther and Paul arrives and then Esther spots her and goes up to her. Kate is a little in shock to see her mother, but happy to see her. Esther questions her on why didn’t she call or tell Esther she wanted out and Kate explains her reasons and apologizes and then Esther takes Kate to the mansion. Kate and Katherine gets along just fine and Kay tells Esther that Kate could stay with them as long as she likes. Kate calls Devon again (who has since leaving the party for work is home now) and they talk and Devon wants to meet her so she gives a location for them to meet the following day. The next day, Devon goes looking for her, but feels that she’s not there when the truth is Kate is there as well and just doesn’t know Devon by his name. They both leave disappointed that they missed each other. Katherine calls Neil for something and Neil has Devon to take it to Kay at the mansion. When he arrives Kay answers the door and invites him in and he says that he can’t stay long. When Kay gets something for Devon to bring to Neil, he waits and in this time, he hears Esther talking to Kate who is telling her about the teen hotline and when Esther ask her if she has an alias name, she tells Esther what it is and Devon surprised and then he goes to living room door to see her and he is surprised to see that his mystery friend is Kate. When Esther and Kate look around they say “hi” and he says “hi” and then says that he couldn’t help over hearing that Kate said her alias is “her aliases name” and tells her that he’s the one she’s been talking to and gives her his “aliases name” and both are in shock and happy. Esther is happy that Devon and Kate likes each other and ask him to stay and he tells them he would like to, but he’s doing an air-run for Ms. Chancellor and his dad, but he would like to get together later and from there on begins the relationship of Devon Hamilton and Kate Valentine for many years to come.    



Someone turns up to have feelings for someone, but the person this "obsessor" is wanting happens to be married/dating and when they realize that, this person tries to get over that person, but they can't help it because they are fancinated by that person and wants just that one person and is willing to do anything to be with that person. That person pretty much will never be with the "obsessor", but the "obsessor" is determined to be with that one person and begins going over the top to be with that person. After awhile, that person starts getting desperate and depressed until at times, that person is thinking of killing themselves or hurting themselves just because they can't handle not being with that person, but they never really actually attempt it, they just think that could be the answer to get over that person. The person who is the object of the crush could barely tell that the "obsessor" is wanting them that bad. At points, when the "obsessor" tries to get over the one they're wanting and tries to take an interest in someone else, it seems to fail as they don't feel anything for anyone else except the one that the "obsessor" is wanting. After about 2 months, one of the "obsessor's" relatives put them in a mental institution to try to calm them down and after a few day's, the "obsessor" is let out and the feelings for the "crush" begins to officially die down although the crush isn't 100% gone, but the "obsessor" realize that the crush on that person went too far until the love ones had to put them in a mental institution to get them calm. After a little time, the "obsessor" is finally able to feel something real for someone else and the feelings for the one that the "obsessor" had a crush on finally went away. When the "obsessor" looks back, they can't believe how they had tantrums, desperation, violent behavior, a deep depression, and plenty un-happiness because of wanting that one person. In the aftermath of the entire situation, the "obsessor" is pretty much heart-broken that it's official that they will never be with the one that they had these huge feelings for, but learns to move on with life and tries to focus on life and other things instead, but the person who the "obsessor" was obsessing over isn't one person that the "obsessor" wants to see at any angle because everytime they see the crush, it hurts still and they just rather not to see that crush for awhile until they're sure that they're completely over them which be awhile from that time. Shortly after the "obsessor" begins getting over the crush, the crush leaves for a few months and returns and by the time the crush returns, the "obsessor" is completely over that crush because time has gone by and the "obsessor" has moved on and real true love and looks at the obsession to have been an over the top school-kid crush and glad that there was no relationship at all ever (realizing how things change).



Malcolm had a brief relationship with Yolanda (Devon's mother) all those years ago, but their relationship wasn't long and in that time, Malcolm and Yolanda had a one time lovemaking encounter which left her pregnant with Devon. After that night Malcolm would of left Yolanda and she would of learned weeks later that she was pregnant, but she never set to look for Malcolm because she didn't think he wanted to be a father and so she never found or told him. (And the rest of Yolanda's history that we know of would play into the story). Skipping to now Malcolm makes another visit to Genoa City and Yolanda comes to visit Devon and then one day both of them bump into each other and Malcolm is shocked to learn that Yolanda is a drug addict. Malcolm talks with Yolanda and she don't want to hear anything he has to say because she still can't stand him for leaving her without no explanation or anything and then he explains his reasons. And when Devon comes upon them talking, he tells Malcolm that Yolanda is his mother (which Malcolm didn't know). After that Malcolm questions Yolanda of Devon's birth and asks if he is his father. Yolanda tells him "wouldn't you like to know" and then leaves town with Malcolm wondering if he's Devon's father. Malcolm starts trying to act like a father toward Devon which gets on his nerves and then he blows up with Malcolm of trying to stop acting like he is father or something and then he walks out. Malcolm later apologizes for not giving Devon any space it’s just that he wanted to act like “an older brother to him” because he knows how it is to be young. In the meantime, Malcolm still tries to investigate if he is really Devon’s father and after weeks of searching, he finally gets his answer that he is indeed Devon’s biological father and he’s happy, but wonders how to break the news to Devon and the fact that he and Lily are blood relatives after all which then upsets, but confuses Neil. When Malcolm do finally tell Devon that he is his biological father, Devon don’t want to believe it and tells Malcolm that it doesn’t matter because he grew up without his real father and don’t care that Malcolm is his father, he’s never gonna acknowledge Malcolm as a father and that Neil is the only father he will ever know and acknowledge as a father and then Malcolm leaves town.



Jack and Phyllis has remained friends since their divorce back in 2004. But since Nick has lost his memory, he doesn’t love Phyllis the same way anymore. When it comes down that Nick wants Sharon back and he intends on getting her back, he decides to divorce Phyllis and starts pursuing Sharon who is starting to love Nick all over again. Phyllis enlist Jack’s help on trying to keep Sharon away from Nick, but Jack is not convinced that Sharon is wanting Nick again. As time goes on, Nick and Sharon become closer. One day, Jack and Phyllis catches Nick and Sharon in a compromising position and then Jack gets furious and Phyllis puts her two cents in and both Nick and Sharon try to explain to Jack and goes off on Phyllis. Jack decides to let Sharon go as he sees that she’s not in love with him. Sharon moves out of the mansion and back to her old house with Nick. Nick throws Phyllis of the ranch and tells her to not return and to leave Summer. Phyllis gets mad and says no Summer is going with her. Nick then gets a court order for Phyllis to leave Summer with him. Jack invites Phyllis to stay with him. Jack and Phyllis pours their hearts out to each other about how hurt they are by Nick and Sharon and then express their anger towards them. As the months go on, Nick decides to seek full custody of Summer and takes her to court with his entire family (Victor, Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon) by his side. The trial takes about a month with the Newman family constantly mentioning the facts about a lot of Phyllis’ misdeeds. Christine Blair would be representing The Newman’s and Michael would be representing Phyllis. In the time of the trial, Phyllis and Jack reconnects and grows closer together. At the end of the trial, the judge rewards full custody of Summer Ann Newman to Nicholas. Phyllis is devastated and remembers when she went through this went Daniel all those years ago. She cries on Jack’s shoulder and he comforts her and in a moment of passion they begin kissing and then make love. Phyllis is still hurt over losing Summer, but feels good to be in Jack’s arms and he enjoys her as well and then they talk about trying to rekindle their romance and began seeing each other again. The Newman’s celebrate having Summer being with them on a full time basis. Even though Nick questions himself if he should let Phyllis have some part of Summer’s life. After a few weeks, Nick talks it over with Sharon who questions why should Phyllis have any part of Summer’s life because of her misdeeds and Nick states his point that he doesn’t want Summer to resent him when she grows up for keeping her away from her mother and so Nicholas tells Phyllis that he’s decided to talk to the judge about him and Phyllis having joint custody that way Summer could have both of her parents, but there will not be any romance bonding between them again, their bond we only be for Summer and Phyllis is grateful and thanks Nick. After talking to the judge, the judge reluctantly changes (his/her) rule to joint custody for Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis is happy that she can have some part of Summer’s life and is happy that she and Jack are back together although both still have yet to divorce Nick and Sharon. Nick and Sharon are happy as well and Noah is ecstatic to have his mom and dad under one roof. Months later Nick finally files for divorce from Phyllis just as Sharon and Jack do the same thing. All are civil at their divorce proceedings. Shortly after Nick and Phyllis’ divorce is finalized, he proposes to Sharon and she accepts. Just as she accepts Nick’s proposal, Nick’s memory begin coming back and then Sharon’s starts to worry. TO BE CONTINUED…   


SURROGATE for Lily and Daniel

Daniel and Lily are ready to have a baby, but when they try, they have no luck. When they go to the doctor, the doctor tells Lily that she can’t get pregnant as she won’t be able to carry the baby to term. When this happens, Lily and Daniel are devastated and then someone pitches an idea to them about surrogates. Lily isn’t to thrill with the idea at first, but after a little convincing from Daniel, she goes for it. There are lots of girls who wants to be their surrogate and they make their choice. The girl they choose is young and isn’t ready to be a mom and she has some other problems as well, so they all get acquainted and set up the baby. As time goes on, the surrogate starts becoming attracted to Daniel and starts making attempts to be with him, Daniel doesn’t realize this at first until later and then he nicely tells her to stop and she acts like it was a mistake and that she didn’t mean to and they both make a deal to forget the matter, although the surrogate doesn’t mean it. Later, the surrogate starts becoming obsessed to have Daniel for herself and to be rid of Lily and so she starts plotting against Lily by making Lily seem crazy by playing all sorts of jokes on her and then sets her up to deliberately miss special occasions and by trying to make her look like she’s been cheating on Daniel and drugged her to make her pass out and then putting her in bed half-undressed (with the surrogate’s partner in crime who’s she got involved in her evil tistic plan). then takes pictures of them in the position as if they really had an affair and then gives them to Daniel who is shocked and angry that Lily has “cheated” on him. The next day, Lily wakes up and tries to figure out what happened and who is the guy in her bed. Filling confused and scared, she takes her time of going home to face Daniel of what she possibly did with that guy. When she goes home, Daniel is waiting to confront her on what the surrogate told and showed him, he asks the surrogate to leave the room and she does, but she eavesdrop on their confrontation. Lily tries to tell Daniel that has no idea how that could of even happened and that she has no memory of last night. Daniel is furious and then he walks out and then the surrogate comes back into the room and pretends to care about Lily’s sadness on Daniel as she begins slightly smiling that she’s succeeded. Lily later talks to Daniel again and makes him listen to her and he’s still upset and makes it clear that he doesn’t want to hear it. Lily start trying to figure out how all this mess came about and then after a conversation with the surrogate, she notices that something the surrogate just said sounds suspicious and she is alarmed of her. Lily begins suspecting that the surrogate has something to do with the guy, pictures, and her marriage falling apart and starts investigating. She finds the guy she was in bed with, but he doesn’t give her any accurate answers to any of questions as he’s playing around pretending as if he doesn’t the surrogate. Lily does everything in power to find out more about the surrogate and then tells Daniel that she thinks the surrogate is behind everything and Daniel doesn’t believe her as he thinks she’s just trying to dignify what she “did”. So Lily continues investigating and then she learns that the surrogate has a mental illness and that she’s not a good person, with this news, Lily alarms Daniel that the surrogate has some serious mental issues and forces him to face the truth by showing him proof and then he finally believes Lily. Both of them acted around the surrogate as if they didn’t know anything (although previously the surrogate’s partner in crime told her that Lily paid him a visit). One night, the surrogate started suspecting that Lily was trying to proof her to be crazy and then she went into labor and Daniel and Lily took her to the hospital where she had the baby. After a few days, they all went back home and got situated with the baby. By this time, the surrogate had a change of heart and then wants her baby being Daniel and Lily’s baby, but hers and Daniel’s baby. She then plotted to be rid of Lily for good as she first tried to drug her with a dangerous drug and places in Lily’s drink, Lily almost drinks the beverage until she accidentally knocks over the cup. Then, the day arrived where the surrogate had her plan in motion by telling Daniel that she has been setting Lily up to get her out the way that he and the surrogate could be together and Daniel was in shock and angry and then he ordered her to move out and to never see him or Lily again and that the situation with the baby would worked out. But, that made the surrogate angry as she said “there’s no way that you and that wife of yours is raising my kid” and then she tries to stab Daniel, but misses and Lily comes in and the surrogate goes after her and tries to stab her and Lily runs through the house and Daniel tries to stop surrogate, but she stabs him and he’s hurt and still goes after Lily who has hidden in another with a weapon for her to attack, when the surrogate reaches the room Lily is in she doesn’t see her at first and then when she turns around and sees her, Lily hits her with a stick and starts running again and the surrogate quickly runs after her and later there’s a struggle and Lily pushes the surrogate which falls on something which kills the surrogate. Afterwards, Daniel and Lily tells the police it was self-defense and they ruled the surrogate’s death as that and Daniel and Lily lived happily ever after with their new baby and made up for when Daniel thought Lily cheated him which she forgave him for.


Amber, Cane, Korbel, Colleen, J.T., Lily, Daniel, and Devon all go on a camping trip. The entire trip begins with J.T. wanting to go somewhere to be alone and away from Colleen. Without knowing that J.T. has went to the same camp site, Colleen and Korbel makes the same plans to go camping as well at the same camp site. Korbel and Colleen tries to be careful to not let Brad or anyone other than her friends to know so she tells Brad that she is going on a camping trip with Lily and Daniel and Korbel won’t be there. Colleen then invites Lily and Daniel and they bring Devon, Amber, and Cane along. When everyone gets to the camp site, J.T. runs into them and is unhappy to see Colleen and Korbel. J.T. confronts them and all they do is feud. Lily starts to feel neglected everytime Amber and Daniel get together and hides things from her and then they feud. Devon and Cane senses everyone is not happy and tries to cheer them up, but they’re all in their moods and isn’t up for it. The first night when it’s time to sleep, J.T. teases Colleen and Korbel about sleeping in the same bed and they continue to feud and Colleen gets fed up and decides to sleep in Lily’s room as Lily and Daniel feuded he goes and stays with Cane and Amber and with Amber knowing that Lily is fighting with Daniel because he always around her, she reluctantly go and stay in Lily’s room and Lily is uncomfortable, but tries to deal with it. By the time it’s settle, the girls are in one room and the boys are in another. The following day they wake and those that’s feuding continue to feud so Devon tries to come up with a clever plan to make them laugh and he makes some set-ups, when they all find the set-ups they take it as something the other did and continues to feud. Daniel already went to the lake to be away from the fighting and when Lily left she caught with him and says she don’t want to fight she just want to make up and enjoy the rest of their trip. When Lily hears notices from the woods, she is very jumpy and Daniel laughs as he finds it cute and funny and he assures her that they’re fine. When Daniel asks Lily to go look for a stick, Lily is shocked when she looks up and sees a bear staring at her and Daniel and she softly screams and Daniel is thinking that it’s another small thing and she try to calmly call Daniel to look and help her and when he does, they have to find away to get away from the bear. Devon and Cane catches up with them and they make a diversion to lure the bear away as Daniel, Lily, Devon, and then Cane run away and the bear chases them back to their cabin, but their in the cabin first and when the others ask “what’s wrong”, they tell them that a bear is after them and then the bear begins trying to break the door down and all the guys try to keep pressure on the door as the girls get as much as they can to stack in front of the door. Finally the bear stops pounding on the door and just as they think the bear has gone away, the bear breaks a window and they all go to running and find ways to keep the bear off them and then a camp ranger comes in and gets the bear out and make sure it’s gone. After that all of them talk and laugh about it and start actually communicating instead of feuding and the next day, they all go home.



Colleen learns that she is pregnant and immediately tells Lily about her pregnancy who is happy for her, but Colleen worries how Adrian will feel about the pregnancy and how to break the news to her parents. Colleen finally works up the nerve to tell Adrian about the pregnancy and he has his concerns at first, but is very thrilled about becoming a parent. Adrian and Colleen both wonder how to break the news to Brad and Traci as neither parent are happy about Adrian and Colleen being together and they both decide to keep it to themselves for awhile until they find the proper way to break it to Brad and Traci. Lily tells Devon and Daniel and Daniel tell Amber and she tells Cane and they’re all happy for Adrian and Colleen. A few weeks later Lily and Devon are talking about Colleen and Adrian’s new baby and Brad walks in and when he spots them, he can’t hear what they’re about and they notice that he has walked in the room. When Brad starts to approach them as he want to ask them something, he hears them say that Colleen is pregnant which makes him furious and he ask them where she is and both of them are in shock and embarrassed and scared for Colleen as Brad just overheard them. He makes Lily and Devon tell him where Colleen is at that moment and they say that they don’t know and he storms off to find Colleen. He finds JT and ask him where does Adrian live and JT gives him the address and Brad goes over there to beat the crap out of Adrian. When he makes it to Adrian’s apartment, Adrian isn’t there but Colleen is and they get into an heated argument. Brad tells Colleen that she will get an abortion and Colleen says no and he starts threatening to hurt Adrian when he gets the chance and at the same time, Adrian walks into the apartment and Brad quickly toward him and punches him and Colleen tries to stop them, but Adrian starts fighting back and Brad and Adrian are fighting, finally JT enters the apartment (by him following Brad as he had noticed that Brad was in a violent mood) and he breaks the fight up and Brad leaves telling Adrian that he’s going to kill him and then JT just look at the two and ask what’s up and they both tell him and JT is very hurt, but he quickly just ignore what he just heard and he leaves. Brad calls Traci and tells her and then she returns to town to support Colleen. One day while Colleen is at work at the Athletic Club, Brad shows up to talk to her again about getting rid of the baby either through abortion or adoption, but Colleen insists that she wants to have the baby and then she storms off and goes upstairs to cry and Brad chases her and lightly manhandles her to listen to him and as she fights him off for him to leave her alone, she accidentally stumbles off the stairs and falls to the bottom. Colleen is rushed to the hospital and Adrian gets the news and quickly goes to the hospital and doctors make every wait to see if Colleen and the baby will be alright. Everyone goes off on Brad for pressuring her to hard and then the doctors tell everyone that Colleen and the baby will be fine and that they’re lucky as Colleen’s fall wasn’t to fatal. Colleen leaves the hospital and Adrian stays by her side. A few months into the pregnancy, Adrian and Colleen gets some devastating news about their baby, the doctor tells them that their baby will have autism which breaks both parents hearts and they start wondering if they should give birth to the baby and help their child with the autism or if they shouldn’t have the baby to spare the baby. They both tell everyone about the autism and everyone  consoles them and Colleen talks to Lily about what she should do and Lily tells her it’s not up to her it’s a decision that she and Adrian have to make. Adrian and Colleen talk it over and they decide to have the baby and everyone including Brad and JT supports them. Colleen gives birth and she and Adrian begin their new life with their new baby daughter, who they name Adriana.



One day while Nikki is showering, she detects a growth in her breast and is scared, but keeps it to herself until she learns if anything is serious or not. So she acts as normal as always, but sets up a doctors appointment to get her breast checked and the doctor tell her that it is malignant and with surgery, they can catch it in time before in worsens. Nikki begins to cry and wonders how to tell the people she loves. She finally gets tells Victor who is very hurt and scared, but he supports her and stands by her side and then gets Victoria, Nicholas, and Katherine over to them about it and everyone is scared and sad, but they know that Nikki will be alright. Nikki has her operation with no problem and the malignant is gone.



For many months, Brad continues bossing everyone around and getting on their nerves and ruining their lives. After so long everyone who he has made angry finally begins thinking evil on how to get rid of him for good. One stormy night someone breaks into Brad’s house and waits for him to come home. After Brad gets home alone, he does his regular things (changing his clothes, taking his shower, and getting ready for bed), the shooter makes their way through the house and up to his bed room quietly. Brad is unaware that the shooter is coming into the room as his back is turned, but when he hears the floor screech, he quickly turns around and looks directly at the shooter and then he gives a shocked look and says “Oh my God” and the shooter then raises the gun at him and he gets scared and then the shooter pulls the trigger and Brad is shot. The hours that follows, the shooter has long escaped and Colleen goes to visit Brad. She knocks and gets no answer so she uses the spare key and enters the house and calls for Brad but gets no answer. She is sure that Brad is home as she saw his car outside and wonders where he is and she searches the house. She makes her way upstairs and passes by Brad’s room and sees him laying on the floor, “shot”. Colleen gets hysterical and calls 911 and they quickly gets to Brad and he still has a pulse, but is unconscious. Colleen begin calling (Traci, Rebecca, Adrian, Victoria, and Lily) and letting them know that Brad has been shot. Victoria and Adrian rushes to the hospital and doctors tell them that they’ll have to wait until further notice. Doctors then tell them that Brad is in critical condition and is unconscious, later something goes wrong and then it’s learned that Brad is in a coma. Police then starts to investigate on who could have shot Brad. It turns up that Brad had several enemies.

Shooter suspects: Nicholas Newman, Phyllis Summers, Jack Abbott, Victor Newman, Nikki Newman, Neil Winters, Victoria Newman, Adrian Korbel, JT Hellstrom. Police begins questioning Brad’s family and colleagues and each has a motive and gives an alibi. Brad remains in a coma for sometime and police continues investigating whodunit. Police thinks that Nicholas shot Brad as they didn’t get along because of business reasons and the fact that he cheated on Nicholas’ sister Victoria. Phyllis is suspect as she has a criminal record and didn’t get along with Brad. Jack is suspected as he and Brad had several heated confrontations and the fact that Jack recently threaten to kill Brad. Victor and Nikki Newman never really trusted Brad and they are suspected in shooting Brad. Neil is a suspect because Brad couldn’t stand the way he was handling things at Newman and Neil became sick and tired of him and decided to shoot him. Then is thought that Adrian Korbel could be Brad’s shooter as to he is dating Brad’s daughter Colleen and thinking that he and Brad came to blows and shot him. JT is a suspect as to he and Brad recently had a serious fight. Then the fact that Victoria still can’t get over seeing Brad and Sharon together makes her a suspect as police thinks that her motive was to kill Brad so Sharon wouldn’t have him as well. The story plays out for a few months and then Brad finally regains consciousness and police lightly tries to question him about who really shot him, but as Brad tries to remember he has memory loss as to he can’t remember anything that happened in the last few hours up to his shooting. In the following weeks, Brad begins to heal but remains in the hospital. One night as he was still asleep, Brad’s shooter went to the hospital and snuck into his room (the shooter is wearing a disguise and the camera is panned only on the bottom portion of the person back and front) and quietly moved around and then the shooter put their hands on the IV medicine line and then squeezes it to stop the IV medicine from going into his body, when the camera moves up to reveals the shooters face, Brad’s shooter is revealed to be Sharon Newman. Sharon then threatens and talks to Brad all badly on how much he gets on everyone’s bad side and makes them crazy and then he gets agitated and tries to pick up his nurse calling remote and Sharon takes it from him and then Brad’s EKG starts going off and nurses quickly rushes into Brad’s room and Sharon hides and Brad is unable to tell them that Sharon is in the room. When nurses get his machine calm and Brad’s condition is stable they leave and Sharon leaves un-noticeably. Sharon acts in front of everyone she knows as normal as possible (the way she acted since Brad was shot) and goes free for sometime. Meanwhile, police begins to suspect that a woman shot Brad and begins to re-question and suspect all their female suspects. Police searches Brad’s house again for more evidence just in case they missed anything the first time and when they do test on the door way, they find a blonde strand of hair (Sharon’s hair rubbed against the wall) and when DNA test are done the hair is proven to be Sharon’s hair. Before police finds out that Sharon is the shooter, Sharon begins getting paranoid that everyone keeps talking about the shooting and wants them to drop it. Brad’s gets better and is released from the hospital. Finally, police gets a warrant for Sharon’s arrest. Sharon is brought to the police station and when Brad learns, he gets her cleared up and says he’ll take care of Sharon his own way. Brad puts Sharon through hell and that’s pretty much the extent of their relationship from then on. Everyone is shocked to learn that Sharon shot Brad and some don’t hold it against her as they wanted to do the same thing. Colleen goes off on Sharon and calls her almost every name in the book and hates her. Nicholas stands by her side and Sharon feels remorse about the shooting and police puts her on probation. After that it takes awhile before Sharon is able to get her life back to normal. Brad forgives Sharon, but they don’t remain friends.



Katherine begins experiencing multiple personalities.



Jill begins returning to old ways. In the process, Fredrick Hodges returns and she begin seeing him.



Cameron Bradley comes to town as a photographer for a Newman Enterprises photo shoot. As time goes on Cameron gets acquainted with GC residents and make new friends. One day, Victor has a conversation with Cameron and he explains how he never knew who his real father was, but heard stories from his mother about his father. Victor tells him how he never got along with his father and how he never knew his mother until right before her death. When Cameron mentions some things about what his mother told him about his father, Victor starts to notice a lot of the things Cameron is mentioning sounds a lot like Victor’s brother Matt Miller. After Victor’s conversation with Cameron he decides to call his brother with questions without revealing anything about Cameron or their conversation. After about a month on trying to figure out if Cameron was Matt’s son or not, Victor questioned Cameron to be sure on his mother ever mentioned his father’s name and Cameron says “yeah, she said his last name was Miller” and Victor discovered that Matt had gotten Cameron’s mother pregnant all those years ago and Matt walked away from his responsibilities and his girlfriend because he didn’t want to be a father and wanted no part of raising the baby. Cameron’s states his mother’s name is Laura Bradley (which explains that he’s carrying his mother’s maiden name). Victor tells Cameron that he is his uncle and welcomes him into the family. Cameron is happy to know the Newman’s as his family, but he’s also shocked and little apprehensive of how they will function with him around as he’s Matt’s long-lost son that Matt abandoned. Cameron makes it clear to the Newman’s that even though he’s family, he doesn’t want any special treatment and don’t want their money, he’s his own man and has worked for everything he has and wanted since he was 17. The Newman’s try to respect Cameron’s wishes, but in time they have to catch themselves when they offer him references, money, and job offers.



Dru turns up alive. After Dru’s fall in April 2007, she floated to shore and was unconscious when she was found by a local man who nursed her back to health, but Dru had memory loss (she couldn’t remember who she was or where she lived or who her family was) and wasn’t in good condition of returning home (wherever that was). On the day Neil and Karen were set to be married, Dru returned to Genoa City. During the ceremony, just as Neil and Karen were to say “I Do”, Dru walked in as everyone turned and was shock to see Dru is alive and back. Neil and Karen were both stunned. The wedding ended without Neil and Karen saying “I Do” and both Neil and Karen were upset by Dru’s return from the dead and Neil sat down with Dru and she explained…That after the fall she had memory loss and was very ill and someone found her and took care of her all this time, After she got better, she started regaining her memory and once she had her memory back she headed for home. While they catch up, Neil thinks about what this means for him and Karen (who in the meantime was crying and very upset). The next day, Neil tells Karen the news (that because Dru is alive and they’re still legally married he’s staying with her and she acts cool about it, but is angry. She also realizes and gets more crushed to not only be losing Neil, but also her job as Dru is alive. Dru and Karen runs into each other at the Athletic Club as they have an awkward moment and Karen feels embarrassed and angry and Dru talks to her rationally and Karen listens. Both agree not to feel awkward and decide to be friends. While Karen was jogging in the park, she bumped into Cameron Bradley and they talked and flirted and Karen keeps him suspense on some romantic questions he asked and went on with her jogging. Cameron and Karen runs into each other again at the Athletic Club and they conversationally flirt again and talk. Both become attracted to each other and begin dating. Cameron and Karen’s relationship continues to grow as time goes on. CONTINUED IN THE NEXT STORY LINE IDEA “MICHAEL and LAUREN GETS A HOUSE”



Karen gets a job in real estate. Karen shows Michael and Lauren a house that’s the perfect size for them and Fen. Lauren falls in love with the house, but Michael isn’t so happy about moving. After many compromises Michael budges and decides to move to make his wife happy and they move out of the apartment to the new house.



(Man) has moved on with (new woman) and has their relationship has been going good until the ex girlfriend locates him and tries to win him back. (Jealous Ex) makes threats and continuously intervenes in (Man) and (new woman) relationship, which makes both of them quite, upset. (Jealous Ex) tells (new woman) that she will do anything to get (Man) back and that she will lose him to her. (new woman) starts to worry as (Man) keeps reassuring her that he isn’t going to leave her no matter what (Jealous Ex) does. (Jealous Ex) starts pulling her tricks to split (Man) and (new woman) up. As time goes on, (Jealous Ex) tricks actually begin to rub off on (Man) and (new woman) which starts to cease their relationship. (Man) starts to go mentally crazy and figures ways to be rid of (Jealous Ex), he and (Jealous Ex) have a confrontation until a physical encounter erupts to the (Jealous Ex) death. TO BE CONTINUED…



Nina returns to Genoa City after being away since 2001. Her writing career has been going very well, and she’s in town on autograph tour. After she’s gets her tour out of the way, she spends time with some of her old friends (Paul, Neil, The Newman’s) and even makes a visit to Katherine and Jill. Jill is surprised to see Nina and wonders where Phillip is, Nina tells Jill how well Phillip is doing and why she didn’t bring him with her. Nina is stunned to learn that Katherine and Jill are mother and daughter and shocked to find out that Jill isn’t Nina’s late husband Phillip Chancellor III birth mother making Phillip IV not Jill’s grandson. Nina tells Jill that she will always be Phillip IV’s grandmother in every way. Nina visits with Paul and fills him in on something that has been on her mind lately, she has been thinking about the baby she never raised that Rose DeVille stole from her all those years ago and asks him if there’s anything he could do to locate her first baby. Nina decides to stay in town for awhile after Paul decides to help her locate her first baby and shortly afterwards, she begins doing a talk show. Nina explains that she and Tomas broke up around 2003 due to complications, but they still chat every once in awhile and they’ve remained friends. Nina asks about Christine and Paul fills her in on Christine. Nina runs into Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore together and is shocked, but happy to learn that Michael and Lauren are married to each other. Paul turns up with no results on his first try to locate Nina’s first baby, but assures her that he will continue to search. Months further down the road, Nina begins to get stalked at the television station and Paul thinks the stalking is inked to Nina’s search for her first baby. Nina’s stalking gets worse as she receives continuous threatening letters, frightening gifts, and more. Paul discovers that the stalking is connected to the search and gets body guards for Nina although she hates the idea. Nina continue to try to live her life normally and the next day when entering the studio, she had hallucinations of all her co-workers trying to kill her some way somehow. In the meantime, the stalker is revealed while he is starring at several photos of Nina (the camera slowly zooms up on his face) as he’s revealed to be… 




compile these stories




action stories plots






wedding interruptions

Shooting of the bride or/and groom at the altar

backing out, leaving fiance at the altar

Bride or Groom or guest collapses

Someone delibertly stops wedding (faking health crisis, arrival non-invited)

Bride or Groom being kidnapped

Villain or Vixen killing someone

Standing bride or groom up (bunging jumping)


Return of someone from the past


character creations


drug dealers



international spies

corrupt politicians


and murderous debutantes

while coping with more usual soap opera problems such as courtship, marriage, divorce, child custody battles and amnesia.


character death stories


Kidney Ailment

Gall Bladder surgery

Heart Attack

Head Injury

Injuries from fall of a flight of stairs


Auto Accident

Boating Accident

Farming Accident


Hit by auto-mobile



Fall from a roof or high landscape


Building collapse/cave-in







Viewers all saw Ryan McNeil get shot by Tricia Dennison in the fall of 2001 as he was getting

Ready to re-marry Victoria Newman. Well, Ryan could turn up to have some evil family member

Who was jealous of Ryan and decided to try to steal his life, so this guy had plastic surgery to look

Exactly like Ryan and he disguised his voice to sound exactly Ryan and made his way to GC to get

Revenge on Ryan. When he arrived he hid away from everyone in the city including Ryan and then one

Night (when no one, but Ryan was home), he made his way to Ryan’s place to get begin his evil plot. He threaten Ryan revealing how much Ryan gets everything he wants and so on and he was sick and tired of that and he didn’t get anything, but trouble and no good so he wanted Ryan’s life and he was going to live his life and Ryan was going to exit the picture. So he fought Ryan until he drugged him with an injection and once Ryan was out, he sent Ryan over seas and had the “real” Ryan held captive for years and once the “real” Ryan found a way out he set out to return to America and Genoa City. Ryan would be in GC for months before anyone actually finds him as they turn up to be in a state of shock that he is alive. Ryan explains everything when he gets around as GC begins learning that he’s alive and that he never been killed. Victoria sees him and talks to him as she’s surprised and confused because she saw him die. Then Victoria begins filling Ryan in on everything that Tricia had changed and Ryan and herself begin falling in love again and were about to get married when Tricia killed him, Ryan can’t believe that Tricia had changed and didn’t see it coming and mentioned to Victoria that there is no way they could have married again since he just loved as a friend, that hurts Vicky, but Ryan mentions that everything that happen from when “the imposter Ryan” begin falling in love with Victoria and out of love with Tricia was all the impostures doing. Ryan wonders what happened to Tricia and Victoria mentions that she was put in a mental hospital. From this time on Ryan tries to get his old life back, but realizes that life will never be the same as it was before he vanished, he considers leaving, but everyone convinces him to stay and Ryan stays. After he sees that Tricia has gone crazy and that he could never get his life back with her he tries to move on with new relationships and life. He makes it clear he is the “real” Ryan and that it was imposture relative that was killed in 2001.



Everyone saw John Abbott die in August 2006, but there would be a man who is somewhat like John that Jack would admire because he feels like John has really returned from the grave for real. The man has a heart attack and is near death, and as Jack is the one who brought the man to the hospital, he waits for the news of the man’s future, and John’s ghost appears on the side of Jack with another angel. Then the angel works it that John could come back to life, but have to live in someone else and John’s spirit is put in the dying man and the man is alive (continuously played by Jerry Douglas) and recovers and Jack honors the man and suddenly he’s like a father figure for Jack, the only thing would be John Abbott would have no memory of his past life.

On a side note, in the beginning John would go in front of mirror and he would see the dying man’s face and not his, it would be only us viewers seeing Jerry Douglas as the man. The person and other characters would see the dying man.



One day while out of town, Paul and Lauren attended a convention and when everyone moved around, Paul went to the waiting line, in the line Paul is standing behind a woman who is talking to someone else (the back of the lady is Sheila’s old look, but Paul is unaware of this). The line is long and takes awhile before the workers get to the lady in front of Paul. Paul smiles the whole time as he keeps hearing the woman talking to the other person she’s talking to, just as the line gets to the lady in front, Lauren shows up to talk to Paul and wait in line with him (as when they get their business taken care of, they will be leaving to return to Genoa City). Lauren turns around for a second and Paul remains looking forward, as the lady in front of him has finally got her business taken care of she quickly turns around and bumps into Paul and drops her belongings, she kneels down to pick her things up (with her face down) and Paul helps her, Lauren quickly turns around and ask is everything ok and Paul says “we got it” and when they finish picking up the lady’s belongings they get up and when Paul looks ahead, the lady finally raises her face and it’s the face of Sheila (The way Sheila looked before her plastic surgery to look like Phyllis). Paul and Lauren are dumbstruck as they see her and remembering that Sheila had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and yet alone Sheila is now dead, but they kept cool but couldn’t help but stare hard and the lady asks “why are you two staring at me?” and they both tell her that she reminded them that she looks like a woman they once knew, but she’s dead now. And then the lady thanks Paul for helping her and he graciously says my pleasure and then the lady tells them that she has to be catching her plane and leaves. When the lady arrives at the airport, it turns up that she’s headed for Genoa City to make the people pay for the murder of her sister, Sheila!  The person who the lady was talking to in line back at the convention turns up to be her mobster boyfriend and he is accompanying her to her get revenge on the people of killing Sheila. The lady name turns up to be Sheina (pronounced Shay-nah) Carter and she is Sheila’s identical twin sister, she ran away from home as a teenager as she didn’t get along with any members of her family and has never been seen since. She learned of Sheila’s death in an old newspaper and when she read how she died, she was furious on wanted payback. Sheina tells her boyfriend that the man and the lady she was talking too mentioned to her that she looked like someone they once knew and is now dead, which confirmed that they are the ones who killed Sheila. From that point on, Sheina had her plan in action by first spying on Paul and Lauren wherever they went, and then kept acting like the are coincidently running into each other since they first met and planned her following plots. As the months go on, Sheina pulls several stunts until Paul and Lauren starts becoming suspicious of her and then she begins taunting them and it’s just like Sheila has returned grave.



Jack Abbott & Sharon Newman {mixed in with Brad Carlton & Sharon}

Cane Ashby & Lily Winters {mixed in with Cane & Heather Stevens}

Michael Baldwin & Lauren Fenmore

Jeff Bardwell & Gloria Fisher {both using each other}

Kevin Fisher & Jana Hawkes

JT Hellstrom & Victoria Newman

Adrian Korbel & Colleen Carlton

Nick Newman & Phyllis Summers {mixed in with Nick & Sharon Newman}

Victor Newman & Nikki Newman {mixed in with David Chow & Nikki}

Paul Williams & Maggie Sullivan

Neil Winters & Karen Taylor



Victor Newman & Nikki Newman

Michael Baldwin & Lauren Fenmore

Paul Williams & Maggie Sullivan

Adrian Korbel & Colleen Carlton



Daniel Romalotti & Lily Winters (“succeeded”)

Ji Min Kim & Jill Foster Abbott (“succeeded”)

Nicholas Newman & Phyllis Summers

Jack Abbott & Sharon Newman

JT Hellstrom & Victoria Newman

David Chow & Nikki Newman (“succeeded for now”)



Nicholas Newman & Sharon Newman

Jack Abbott & Phyllis Summers

Fredrick Hodges & Jill Foster Abbott

Kevin Fisher & Jana Hawkes



Neil Winters & Karen Taylor



Devon Hamilton (fix up with Kate Valentine)

Katherine Chancellor

Esther Valentine

Gina Roma



Victor Newman & Nikki Newman

Michael Baldwin & Lauren Fenmore

Jack Abbott & Phyllis Summers

Nick Newman & Sharon Newman

Neil Winters & Drucilla Winters

Cameron Bradley & Karen Taylor

Frederick Hodges & Jill Foster Abbott

Devon Hamilton & Kate Valentine

Paul Williams & Maggie Sullivan

Raul Guittierez & Mackenzie Browning (maybe)

Adrian Korbel & Colleen Carlton

Kevin Fisher & Jana Hawkes (then leave the picture)

Cane Ashby & Lily Winters

Daniel Romalotti & Heather Stevens




The Newman Ranch (Victor & Nikki’s house, Nick & Sharon’s house, The Tack House, The Barn)

The Abbott Mansion

The Chancellor Mansion

The Winters Apartment

Brad’s House

JT’s Loft

Paul’s Apartment

Kevin’s Apartment

Adrian’s Apartment


Places of Work:

Newman Enterprises (seen regularly, but not every single day and not in a full episode)

Jabot Cosmetics (seen regularly, but not every single day and not in a full episode)

Crimson Light’s (except patio area)

Michael’s Law Office




Recurring Places:

Genoa City Memorial Hospital

The Church

The Police Station

The Courtroom

The Colonnade Room



The Park

Victor’s Cabin



New Gina’s Restaurant

Michael & Lauren’s new House

Heather’s Apartment

A Real Athletic Gym (with food court for water, other beverages, and snacks)

A Underground Bar

Genoa City Clinic

(Recurring) Rooftop of Kevin and Michael’s Apartment building

(Recurring) Boathouse with Docks



The Athletic Club - The Athletic Club would be destroyed.

Michael’s Apartment - Michael would move out of his current apartment for a bigger and better apartment.


Daniel, Lily, and Devon’s House - Daniel and Lily would move somewhere else and Devon would move back to the apartment with Neil.





Country Club

A Diner


Presently nearly every character all works at Newman Enterprises or Jabot Cosmetics, well not anymore if I was in charge.



Victor Newman

Nikki Newman

Victoria Newman

Nicholas Newman

Neil Winters



Katherine Chancellor

Jill Foster Abbott

Jack Abbott

Brad Carlton


AMBER – Fashion Design and would sell her line through Fenmore’s.

DEVON – Would work as a Bartender at Indigo.

CANE – Would be a Photographer.

DANIEL – Would become a Mechanic.

KAREN – Real Estate Agent

CAMERON – A cop.



Michael Baldwin – A defense Lawyer

Heather Stevens – District Attorney

Colleen Carlton – A waitress for The Athletic Club

David Chow – formerly Nikki Newman’s Campaign Consultant

Lauren Fenmore – Owner and Clerk of Fenmore’s Boutique.

Kevin Fisher – Owner and Worker of Crimson Light’s.

JT Hellstrom – Assistant to Paul Williams as another Private Investigator

Adrian Korbel – A College Professor and Archeologist

Maggie Sullivan – Genoa City Police Detective

Paul Williams – A Private Investigator



Interior Decorator

Magazine Editor

News Paper Editor





Dock loader



Repair person

rich homes occupations: Chauffeur, Maid, Housekeeper, Gardener, Pool person

illegal occupations: Drug Dealer, Black Market seller



Outside in Genoa City (Streets, Roads, beaches, Woods/Forrest, Lake, Rooftops, Fields)


New York (central park, times square)

Amusement Park

Los Angeles

Milan, Italy

Venice, Italy

Vancouver, Canada

Paris, France



Cruise Ship

Honolulu, Hawaii

Playland (amusement park in Rye, NY)

An alley

A fire escape

Boat Docks

Outside of courthouse

Beachside building


Other soaps have gone to

Banff, Alberta

Nice, France





Sydney, Australia

Venice, France


A Mexican villa in Las Hadas, Mexico

St. Moritz, Switzerland

A tennis court (no travel)

Horse track/stables (no travel)

A forest (no travel)

A road (no travel)

A parking lot (no travel)

Yacht (no travel)


Huntington Botanical Gardens

Located in San Marino, CA near Pasadena.


Lotusland Botanical Gardens

Located in Santa Barbara (reservation required on their website with you can see photos/history)

Use the theatre garden.




Cameron and Karen: The Newman Barn



Cameron and Karen: A lake (Location Sequence)

JT and Victoria: Botanical Gardens (Location Sequence)



NOTE: Currently, places of events are always the same locations: The Athletic Club, Indigo, Someone’s home or athletic clubroom.




The opening I would create would be somewhat of a repeat of the 1988-99 opening with an updated more effective appearance and an updated version of the familiar theme music. The opening would consist of 5 titles as always (until 2003 that is when 6 and later 7 titles were added). The opening would be updated as often as needed.

Y&R needs a new head writer and executive producer


Executive Producer Choices








Story Consultant Choice



Head Writer Choices










Writing Team should consist of…
















Coordinating Producer: JOHN FISHER

Senior Producer: SALLY McDONALD


Associate Producers: JOSH O’CONNELL and MATTHEW J. OLSEN



Main: Sally McDonald, Andrew Lee, Dean LaMont, Susan Strickler, and John P. Whitesell

Sub: Jill Ackles, Phideaux Xavier



Character Creations


Cameron is Victor Newman’s nephew through Victor’s brother Matt Miller. Matt and Cameron’s mother were teenagers when Cameron was conceived and Matt abandoned Cameron’s mother shortly after she became pregnant because he wasn’t ready to be a father. Matt kept the whole situation secret in the following years. It would be months after Cameron arrived in town that Victor discovered that Cameron was his nephew, Matt’s son. Cameron would eventually start falling for Karen Taylor. Cameron and Karen’s love story would be as follows…


After Karen’s breakup with Neil, she was jogging in the park when she bumped into Cameron; Cameron was immediately smitten and started flirting with Karen. Karen returned the attention and they talked and flirted and Karen kept him suspense on some romantic questions he asked and then went on with her jogging. The two ran into each other again at The Athletic Club and Cameronoffered to buy Karen a drink and she accepted. They conversationally flirted again and talked. Karen started becoming attracted to him, but in the beginning Karen didn’t rush into anything because she didn’t want to get close to someone only to have them let her down again, but Cameron assured her that they should try to see where their relationship goes and they began dating. Cameron and Karen faced a lot together and grew closer as time went on. They made love for the first time in the Newman Barn.



This character would have a mixture of (Another World’s Grant Harrison and Carl Hutchins, As The World Turns’ Craig Montgomery, and Guiding Light’s Roger Thorpe all into one character). He would be the villain of Genoa City who lives in his own mansion. He would commit many crimes, blackmail, and all evil stunts, but when it comes to love, he would surprisingly be a ladies man at the same time.




Chris Beetem – Cameron Bradley

Jeffrey Meek – Max Duvalier



Judith Chapman – Gloria Fisher

Greg Rikaart – Kevin Fisher

Adrienne Frantz – Amber Moore (would return to The Bold and the Beautiful)

Daniel Goddard – Cane Ashby

Ted Shackelford – Jeffrey Bardwell



Tricia Cast – Nina McNeil

Victoria Rowell – Drucilla Winters

Tonya Lee Williams – Olivia Barber Winters



Tammin Sursok with Adrianne Leon – Colleen Carlton



Tammin Sursok – from Colleen Carlton to Kate Valentine